15 best POP designs for bedroom: Ideas with images

[] Here are 15 interesting POP design ideas for the bedroom that can be used on the ceiling and walls

Plaster of Paris (POP) is increasingly being used to enhance bedroom décor. POP false ceilings and walls can be styled in simple and modern, to elaborate traditional designs. A POP design for bedroom, is an easy way to add a stylish charm to this relaxing space. Although it is mostly used to design false ceilings, POP can also be used to enhance the décor of the wall.

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What is POP design for bedroom and what are its benefits?

POP is commonly used for false ceilings and cornices in the bedroom. POP is a dehydrated form of gypsum that hardens when water is added and makes for a good ceiling material. Unlike gypsum board, plaster of Paris is versatile and can be moulded into various shapes. POP is durable and can last for years. POP ceilings have a smooth finish and can be painted easily. POP false ceiling insulates against noise, can be used to hide electrical wires and to lend an exquisite touch to the décor.

15 POP design for bedroom ideas

POP design for bedroom #1: Coffered false ceiling

Ceiling POP design

Coffered ceilings, with a waffle-like pattern, are known as caisson ceilings or cross-beamed ceilings. These have rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal hollows. One can opt for geometric patterns of POP or more decorative designs, in a single or a dual colour theme. Adding a coffered ceiling can make the bedroom classy and luxurious. However, it can also make the ceiling look low. Opt for this style, only if the bedroom has a good height. This design allows you to place lights in the hollows to evenly illuminate the entire room.

Bedroom POP design #2: Tray-type

Bedroom PoP design

POP tray ceiling design adds an interesting dimension to the bedroom. The edges of the tray design are lower than the rest of the ceiling, giving it a border. The POP design in this room can be decorated with lighting along the edges for a stunning look. A tray POP ceiling can be adorned with rounded designs, mouldings, colours, lights and tiered levels, for a dramatic impact.

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POP design bedroom #3

POP design in room

POP can be used in bedroom décor, not only for ceilings but also for walls, stair railings, wall niches, and window frames. POP can be used in wall mouldings, columns and skirtings, to give the bedroom a European feel. POP molding designs on the wall and ceiling bring a magnificent look to the space. The POP ceiling design can be extended behind the bed or even on the wall, near the home office in the bedroom. Select circular or hexagonal trays made of POP to embellish the walls. Play with lines, shapes and forms, or combine backlit panels with geometric or floral designs, for a restful yet magical bedroom. For minimalism opt for a single-coloured detailed bedroom POP design. A POP wall design with lattice works can make an elegant partition wall for the office desk in the bedroom. POP 3D panels add a distinctive touch to the bedroom when painted with colours that match the bedroom interiors.

Simple POP design for bedroom #4

Simple POP design for bedroom

In a modern-themed bedroom design, opt for a POP centrepiece design above the bed, and subtle POP designs on the cornices. One can also go for a single layer minimal bedroom POP design, with recessed lights along the edges and LED strips inside the cove. Another option for a modern yet simple POP design style is to have multiple POP circles on the ceiling with recessed lights in each. If the bedroom has a low ceiling, opt for a POP false ceiling with a handmade molding design in white.

POP design for bedroom #5: Geometric shaped roof

PoP roof design

Plaster of Paris can be moulded into elegant geometric patterns that complement the bedroom décor. Simple rectangular, oval, triangular, or circular POP on the ceilings, suit modern bedrooms. If the ceiling has parallel lines, balance it by bringing the same pattern to the draperies, wardrobe, and headrest. One can also use moulded designs like layered swirls for visual accent. Slanting false ceilings, semi-circles, and protruding hexagons and triangles made out of POP, can elevate the bedroom walls.

Bedroom POP design #6: Ceiling with flowers

POP design for bedroom

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Floral designs can add a touch of romance and vintage feel. Opt for small POP flowers scattered across the ceiling or a large floral-shaped design to cover the ceiling. You can adorn the wall with POP designs for a cohesive look. Adding lights below the petals can set the right mood. For regal ceiling designs go for colourful floral patterns. Select ceiling lights and soothing shades that blend with the overall bedroom décor. Look for abstract floral patterns for a modern impact, or add an array of colours for zing in your POP ceiling.

POP bedroom design #7: Corner design

POP design for bedroom

Plaster of Paris can be used for wall borders or can be customised to create a detailed POP wall design, covering the corners of the walls and the ceiling. The simplest way of using POP is to opt for corner designs along with recessed wall lights, focusing on the ceiling border. Even linear designs work well for ceiling borders. There are countless POP molding designs you can try for your home, based on your personal style and preference. If you love elaborate patterns, consider ornamental, floral or abstract POP corner designs.

POP design for bedroom #8: Modern POP plus minus design

Plus-minus POP ceiling design for bedroom

The plus-minus POP design has protruding, as well as tucked-in elements. This POP ceiling design is stunning and instantly attracts attention. While plus-minus POP ceiling designs can be detailed, you can also opt for a minimal look. The designs are ornamental with multi-dimensional features. Motifs, abstracts and artwork on the ceiling can boost the style quotient. For a visually appealing plus-minus POP design, use petal shapes, either in basic white or colours like pink and yellow. For a minimal POP design, construct squares of POP in contrasting colours. POP plus-minus design ceiling can be combined with wood, glass or translucent coloured acrylic sheets to add a glamorous look to the overall décor.

POP design ideas for children’s bedroom #9

POP design for bedroom

A false ceiling design for the kids’ room can transform the bedroom. Opt for POP designs in various colours and patterns, to complement the theme of the room. You can also include unique POP wall designs for an enhanced look for the interiors. Ceilings with POP can be made interesting by creating a sense of depth and layers. Depending on the child’s age, you can choose themes based on rainbows, butterflies, clouds, stars, or any other element that they like. Another option is false ceilings with POP 3D flowers. For grown-up kids, create a border for the ceiling and fix LED lights. A POP border design for bedroom is a simple and elegant way to improve the overall décor. Opt for yellow lights for a cosy feel.

POP design for bedroom with fan #10

POP design for bedroom

Choose a POP design for the bedroom ceiling depending on the shape of the room, and the number of fans in the room. Huge ceiling spaces can be bifurcated with plus minus POP designs in the room to fit two fans. In simple and classy parallel POP stripes, hang a sleek fan. If space and height permit, add layers to the POP design, giving the ceiling a degree of depth. A fan can be installed at the centre of a flower PoP shape. One of the most beautiful and alluring POP ceiling designs is a circular theme with two carved circles for fans.

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POP design ideas for bedroom #11: Ceiling with wood design

POP designs for bedroom with wood

Source: Pinterest

The natural texture of wood and its coarse-grained patterns add a lovely dimension to the bedroom interiors. POP design for bedroom along with wood, can be combined in various ways for the ceiling designs. Add a decorative touch to the white POP false ceiling with wooden jaali for a dramatic impact combined with spectacular lights. Go for carved wooden slats or simple planks on the high ceilings of the bedroom.

POP design for bedroom #12: Modern simple pop design with glass or acrylic

POP designs for bedroom with glass

Source: Pinterest

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POP designs for bedroom with acrylic

POP ceilings in bedrooms along with frosted glass, stained glass and other decorative glass, are popular as it lends an exquisite impression. When the glass panel is illuminated from behind there is a soothing glow. With painted and stained glass there is a lot to select, in terms of colour and pattern. A backlit stained glass ceilings adds to the aesthetics. The latest POP design for bedroom trend is to combine laser cut acrylic designs with POP and soothing yellow lights for a classy appeal.

POP design for bedroom #13: Textured POP wall

POP designs for bedroom textured wall

Source: Pinterest

POP on the wall can be used in traditional, as well as modern art, to add elements that make the bedroom walls look attractive. POP bedroom design textured walls behind the bed can add to the overall look of the bedroom. Go in for various POP textures for the wall such as the wave-like design that gives movement or a simple rough white wall. When applied with a flat plaster paddle rather than a roller, the paint will give the walls a three-dimensional design. POP on walls can be used to create Victorian trims or baroque style painting sculptures like mural art. Those who love simple POP designs for bedroom, can opt for skirting boards and dado rails of POP on the walls.

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POP design for bedroom #14: POP ceiling border

POP designs for bedroom ceiling corner

Source: Pinterest

POP can be used on the bedroom ceiling to create impressive borders and also as frames for walls or windows. Use wall border design and POP corner design for a beautiful effect at the converging point of the wall and the ceiling. Intricate detailed floral or geometric POP borders can be painted in pastel shades to enhance the ambience of the room. Also, install recessed wall lights focusing on the ceiling border.

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Luxury POP design for the bedroom #15

POP designs for bedroom gold design

To make a luxurious statement go in for POP designs for the bedroom with a touch of gold. The dull-gold finish of the POP bedroom ceiling is the perfect complement for a room rich in texture and colour. Design the bedroom false ceiling with a regal touch by using shades of gold. If you prefer a sophisticated and glamorous look, then use a white POP design with only a matt gold border along with yellow recessed lights. Install beautiful LED lighting as cove lighting or strip lighting in the trays of the POP false ceiling design for the bedroom. The different patterns on the false ceiling design with white POP and silver can also give the bedroom a royal touch.

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Latest POP designs for bedroom

  • Nature-inspired POP designs in the bedroom will rule 2022. Hence, consider floral and leaf patterns in POP or brick and stone effect with POP on the walls.
  • Contemporary cubic POP ceiling designs with wood or glass at the centre for an elegant look are also gaining popularity.
  • Double layer POP ceilings designs are popular in bigger bedrooms as they offer amazing lighting and colour options for an impressive look.
  • Intricate carvings on the POP design for the rooms, when paired with ambient lighting, add to the beauty and glow of the bedroom.
  • Bedroom false ceilings designed with POP and frosted glass panes, are in. For a glamorous touch, combine POP with wallpaper or textured paint. The POP painting design will give a sophisticated look to the interiors.
  • Walls designed with POP 3D panels give a sense of depth and sophistication to the room.
  • Energy-efficient LED strip lights are the latest trend. Add them to the POP ceilings for a dreamy and tranquil atmosphere.
  • Cove lighting in the bedroom POP ceiling enhances the decor. Concealed down-lights on POP ceilings are in trend as they brighten the space and can be used near the wardrobe or study table in the bedroom.

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POP design for bedroom: Things to consider while choosing false ceiling for bedroom

  • A bedroom is a place for relaxation. Avoid overwhelming POP false ceiling designs. Choose a design that gives comfort and serenity.
  • When planning a false ceiling, consider the height of the room, the placement of the bed and other furniture. Also, take into account the shape of the room, the design of the floor, window styles, and beds and curtains, before finalising the pattern.
  • Arrangement of the ceiling lights in POP design should be planned well. Consider the shape, colour, and placement of the lights. Also, decide whether you want to install small LED lights, a chandelier, or attractive hanging lights. Try a combination of white and yellow lights, to create a restful space.
  • The ceiling design, colour and pattern should complement the overall theme of the bedroom. White and shades of white make the room feel taller and larger but you can experiment with other muted shades too.
  • When designing the bedroom ceiling as per Vastu, avoid dark colours as they bring ill luck and obstacles. The height of the ceiling should be ideally 10 to 12 ft to give ample space for positive energy to move around. While designing the POP false ceiling as per Vastu, ensure that the design is not too low.


What is the most popular POP ceiling design for a bedroom?

Squares, rectangles and circular shapes are the most popular POP designs for ceilings in the bedrooms. Abstract shapes, carved designs, and floral motifs are also preferred.

Can POP be paired with other materials for the bedroom ceiling?

Yes, it can be paired with other materials such as wood, glass, steel, aluminium, copper or bronze panels for a luxurious look. The most common combination is wood with POP designs.

Which colour combinations work well for bedroom POP ceilings?

White and light shades are most common for bedroom POP false ceilings. Pale blue, beige, mustard yellow, and turquoise also work well. For a bold and vibrant colour combination, red and white POP can work wonders. For a luxurious bedroom, use a subtle touch of gold.

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