Grow Fresh Air at home with Easy Indoor Plants


Did you know that indoor air may be polluted up to 5 times more than the air outside (A study by the Environmental Protection Agency)?! A recent study found that Delhi is highly polluted with double the permissible limit of pollution. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Lucknow and Chennai have pollution levels higher than four times the permissible level.

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But there are ways to protect yourselves and your loved ones from these polluting elements in the air we breathe. Though the air we breathe looks clean, it is dense with dust, fungi, molds, formaldehyde found on carpets and furnishing, and volatile organic compounds found as solvents in hair spray, perfumes, and air fresheners. It is a proven fact that indoor plants or houseplants are extremely effective in improving the quality of air.

Read on to know about 3 indoor plants that need minimal maintenance and are proven to be good for purifying air.

Areca Palm

This plant has been rated as one of the best air purifying indoor plants by NASA. Growing this indoors is as effective as any air purifier for home use. Areca Palm is known to remove Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen while also purifying the air. For effective results, it is suggested that you grow 4 shoulder-height indoor plants for every person in your house or building. Care and maintenance of this plant can be done by wiping the leaves daily or weekly, depending on the density of polluted air in your city. This plant has to be grown in vermin manure, which is called hydroponics, and is known to be a cleaner way to grow plants compared to planting them in the soil. It is advisable to keep this plant outdoors every 3-4 months, to promote growth.

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Grow Fresh Air at home with Easy Indoor Plants

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Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Commonly known as ‘the bedroom plant’, this cheekily named plant converts CO2 into oxygen at night, unlike other plants that take up oxygen at night. You can grow 6-8 waist height plants per person for best results. This is a low maintenance plant, and is also a highly recommended plant for improving the quality of indoor air. This indoor plant is known for filtering Xylene, Formaldehyde, Toluene, Benzene and Trichloroethylene from the air you breathe. This plant is also known as ‘the snake plant’ and can be kept in direct as well as indirect sunlight. This plant is toxic for pets, hence it is necessary to keep it away from their reach.

Grow Fresh Air at home with Easy Indoor Plants

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Money Plant

A fixture in many homes already, it is preferable to grow this plant in hydroponics as well. Money Plants have been known to clean chemicals and pollutants from the air. They help in removing the volatile organic compounds from the air, which makes the air cleaner and safer to breathe. For effective maintenance, it is recommended that the plant should get indirect sunlight with regular watering. Money Plants can be grown in soil or water, and are known to require less maintenance. This plant can be easily planted in a pot or bottle. When growing the plant in water, it is important that you change the stagnant water before pesky insects make it their home. Apart from purifying the air, this plant is great as a decorative display when kept in traditional or modern pots. Money Plant is also toxic for pets and children, so be sure to keep this plant away from their grabby little hands!

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Grow Fresh Air at home with Easy Indoor Plants

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Growing these plants indoors is a great way to purify the air and connect to nature. These easy to maintain plants will help you go from toxic to botanic, and lead a healthy life. So, before you head to the mall and spend money on an expensive air purifier for your home, get these indoor plants instead, and they will do the job well, without raking up the electricity bill!

Grow Fresh Air at home with Easy Indoor Plants

Have some tips and suggestions to share about what other indoor plants can be grown to purify the air at home? Do tell us, and other readers, in the comments below!

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