8 awe-inspiring exposed brick wall designs for your living room

[] You can transform the look of your living room with an exposed brick wall design. Check these brick wall ideas.

A brick wall design is a fantastic way to bring about a rustic-chic vibe into your home without having to spend a ton of money. The historic yet charming exposed brick wall acts as an effortlessly cool background design or a feature wall where you can showcase paintings, bookcases and much more. No matter your vibe, a classic red brick wall is the best way to showcase your personality and style. 

You are reading: 8 awe-inspiring exposed brick wall designs for your living room

Thus, without any further ado, here are eight renditions of a classic exposed brick wall design for your home.

8 amazing exposed brick wall designs

Accent wall for living room 

Impress your guests by making an industrial-inspired rustic chic look for your living room, thus creating a warm and welcoming area for complete relaxation. Put up photo frames of loved ones or your best art pieces to make a focal point and set the tone for the rest of the house with this brick wall design.

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Creating the perfect cosy corner

This vintage chic brick wall design is bound to leave anyone mesmerised. The brick wall, including the wooden furnishing and bold yet sombre colours, creates the perfect retro comfort vibe. Pair it with a bookcase filled with bright, colourful covers and a couple of miscellaneous candles and throw rugs, and you’ve created yourself the perfect nook to settle in with a book and a cup of hot coffee.

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Exposed brick design wall for the kitchen

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If you are not a fan of full-blown exposed brick walls, you can consider a more subtle application of it. White brick walls provide an exciting mix of textures while still maintaining a sombre and neutral look. If you’re tired of plain old white walls, consider putting up a white brick wall instead.

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Coloured brick walls 

To give the traditional old brick wall design a more refined look, paint it into a colour of your choice to make it match with the rest of the room decor, and transform it into a chic statement piece.

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To give the traditional old brick wall a more refined look, paint it into a colour of your choice to make it match with the rest of the room decor, and transform it into a chic statement piece.

For the artistic vibes

Take a look at this mix of textures working together cohesively to create this amazing kitchen/dining room. The black painted kitchen cupboards, along with the marble in-line and exposed brick wall, all come together under the beautiful industrial chandelier and POP false ceiling. The wooden furnishing extravagantly contributes to the finishing of this mid-century modern kitchen.

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Other places to implement a brick wall design 

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This exposed and partially painted brick wall gives a boring old hallway an exciting twist and sets the tone for the next room and the rest of the house. The white and gold elements beautifully and unusually contrast with the wooden flooring against the neutral palette of the rest of the room.

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Exposed brick wall divider

The exposed brick wall divider is a fantastic way to divide a neutral, minimalistic room, giving it just the right touch of bold while still maintaining the overall neutrality of the space. It is the perfect way to bring about a pop of colour in an otherwise monochromatic black and white room.

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Black, bold and beautiful brick wall design

The stark difference between the dark black colour and the sudden brick wall design gives life to the room while bringing out its industrial-chic decor in the most subtle ways. Paired with elegant white lighting and wooden furnishing, this decor tip is the best for those who want something bold yet welcoming.

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