Vastu Shastra faults that you shouldn’t ignore while buying a home

[] While it is not possible for all homes to be 100% Vastu Shastra compliant, we list the faults that home buyers should not ignore

Is it possible for every apartment that is put up for sale, to comply with Vastu Shastra norms? The answer is no! So, how can home buyers identify which apartments to buy and which one they should avoid, vis-à-vis Vastu norms?

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Vastu experts maintain that buyers should preferably focus on the most important rules of Vastu and make alternative arrangements or corrections, for construction aspects which do not conform to Vastu.

“The arrangement of different areas in our home should be as per Vastu norms. Otherwise, it may create unrest in the occupants’ minds, health problems and other problems in life. One should buy a home that at least conforms to 70%-80% of Vastu norms,” advises Vikash Sethi, promoter and CEO,

Vastu norms that a buyer should consider, while buying a home:

  • Opt for a house where all the four corners are intact, i.e., without any corner being cut.
  • Avoid south-west facing homes.
  • The staircase should always be clockwise and should not be in the north-east direction.
  • The kitchen should be in south-east or north-west direction. It should not be in the north-east direction.
  • The master bedroom should be in the south-west direction. It should not be in the south-east direction.
  • Toilets should be in the north-west direction. It should not be in the north-east direction.

Solutions for homes with severe Vastu faults

A large number of Vastu faults can be rectified, assures Vastu expert Narendra Jain, of Arihant Vastu.

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“The faults that cannot be rectified fully without demolition, include problems pertaining to the wrong placement of toilets, kitchens, or staircases, especially if they are constructed in the north-east and if the main entrance of house is in the south/south-west direction,” adds Jain.

Some critical defects can be corrected with pyramids or crystals.

Traditional methods, using mirrors, colours and special metallic wires, can also be used for corrections, depending upon the individual case.

One can also demolish the wrong area and reconstruct it properly. However, this may involve substantial cost, time and complication.

[] Vastu considerations while selecting a new apartment

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Another Vastu defect is the presence of high voltage wires passing over a house. Astro-numerologist Gauravv Mittal, says that this can be corrected by “Incorporating a plastic pipe filled with lime, from one corner of the affected area to the other, in such a manner that both ends remain outside by at least three feet each, will eliminate the negative effects of energy being generated by the overhead wire.”

To conclude, experts suggest that home owners should not ignore Vastu defects that do not require structural changes, as these can be corrected by making internal arrangements.

Vastu defects that you can rectify, after buying the home.

  • Furniture that is placed in the wrong direction.
  • Inappropriate colours, including that of the flooring.
  • Cooking direction.
  • Direction of toilet basins.
  • Incorrect direction of the puja room.

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