House pillar design ideas to add a luxurious appeal to your home interiors

[] Pillars or columns are vital architectural elements in a house. We share the different house pillar design ideas you can consider to give your home an interesting look.

Pillars or columns are vertical structures that support a much larger structure like a horizontal beam or a building. In modern homes, pillars can play a functional role or can be simply used for decorative purposes. They can be constructed with different materials like cement, brick or stone, or a combination of such materials. If you are designing your home, remember to incorporate these columns into the overall interior design to make your home visually appealing. Take a look at these stylish house pillar designs.

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Types of house pillar design

Minimalist style

The concept of minimalist style design is gaining popularity. When extending it to the pillars, you can choose a simple shape. When it comes to the colour, pick neutral tones that bring a sophisticated look to the overall space. 

Minimalist style house pillar design

Carved pillars

Beautiful carvings on a pillar can lend a vintage charm to the overall space. You can add innovative design patterns like floral patterns with cement. While this type of house pillar design can be used for the home interiors, they look stunning when incorporated outdoors, like the front entrance or the patio.

Carved house pillar design

Pillar design with stone bricks base

Build cement pillars over stone bricks as the base. The combination of two materials when designing a pillar can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house. The uniqueness and elegance the design brings to any space are unmatched. The stone base also provides a strong support to the structure while adding a rustic charm.

House pillar design with stone bricks base

Cement columns

Classic concrete columns painted in white, with railings acts as a supporting structure for the porch. This house pillar design reminds us of the colonial-style columns that make the overall structure look majestic. The pillar design is used widely in luxury homes.

cement columns house pillar design

Round house pillars

Round house pillar designs are classic architectural elements. The pillars can be designed in various styles and materials to elevate the beauty of home interiors. They also work well with the minimalist theme without any elaborate decoration. However, they also can be enhanced with attractive carvings.

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Round house pillar design

Round house pillar designs


Traditional wooden pillars

Wooden pillars, as depicted in the image below, are a common architectural feature of a typical south house. The rustic look added by these wooden pillars, the beautiful carvings and the red flooring gives a distinctive appeal to the house.

traditional wooden house pillar design

Terrace pillars

The house pillars can also work to support the top of the house that bears the terrace. With elegant carvings or motifs, these pillars can be designed to beautify the front entrance. They also create ample space for comfortable seating arrangements.

terrace house pillar design


House pillar design with tiles

If you are planning to extend a part of an outdoor space by adding a roof, stone pillars can be a great idea. However, the use of grey tiles also works. Grey tiles lend a natural look to the space and can be matched with the décor theme of the house.

House pillar design with tiles

House pillar design with tiles


Brick Pillars

Brick pillars work well for supporting heavy load of a structure. Faux brick panels can also be used as they are easier to install. The columns lend a contemporary look and enhance the look of any indoor or outdoor space.

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brick house pillar design

Statement pillar design

Broad columns designed with elegant motifs also add a strong statement. This house pillar design also helps create a focal point. Such statement cement pillars and the expansive views from large windows in the backdrop can add a royal charm to a house. 

Statement house pillar design

Statement house pillar design

Pillar with arch design

Two solid pillars can be useful for designing an arch in the house. It is an apt design for the living room. The pillars can be designed in a classic combination of white and cream hues that match with wooden flooring to create a contrasting look.

house pillar with arch design

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POP design for house pillars

Plaster of Paris (POP) is an excellent material for enhancing the home décor. When POP is used for house pillar designs, there are numerous ways in which you can beautify the boring columns in your home.

POP design for house pillars

Ways to incorporate pillars in home design

Some house designs include pillars in the middle of the space. There are many creative ways to integrate them in home interiors and make them functional.

  • Accent the columns in the house by painting them in two different shades.
  • Add moulding to the pillars to make them look attractive. Tiling is another method to enhance the look of a pillar.
  • Cover the pillars with mirrors for a magnificent look to the interiors while giving an illusion of pillars having disappeared due to these reflective surfaces.
  • Install shelves between the pillars and the wall to create additional storage space in the house.




How do you beautify a pillar?

You can enhance the look of your home interiors by decorating them with mirrors, adding shelving units, installing lighting fixtures or wall art.

What material is used to construct pillars?

Pillars or columns can be built with different materials such as concrete, stone, brick, wood and steel.

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