Top modular kitchen colour combinations

[] In this article, we will discuss the best kitchen colour ideas that you can use for designing your kitchen.

The kitchen is an essential part of any house. Apart from being the place where food is prepared, it is also the place where everyone from the family gathers in the morning. To make this space your very own, you should decorate it with beautiful colours. However, there are so many options and kitchen colour combinations that it is very hard to make a choice. Before designing your kitchen, consider a few important factors like natural and artificial light, appliances’ colour, budget and the colour of your liking. Also, determine the mood and feel that you are going for. These factors will help you in choosing the best colour combination for your kitchen.

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In this article, we will discuss the best kitchen colour ideas that you can use for designing your kitchen.

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Top kitchen colour ideas

1. Monochromatic kitchen colour combination

white modular kitchen

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If you are undecided about your modular kitchen’s colour combination, a monochromatic colour scheme is a perfect choice for your kitchen colour ideas. A monochromatic kitchen in a neutral shade will remain popular, no matter what the trends are. Variations in the use of textures is key, while decorating in monochromatic kitchen colour combinations. To use a monochromatic colour scheme in your modular kitchen colour combination, pick a colour of your choice and use different hues of this colour, to design the countertops, cabinets and walls.

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2. Black and white modular kitchen colour combination

grey modular kitchen

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You can never go wrong with a classic black and white kitchen colour combination. Use these contrasting colours to create the most interesting minimalist kitchen. While different kitchen colour combinations come and go, this style will never go out of style. Therefore, if you are keen on keeping a single style for a long time, black and white are the kitchen colours for you. This modular kitchen colour combination can be designed in a variety of ways. You can pair a white marble island with black cabinets or go with the timeless look of a white kitchen with a few black touches. To go with a more rustic look, use wood in combination with these kitchen colour and to go for a more elegant look, use marble.

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3. Sage green and white kitchen colour combination

sage green modular kitchen 251x400 1

Source: Pinterest

The kitchen colour combination of sage green and white trending right now. Sage green is a very subtle colour that is organic and soothing in appearance. As it is a shade of green, it gives a natural and rejuvenating feel. White is a classic colour that makes for a clean look. You can design with these kitchen colours by using sage green kitchen cabinets and cupboards and colouring the walls white. Avoid adding too much green and use different colour flooring and countertops.

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4. Black and metallic kitchen colours

wooden modular kitchen

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If a dark aesthetic is your preference, then, you might want to consider decorating your kitchen in black. Metallic accents on a black background bring more character to the whole kitchen. Designers recommend pairing black with brass, copper, nickel, or stainless steel. This kitchen colour combination will give a very luxurious and modern feel. To use this combination in your kitchen, use bright lights to combat the darkness and add steel or copper features like light fixtures, handles and water taps. Different textures of black can be used to avoid making the kitchen too boring or overbearing.

5. Purple and grey kitchen colour combination

ceramic modular kitchen

Source: Pinterest

The unconventional kitchen colour combination of purple and grey will be perfect for creating a jazzy atmosphere in your house. Purple is a royal colour. Although it is not usually seen in kitchens, purple can add a spiritual and mystical tone. Grey is a neutral and sombre colour that compliments purple perfectly. If you are thinking of designing with these kitchen colours, use the grey shades on cabinets and the purple shades for the walls. The glossy texture is best suited with lighter hues of purple, while the matte texture suits the darker hues.

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