Double colour wardrobe design: Ideas to get inspired from

[] Our list is carefully curated to present you with the trendiest cupboard colours for bedroom.

We style our bedrooms and other parts of our house to ooze out a sense of style, luxury, and comfort. It is where you can be your true self and relax. Hence every design component must align with your vision. Wardrobes are an essential piece of furniture and wardrobe colours can make a massive difference in the look and feel of the room. The furniture/decor market has millions of options including wardrobe colours for bedroom, various sizes, shapes,  ready to assemble, entirely hand-made, store-bought etc. among others. 

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Your wardrobe choice can make or break your bedroom’s decor. Hence it is crucial to manage complimentary themes and style. Our list is carefully curated to present you with the trendiest cupboard colours for  bedroom. You can effortlessly customise the designs to your preferences and create the space of your dreams. 

Best double colour wardrobe design ideas

1. Yin and Yang double colour wardrobe design

Nothing beats the yin and yang duo. A monochrome double colour wardrobe design is so elegant and classy, and it adds that extra dramatic flair to your bedroom decor.

Just picture an all-black wardrobe with the other components like handles, hangers, drawers in white or vice versa. The all-time classic wardrobe colours can perfectly match beige or white modern bedroom wallpapers. 

Two colour combination of wardrobe design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

2. The edgy wood double colour wardrobe design 

The traditional wood wardrobes may seem out of style and boring, but when these edgy wooden panels are used in combination with complementary palettes like red, white, or even cream, the wardrobe design enhances the charm of your bedroom. 

The dual-coloured panelling gives you more options to complement your bedroom decor and creates a versatile and straightforward style. 

Wood wardrobe

 Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

[] Wardrobe color combinations to choose from, for your home

3. The red and white two colour combination of wardrobe design 

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Whether it’s on a red velvet cake or the candy canes, red and white is an exceptional combination. If you have a contemporary decor style in your living space, then the red and white two colour combination of wardrobe design  is the one for you. The vibrancy of red and the effortless sophistication make this design one of the most influential and impactful. 

red and white two colour combination

Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

4. The glassy wood wardrobe design 

The name might sound a bit ostentatious, but trust us when we say glass and wood are a match made in heaven. This versatile double colour wardrobe design allows you to play with glass colour and type options, and you get to choose from among the tons of wood colour and polish options available. 

You can go for a translucent glass with a deep, rich shade of dark wood or go for crystal clear glass with lighter, polished wood. The glassy wood wardrobe is an ideal example of simple, sleek, and stylish modern designs for bedroom wardrobes. 

glassy wood wardrobe

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

5. The playful yellow and white wardrobe design 

Soothing and calm colours are great, but sometimes your bedroom decor needs a vibrant element that will rejuvenate and energise the room’s environment. Cupboard colours for bedroom can be a rich, playful shade of yellow efficiently paired with white. 

The calmness and sophistication of white will help balance the pop of yellow. You can also experiment with other cupboard colours for bedroom like bright green or orange in combination with white. 

yellow and white

Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

6. The grey and brown supremacy wardrobe design 

The combination of grey and brown is one of the best wardrobe laminate color combination to exist. The sheer elegance and richness that come with it are exceptional. It is ideal for a modern take on your contemporary bedroom decor. 

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This compelling grey and brown supremacy two colour combination of wardrobe design goes very well with light-coloured bedroom walls, including grey and white. You can also use white-coloured wallpaper for bedroom walls to ease the maintenance and care. 

grey and brown wardrobe

Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

7. The engraved and glossy woodworks wardrobe design 

The engraved and glossy woodworks double colour wardrobe design include brown and white components forming a whole wardrobe, and the outsides contain detailing like delicate woodworks to add a level of sophistication. These woodwork designs can be customised entirely, complementing your bedroom’s decor. 

To enhance the aesthetics further, you can also go for wooden and marble flooring in your bedroom. Another aesthetic addition to complement the elegant brown and white combination is a pure white or off-white wallpaper for your bedroom walls. 

engraved and glossy

Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

8. The grey and hues of blue wardrobe design 

Imagine looking at the sky on a cloudy day. That pleasing sight can be in your bedroom too. The grey and hues of blue two colour combination of wardrobe design creates a soothing environment and evokes a sense of calm. 

Add some glass to the mix, and you will get yourself one of the most elegant pieces of bedroom decor that will catch every eye. The attractive combination is stylish but is very popular for its calming effect. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest 

grey and blue

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