Dressing table designs to inspire your imagination

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Most people like to get ready before stepping out. For some it is a ritual where the dressing table is a key element. In this article, we look at dressing table designs that you can explore to suit your choices, needs, and décor.

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Types of dressing tables

Wall-mounted dressing table

Dressing table designs

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If you want a clutter-free floor space, then this is a good idea for you. Wall-mounted dressing tables are sleek and lightweight. If you keep a dressing chair, it can be pushed below the wall mount to save space, and keep the place clean. It gives an elegant look to your walls while maintaining a clutter-free look in the house.

Dressing table designs

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You can also consider a dressing table design where even the chair is wall-mounted.

Dressing table designs

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You can also get the shelves inside the dressing table designed in a way that your things are easily accessible. Fix rods on the door to hang your watches and bracelets, and customise the shelves to fit your cosmetics.

Foldable wall-mounted dressing table design

Dressing table designs

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Wall-mounted dressing tables are also available with foldable options. It will save space and hide all your belongings and clutter. This is perfect to give the house a compact look.

Alcove dressing table

Dressing table designs

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Any open cavity in the room can be converted into a dressing table with a designer mirror and a couple of shelves to accommodate all your things.

A passage dressing table

Dressing table designs


Homes with long passages can be used in multiple ways. With walls on both sides leading to a room, it’s the perfect place for a compact wardrobe while saving space in your home. Fix large mirrors on both the walls for that grand look. Get wall-mounted shelves to accommodate your accessories, and to give the passage a new life.

A lavish dressing table design

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Dressing table designs

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If space is not an issue, opt for a large and wide dressing table. This, teamed up with cushioned chairs, will transform your make-up sessions. For a rich look, opt for beautifully carved, wooden dressing tables that would be both functional and gorgeous.

Built in dressing table

Dressing table designs

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Combine your wardrobe with your dressing table, and opt for a dressing table design that has separate compartments that are part of the dresser.

Dressing table designs

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Alternatively, you can opt for a dressing table design that fits in your wardrobe. You can get the dresser mirror fixed on the wall of the wardrobe and dedicate an inside shelf for cosmetics and other accessories.

Organising your dressing table

While we have seen dressing tables in all shapes and sizes, what is important in each design is a fair amount of storage to keep all the accessories within reach. Here’s how you can organise your dressing table.

  • Invest in good lighting: Getting ready becomes easier with good lighting. A good amount of lighting in or around your dressing table, depending on the design of the dressing table, is a good idea.
  • Ample plug points: Styling can require a number of accessories, some of which may be powered by electricity. To ease the use of these accessories, ensure that there are enough plug points available near your dressing table.
  • Make partitions: Independent shelf space for each category of items like cosmetics, accessories, jewellery, and hair brushes make access easy and convenient. Make a separate space for items of everyday use.
  • Keep your dressing table surface clean: Make-up stains, loose pins, and scattered bottle caps can spoil the top of the dressing table. Always keep a mat ready, and don’t forget to cap the perfumes and lotions. Alternatively, you can mount a glass slab on the surface of the dressing table that can be wiped clean in case of spills.


Which kind of dressing table design blends across interior designs?

Dressing tables which are compact and sleek blend easily with any kind of home interiors.

Is good lighting recommended on the dressing table?

Good lighting helps in getting ready easily. Sufficient light on or around the dressing table, as per the design, will always be a winner.

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