Sun sign décor: Leo and its influence on creativity in a house

[] It is believed that the 12 houses of the zodiac govern 12 key areas of your life. Here’s a look at how home owners can leverage the influence of the Leo sun sign on the décor of their house, to bring about a positive impact on their lives

A large number of space energy readers/healers maintain that your home’s décor holds immense potential, to influence key areas of your life. The fifth house of the zodiac (Leo) relates to your creativity – it is about longing to bring something precious into the world. This house also represents fun, entertainment, pleasure and children. This house encourages you to remember, or find out what you really enjoy doing and what makes you feel good. Issues and concerns related to this realm are said to be resolved, by healing the disturbance in the energy field in this space.

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Indications of energy imbalance

An affirmative response to any of the following questions, could indicate a need for space healing in the area of creativity (The list of questions is representational and not exhaustive):

  • Do you often wonder how can you bring some exuberance into your life?
  • Does your inner child need to be nurtured and allowed a greater degree of expression?
  • Do you yearn to make time in your life to play and have fun?
  • Have you felt that your creativity has been stifled lately?
  • Does it feel as if there is a blockage in your mind, which is not allowing inspiration?
  • Are you having problems with your children?


Impact of the Leo sign on your house

To design a house that inspires your creative side, one needs to find the energy flow that resonates within you and this may vary from person to person. Nonetheless, here are some general suggestions that may help:

  • Set up and design your creative zone near a window, as the ‘life force’ moves strongly in this area.
  • Include shapes, designs and patterns, in the fabrics for curtains, cushions and beddings, as these exude vibrations and are mentally stimulating and impact your creativity.
  • The creative area at home should overlook a broad horizon, as this will help you to think big.
  • In Feng Shui, it is believed that the vertical flow of energy sparks creative thoughts. The top of a building exposes one to vertical vibrations of the space. A loft, hence, is a good area for designing a creative corner.
  • Mirrors make an area appear larger and increase the flow of energy. Hence, it can be used, to create a lively and stimulating ambience.
  • Certain sounds can make one feel more inspired and imaginative. So, it may be a good idea to keep a music system in one’s creative space.

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 [] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Décor elements for healing vibrations

The imagery you have at home, is one of the most potent and powerful décor tools, to manipulate the energy of a space. If a positive image can heal energy imbalance and invite positive vibrations, then, the opposite is very likely, as well, with negative images. Always opt for imagery, such as pictures, paintings, sculptures or arrangements of objects that evoke positive thoughts and feelings in you. Some suggested images or symbols to invite positive vibrations, vis-à-vis creativity, into your home are:

The sign of Leo and the sun: The warm-hearted and energetic symbol of Leo, in tandem with the sun suggest a life enjoyed to the fullest.

Linked hearts: Traditionally associated with love and unconditional affection for pets and close friends, it represents allowing yourself to unite with another.

Musical notes: This is a reminder of creative pursuits – for example, playing or listening to music/musical instruments, discovering talents through hobbies, singing, dancing, writing, etc.

The cradle: Symbolises your inner child and the children in your life and reconnecting with innocence and being spontaneous.

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The maypole: Represents coming together, to celebrate and participate in life.

The spinning top: Reminds you to be carefree and reconnect with your youthful energy.


DIY tips to keep your home free of argumentative energy

If any inhabitant of a house exhibits strong emotions of anger, jealousy or resentment, then, this energy will radiate into the space. Family arguments tend to generate unhealthy vibes at home. It is likely to have a negative impact on your creativity and opportunities. Here is what you can do:

  • If someone has been upset at home, try to clear out the energy as quickly as possible, by opening the windows and the doors too, if possible.
  • Envelope your home with the aroma of lavender.
  • Sprinkle sea salt on the floor in the evening. Sweep it up and throw it out of the house the next day.
  • Try to refresh the energy of the house by cleaning and tidying the house on a daily basis.


Believe it or not

Suma Dhilla of Mumbai is an ardent believer in Feng Shui. She narrates: “A friend of mine was in a rush to sell his house, because he was moving abroad. However, he was not getting prospective buyers. I suggested that he put the details pertaining to the sale of his house in an aesthetic décor piece, in the west direction of his room. He said he did not believe in my ‘mumbo jumbo’ but his mother heeded my advice. Shortly thereafter, he was inundated with potential buyers. By choosing appropriate décor elements for the house, one can heal or empower the vibrations in the house, to attract new beginnings and inspire creativity.”

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