Opulent Jubilee Hills’ celebrity houses of Tollywood stars

[] Let’s look at some of the Tollywood celebrity houses in Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad.

One of the biggest film industries in India and the world, Tollywood is gaining popularity day by day for its gripping storytelling and solid action sequences. Some of Tollywood’s most prominent heroes have become pan-Indian stars, going on to star in movies with massive budgets. It is safe to say that these stars are easily recognized by people all over the country.

You are reading: Opulent Jubilee Hills’ celebrity houses of Tollywood stars

Due to the popularity of these stars, people may wonder about their living arrangements and massive residences. Most of Hyderabad’s biggest celebrities live in and around a locality in Hyderabad called Jubilee Hills. It is one of the city’s most expensive neighbourhoods. Now that we know about this area let’s look at a few Jubilee hills celebrity houses. 

Jubilee hills celebrity houses of Tollywood’s prominent actors

Allu Arjun home in Hyderabad

Arguably the biggest actor in Telugu cinema, Allu Arjun has made an everlasting impact on the Industry. Movies like Pushpa have become famous all over India. Allu Arjun is a great philanthropist along with being a fine actor. 

His massive house in Jubilee Hills has a large and wealthy living area along with a peppy and joyful nursery room for his kids. According to sources, the home is worth upwards of Rs. 100 Crores. Allu Arjun house in Jubilee Hills also has a vast green lawn with a good view of the main road.

Allu Arjun home in Hyderabad

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Chiranjeevi house in Hyderabad

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Chiranjeevi’s house in Hyderabad is located in the same Jubilee Hills locality of the city. The house is a 25,000+ square feet sprawl where the talented Telugu superstar lives with his actor son, Ram Charan. The house was designed by Jahan Tahiliani, the son of top designer Tarun Tahiliani.


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Vijay Deverakonda’s house in Jubilee Hills

Vijay Deverakonda has been producing hit after hit in recent times. After appearing in the massive impact, ‘Arjun Reddy,’ the talented actor became a household name and a youth icon. Throughout the country, people are swooning over the actor. 

After making it big as an actor, Vijay Deverakonda purchased a massive home in the Jubilee Hills vicinity of Hyderabad in 2019. According to reports, the opulent bungalow is worth around Rs15 crore.

Vijay Deverakonda

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Mahesh Babu’s home in Jubilee Hills

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Mahesh Babu is one of Tollywood’s biggest action stars. The actor has been acting since he was a child and has been around in Telugu cinema for a long time. All his movies make big money at the box office and have earned him accolades from across the country. 

This massively popular actor’s house is located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. The house is built to the exact tastes of the actor. It features an infinity swimming pool, a custom-built gym, and an opulent private office. His house is reportedly worth around Rs 28 crore. The actor also owns two other houses in the same area.

Mahesh Babu

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Prabhas’ farmhouse in Jubilee Hills

Prabhas has attained great popularity following the Baahubali franchise, which was a massive hit in India and across the world. After the success of Baahubali, Prabhas has appeared in many high-budget movies in Telugu and Hindi.

Despite his massive popularity, the actor is down-to-earth and maintains a low profile. Prabhas lives in an opulent farmhouse in Jubilee Hills worth around Rs. 60 Crore. The house is fitted with a luxury gym with equipment costing around Rs. 1.5 Crore.


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