Elevation design of tiles to beautify the house’s vertical space

[] In this article, let’s look at how elevation design of tiles can up the decor quotient of your house

If you look at houses around you, you’ll find that they are built using concrete. The overuse of concrete is a worrying trend in modern Indian homes. Concrete is an excellent material for practicality and saving on costs, but occasionally mixing it up will give a breath of fresh air and make your house look unique.

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Using elevation tiles can drastically improve the aesthetic aspect of your interior and exterior walls. For a long time, vertical architectural elements have been neglected. With modern engineering capabilities and contemporary architectural styles, elevation and cladding tiles have come to the forefront. There are a lot of different elevation tile designs to go with, and the number of choices can be overwhelming. Let’s look at a few elevation designs of tiles to spice up your house’s exterior.

6 Best elevation design of tiles for a unique exterior view

  • Stone elevation design of tiles

Stone tiles never go out of fashion. They impart a natural and rustic look to the exterior of your home. These tiles are waterproof and dust-proof, a sign of their practicality and durability. This particular design of tiles uses shades of green and blue to create a beautiful modern home exterior.

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[] Home tiles design ideas

  • Brick elevation design of tiles

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The following elevation design of tiles on our list is the ever-popular brick tile. Bricks are the go-to choice for people looking to amp up the aesthetic integrity of their houses, not without reason. Adding brick tiles to a house’s exterior lends a warm, inviting feeling to the place, with the rustic red look adding a unique spin compared to a sea of concrete houses. With bricks, there are a lot of choices to choose from. There’s a brick tile style that suits everyone’s tastes.

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  • Sandstone elevation design of tiles

A unique stone that does way more than providing aesthetic support, sandstone is a jack of all trades when it comes to elevation tile design. Sandstone is a durable, dust-proof, and weather-proof material that can last decades without facing any damage. Sandstone comes in rough and smooth forms. You can choose your style depending on whether you want a rugged or a glossy finish. The stone imparts its signature brownish pink hue to the exterior of the building.

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  • Wood exterior design of tiles

A material that’s rarely used as exterior elevation tiles, wood can be used to impart a natural quality to the exterior of your house. Wood comes in many shades and patterns. Depending on your particular needs and design choices, you can choose from an array of different wood elevation tiles. No matter the choice, wood evokes a warm, inviting, and cosy atmosphere in your house. The options to select from are endless, from 3D elevation tiles to parquet tiles, from dark oak to light wood.

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  • Marble elevation design of tiles

Marble is a great versatile choice for elevation tiles. You can use smooth and rough marble in your house’s interior and exterior. Marble adds a luxurious touch to whatever space it is used in. It can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms, and the exterior of your house. There are different colours like white, black, and grey with or without stained features. Simply put, marble is an elegant, expensive and highly versatile stone that you can use to adorn almost the entirety of your house.

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  • Printed elevation design of tiles

If you’re looking for eclectic, colourful, and unique elevation tiles for your house, then printed tiles might be a good fit for you. Printed tiles have been used for the floor for decades. However, they’ve just started to be used as elevation tiles. They can be put to good use as bedroom and bathroom elevation tiles. Using printed tiles for the exterior of your house should be avoided as much as possible. Floral and boho prints are some of the most popular print styles for tiles.

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