How to use your book collection as part of your home décor!

[] Do you have an enviable book collection? Here are 7 fun ways to store them, while also showing them off!

A house with high ceilings is the perfect opportunity to make a vertical bookshelf that goes all the way up! It can either be a recessed shelf, like in the picture, or a simple wooden bookshelf that is screwed into the wall.

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Big toy wheelbarrows like this one are perfect for storing the books in a kid’s bedroom. Children’s books are usually smaller and lighter than novels, and storing them like is far more fun!


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If you have a dedicated reading room, or a sacred space just for your books, stack them on the floor or on the wall with invisible metal stands.


Like to read in bed, or just before you fall asleep? Get small book stand to place nearby.


It’s a chair! It’s a bookcase! It’s both! A well-designed bookcase like this has the potential to store 350-400 books.

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Make good use of the space in between your rooms by installing vertical book cases; which work for both storing books, as well as room dividers.


Do you have a recessed cupboard or a an old fireplace that’s going unused? Clean it out, paint it, and use it as a beautiful place to store your literature.


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