As stunning as the diva herself: Madhuri Dixit’s house in Mumbai

[] Madhuri Dixit recently moved to a new house in Worli. Madhuri Dixit Mumbai house in Lokhandwala is complete with a large living room, a dedicated dining space, an in-house gymnasium, a dance studio-cum-family media room and a massive modular kitchen.

Arguably one of the most popular and successful Bollywood heroines in the 1990s, Madhuri Dixit ruled the industry for more than a decade with several successful and award-winning films in her kitty. An accomplished and iconic dancer, along with being a consummate actor and gorgeous diva in her own right, Madhuri Dixit Nene (she married Sriram Nene) is also known for her humility and winning personality. She left it all here (well almost) to shift base to the US, although the Nene family returned to Indian shores some time back.

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Madhuri Dixit Nene has been busy of late, hosting online dance shows for ‘Dance with Madhuri’, her successful dance academy and also holding auditions for ‘Dance Deewane’, her virtual reality show. She has been giving dance lessons to her son Arin throughout the lockdown while also giving a haircut to her husband.

Her younger son Ryan features in her posts on a regular basis along with Carmelo, her pet dog.

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Where does Madhuri Dixit live?

Where does Madhuri Dixit live is a query every fan of hers often searches for on the internet. While till recently, the family was staying in a stunning and elegant home in Lokhandwala, Mumbai, Madhuri Dixit and have her family have recently moved to a new residence at Worli, Mumbai.

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Madhuri Dixit new house in Worli

Madhuri Dixit has rented the property on the 29th floor of Indiabulls blu at Worli for Rs 12.5 lakh per month which is spread over 5,500 sq ft. According to a money control report, a security deposit of Rs 3 crore was paid by the actress for the apartment which is on lease for 3 years with a 5 percent escalation clause every year. Madhuri Dixit’s new property comes with five covered car parks.

Designed by Apoorva Shroff, the apartment has a grand view of the city and the sea. With her family, Madhuri Dixit lives in her new house- the Worli property now.

Source: Instagram of lythdesign

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Source: Instagram of lythdesign

According to a Pinkvilla report, in addition to time constraints, another challenge for designer Apoorva Shroff was to convince them to experiment with colours. The designer  gave a quick makeover to the house in 45 days.

Madhuri Dixit house


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Madhuri Dixit house in Lokhandwala: Key facts

Madhuri Dixit house Mumbai address at Lokhandwala is one of the posh localities in Mumbai and highly preferred by Bollywood celebrities. It may come as no surprise to know that Madhuri Dixit-Nene’s sprawling home was reportedly bought for a hefty sum.

Here are some facts worth knowing:

  • Madhuri Dixit home comes with a spacious and expansive living room. This is where the entire family spends a lot of time and also celebrates special occasions and festivals. They also spend casual and relaxed Sunday evenings in this space, as seen from the star’s social media posts and inside views.
  • Glossy ivory floors combine with suitably matching couches in leather. There are beige and red-topped throw cushions in the living room, as well.
  • The oversized lighting fixture ushers in ample warm yellow lighting in a corner. Another corner has a leafy and tall potted plant for a soothing touch.
  • There is a stand with several guitars, which rests next to the elegant beige curtains, showcasing the creative side of the family.

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  • There are swanky glass side tables, combined with a low geometric center table, creating a highly contemporary look for the living room, as you take a tour of this expansive space.
  • The translucent textured glass panel nestles behind the living room couches, working as a fantastic backdrop for the star’s own videos.
  • The sprawling dining zone is next to the living room and the centerpiece here is the mustard wooden dining table. This is aptly contrasted with leather chairs in off-white hues.
  • Madhuri Dixit house in Mumbai has her own dance studio at home as the interior pics show. This is an airy and sunny space with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, offering stunning views of the outdoor greenery.
  • This space also has black lounge chairs crafted from leather, along with two glass-enclosed wooden cabinets with several antique trinkets. These include black and white framed pictures, several awards and stone carvings, among other treasures.
  • The makeshift dance studio of the superstar actress is also the family’s media room with its huge television console and speakers firmly positioned on the walls. This can be seen in many Madhuri Dixit house pictures shared by the diva herself.

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Home décor of Madhuri Dixit house in Lokhandwala

The sleek and elegant décor treatment continues throughout the rest of the house. A specially bold and vibrant artwork (suspected to be a priceless MF Hussain original creation), jazzes up the home entrance. This is also where Madhuri Dixit conducts her own photo sessions before venturing out for several events and shows. There are sleek floors in creamy marble for the living room, along with plain white walls, which create a soothing vibe overall.

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Madhuri Dixit’s bedroom has plain and white walls for a soothing effect, along with some relaxing wooden elements. The space has the warmth of a family area with its simple décor theme. There are vibrant and modern artworks adorning the room, adding a splash of colour at intervals. Madhuri Dixit’s bedroom has a huge walk-in closet like several other Bollywood celebrity homes. This one has mirrored walls for a spectacular touch, along with cupboards crafted from glossy wood. It is sometimes visible in the house photos of Madhuri Dixit.

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Madhuri Dixit home has an earthy feeling while coming with a large modular kitchen too. It also has an in-house gymnasium.

Madhuri Dixit recently followed in the footsteps of her colleague Preity Zinta by setting up her own kitchen garden at home in Mumbai. Images of Madhuri Dixit house shared online showcased her this initiative of the star actress. Madhuri Dixit has already showcased her efforts at kitchen gardening, accompanied by her husband and children. She also urged her fans to try a similar activity. Clearly, this new experiment promises to add a touch of soothing green and wellness to the gorgeous home in a prime location that the diva maintains in Mumbai.

Madhuri Dixit latest updates

In addition to the pictures shared onnline for the house of Madhuri Dixit, the diva has also been in the news for several reasons. She had  released a post on her social media handle, talking about how she was truly fortunate to have spent some time with none other than the legend Dilip Kumar who passed away recently. This post caption read: “Every now & then some individuals come along who single-handedly alter the present & write history. One such legend was Dilip saab for the worldof cinema. I was fortunate to have spent some time with him both on & off screen and I’ll cherish those memories forever. Praying for the peace of his departed soul & my heartfelt condolence to the family. RIP.”

The actress has also been in the news for her insightful and revealing video where she discussed her feelings as her beloved son Arin Nene leaves to pursue higher studies in the US. Arin passed out of school recently and in her Instagram post, Madhuri Dixit wrote how her baby was leaving for college and the video discussed how ‘Ram & I as parents are preparing for this transition and some advice for the kids learning to build an independent life’. The star then posted a video on her own YouTube page where she spoke extensively about her son with her husband, Dr Shriram Nene for company. They also discussed parenting and how different it was growing up in the US for Dr Nene with both his parents working. She also talked of how her son would be on his own at a university and hence she was greatly concerned. She added that children were more protected here in India while growing up – as they live with their parents, everything is done for them and so on, right from washing to cooking. Now, however, she added, her son would be on his own and this was concerning.

She also interacted with her husband in the video , talking about his upbringing in the US and how he had to learn to do all vital chores with his siblings. Both agreed that they would have to teach Arin all the vital skills while covering aspects like shower, shave, putting on clothes properly, hygiene, finance management, reaching class on time, food consumption and fitness. Dr Nene also stated that campuses are safe with police surveillance for added security while Madhuri Dixit also expressed concerns regarding how Arin and children of his age would be choosing friends.

Arin has now officially joined the University of Southern California, as confirmed by Shriram Nene, who posted pictures from the campus with the family. He talked of how they were all excited for him to begin college. He also thanked all his son’s educators before and the ones now, who have been great mentors and teachers. He also talked of how he was proud of his son. Madhuri Dixit was seen in one of the photographs uploaded by Shriram Nene. Madhuri Dixit has continually been making waves in the industry with her stint as a judge on Dance Deewane. Madhuri Dixit Nene has also given a teaser that has got all her fans excited. She recently inked a deal for a new movie with Still and Still Media Collective. She said that she is excited to be a part of this new project although its title hasn’t yet been revealed.


Where is Madhuri Dixit new house in Mumbai located?

Madhuri Dixit’s new house in Mumbai is located at Worli.

What are the unique features of Madhuri Dixit’s Mumbai home?

Madhuri Dixit’s Mumbai house comes with a large living room, her own in-house gymnasium, dance studio cum family media room and a massive modular kitchen, complete with a dedicated dining space.

Where is Madhuri Dixit living currently?

Madhuri Dixit is currently living in Mumbai, India.

Where does Dr Nene work in India?

Dr Shriram Nene works as a chief medical officer at GOQii while also being MD and CEO at Dance with Madhuri.

What is Madhuri Dixit’s net worth?

As per several estimates, Madhuri Dixit is worth approximately Rs 264 crores or roughly USD 35 million, while charging Rs 4-5 crores for every movie.

(Images courtesy Madhuri Dixit Nene’s Instagram account)

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