A glimpse into Govinda’s glamorous home

[] Govinda’s mansion is a two-storeyed structure facing the Juhu beach, in Mumbai and is furnished with exquisitely-designed furniture, electronics and various pieces of art

Known for his comic roles in Bollywood movies, Govinda is a popular actor in India. Govinda or Govind Arun Ahuja, is also a renowned dancer and comedian. He is now a member of the parliament, who was elected to the Lok Sabha assembly in the last general elections.

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Govinda’s mansion is a two-storeyed structure, facing the Arabian Sea. Since his bungalow faces the Juhu beach, in Mumbai, views from his home are fascinating. The veteran actor is known for his vibrant roles in the movies and this reflects in the steel and metallic tinges in his home.

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Interesting facts about Govinda’s Juhu mansion

Govinda’s puja room

While Govinda may not appear overtly religious, he is a great worshipper of lord Ganesha and has a big statue of Ganesha at his home. He has a dedicated puja room at his home, where they hold prayer meets and carry out other religious practices related to spirituality.

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Govinda’s home: The drawing room and kitchen

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The drawing room has a luxurious divan, with an expensive wooden framework, which provides comfortable seating for the home’s dwellers. The expensive marble flooring, with its glass-like reflective surface, adds elegance to the house. Govinda seems to hold his party meetings in this vast space, which is very aptly placed as you enter the mansion.

The modular kitchen is at the heart of Govinda’s home. This fully-equipped space is not only functional but also picture-perfect.

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The view from Govinda’s house

Juhu is one of the most attractive and posh locations in Mumbai, where many celebrities have found their dream homes. The serene waters of the Arabian Sea, is a heart-warming scenery to have in the background. Govinda’s home also is designed in a manner that faces the sea. The cool and light sea breeze often flows into the interiors, giving the home a fresh feel. The windows and balcony in the house, open up to a beautiful garden with various plants and trees around. Here, Govinda usually spends some leisure time, relaxing his body, mind and soul.

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Govinda’s home décor: Antiques and artwork

Govinda’s home could well be called a museum of pictures and art. Not only is his home furnished with extravagantly designed furniture and electronics but various pieces of art, as well. Wall arts, like paintings, pictures and sculptures add beauty to Govinda’s home. The gallery displays family photographs and awards received by the veteran actor over the years. Lighting fixtures, huge window blinds and glass openings are aesthetic supplements to the beauty of Govinda’s residence.

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A room for Govinda’s accessories

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We are not talking about a closet or a storage unit but a room itself. Yes, you heard that right! Govinda has a separate room altogether, to store all his essential and branded items. Right from his clothes to the shoes, expensive watches, ties, etc., he has this room all to himself to accommodate all his valuable possessions.

The bedrooms in Govinda’s house

The calm and comfortable bedrooms complete Govinda’s home. The bedrooms are not just on the top floors but also on the ground floor. Separate bedrooms are allocated for the children, guests and house helps. All of these bedrooms are fully-furnished, with top-quality woodwork and also have attached balconies, to enjoy the view outside.

Govinda house Kolkata

Did you know that Govind has a house in Kolkata? This is where he is often stationed, while shooting for his reality show in the West Bengal capital. Govinda recently appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show, on September 12, 2021. His nephew Krushna Abhishek, with whom the actor shares a troubled relationship, is a cast member on the popular television show.

Govinda latest updates

Sunita Ahuja, the wife of superstar Govinda, recently lashed out at the wife of Krushna Abhishek, their nephew, stating that “Problems in the house start when we bring a bad daughter-in-law.” Krushna’s wife Kashmera Shah had earlier asked in an interview, ‘Who is Sunita’.

On the other hand, Govinda may act soon in an untitled movie with Prajwal Devaraj as his co-star and Kiran Vishwanath as his director. With this, the Sandalwood movie industry may finally have a Govinda film.


Where does Govinda live?

Govinda lives in Juhu, Mumbai.

What is the original name of Govinda?

Govinda’s real name is Govind Arun Ahuja.

When was Govinda born?

Govinda was born on December 21, 1963.

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