Home Décor With Unusual Indoor House Plants

[] Dress up your ‪home décor‬ the natural way! Here are some unusual and eye-catching house plants to bring home.

A cactus is the perfect ornamental house plant – easy to care for, unusual shape, and always makes you feel like you’re in a tropical desert, no matter what the weather is like!

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Perfect for a home garden or a large living room space, the ‘Gloriosum Philodendron’ is a runner plant characterised by its large, beautiful leaves. Keep in mind that this one needs a lot of space to run free.


Commonly known as ‘the bedroom plant’, or more cheekily ‘Mother-in-law’s Tongue’, this plant converts CO2 into oxygen at night; unlike other plants that take up oxygen at night!


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The Rubber Tree plant can grow upto 50 feet tall, though caring for it is fairly easy. Give it bright, indirect light and spritz it with water, and it will grow up to have long, shiny leaves.


The Asparagus Fern has signature soft fronds, and when left to do its bidding, will turn your home into a mini exotic rainforest.


The Money Plant is already a staple in most homes since it’s easy to care for. Since it is a vining plant, let it grow around a rope that you can place across your wall to give your room a touch of natural green.


Peace Lilies are easy to care for, and when grown in the right conditions, reward you with special hooded leaves that look like delicate white flowers.

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The Philodendron Xanadu has funky looking leaves, and is the perfect house-guest. It doesn’t grow more than 3-4 feet tall, and requires medium to low light.


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