Zodiac signs: Home décor tips for the Pisces star sign

[] Decorating or renovating your home? You may want to consider décor based on your star sign, to add positive energy to your space. Here are some décor tips for home owners belonging to the Pisces zodiac sign (February 19-March 20)

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, the intuitive faculty of the Pisces is the most developed. People belonging to this sign give as much importance to the spiritual and psychic side of things, as the ground beneath their feet. It is no wonder then that Pisceans are at home in their imaginations. The ideal house for people of this zodiac sign, would be by the sea.

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Overall home décor for Pisces zodiac sign

You prefer a house with big windows, plenty of light and a sense of spaciousness. Your sun sign’s innate traits align to the vibrations of sea blue and green shades. Incorporate sea-themed accessories into your décor. You can use other embellishments like art, spiritual kits, books, perfumes, aromatherapy kits and aquatic stones, to create a home environment that aligns with your sign’s traits.

Colour Code

Empowering hues: Aqua and blue-green colours are positively aligned with your energy field. Use these hues while doing up your favorite corner at home.

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Hues of harmony: You have an inborn weakness of being impractical, lackadaisical or complicated, at times. The vibrations of earthy tones, such as yellow and yellow-orange, will empower you to be structured and grounded and generate harmonious energy in your interpersonal interactions at home.

Colours impacting earning power: The vibrations emanating from the shades of red and scarlet in your home-office or work area at home, are likely to influence your earning.

Furniture for Pisces home owners

The sign of Gemini sits on your fourth solar house (of home and family) cusp. This means you need a home environment that promotes intellectual and mental interests, while remaining compatible with your innate inclination towards the mystical. Home furniture that conforms to this characteristic, is apt for you. Similarly, you can explore using art, music and lighting to create the right ambience.

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The element of energy for Pisces home owners

Your ruling element is water. With the right balance of this element, you will be able to sift the real from the superficial and be a source of comfort for others. Be alert to any leakages in your house and attend to it promptly. Indoor water fountains and fish tanks may help balance your element energy, while also boosting your home’s décor.

Nature in the house

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Aquatic items, such as shells and pebbles, make good ornamental choices for your house. Flowers such as iris and daffodil, will impact the energy of your home in immensely favorable ways. While fresh flowers are ideal, you could also use images or pressed flowers.

Fragrance for Pisces home owners

You are very receptive, intuitive and emotional. Your acute awareness of others can be draining, because when those you care about are unhappy or depressed, you become unhappy and depressed too. You are attuned to the atmosphere around you, which means you can absorb difficult energies much to you disadvantage. You can protect your energy field, by using the healing aroma of lavender in your home.

Keep the house clutter-free

One of your outstanding qualities is your belief in the invisible and psychic side of things. Spring cleaning is a very spiritual exercise for you, wherein, you are not only clearing your home of dust, dirt and clutter but also negative energy from your life. You would love to go about the task intuitively. Nevertheless, it is unrealistic to expect others to be as intuitive as you are. A cool, unemotional exchange of ideas and opinion will make the exercise pleasant for all.


It is believed that in your previous lifetimes, you were very practical and down to earth. The main lesson for you in this birth, is embracing spiritual practices and expressing your feelings about life through art. Your home and its décor tend to reflect these innate yearnings.

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