Wedding planning during COVID-19: Tips to prepare for a house wedding

[] We look at ways in which you can plan a happy micro-wedding at home and host family and friends for a reception, during the Coronavirus lockdown

With the second wave of COVID-19 taking a big toll and states enforcing safety protocols, weddings are no longer a grand affair. Many weddings during COVID-19 are now being held at home, with only close family members being part of the ceremony. Now, how do you go about planning a wedding during COVID and decorating your home for the ceremony?

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“The key is to keep things minimal, celebrate the auspicious hour with your immediate family, connect to distant relatives virtually and celebrate the wedding at home. Of course, we all have to follow COVID-appropriate behaviour,” says Punam Kalra, creative director at I’m the Centre for Applied Arts.

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Wedding planning during COVID-19: Tips to prepare for a house wedding

Mandap designs for an Indian wedding at home

The mandap is the sacred place where the wedding rituals take place. Different flowers, drapes, styles, patterns and colours can be mixed, to create a vibrant mandap for the pheras. Flowers are a must-have for any wedding décor, as it not only adds colour but also sets the right mood for the celebrations.

“Living rooms can be converted into the mandap space. Flowers can be sourced from the local flower market and floral strings can be hung from the ceiling and walls of the living room. If one prefers pastel shades for the drapes and floral touches then, choose colours such as peach, pinks and whites with a touch of red for that traditional Indian décor. Or, opt for the traditional genda phool in yellow, orange and white and create a theme around it,” says Deep Lakhani, founding partner, Black Rose Events and Entertainment LLP.

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“For a fusion-style wedding, use seasonal flowers. Indo-western themes lend a sophisticated look. There’s always room for experiment – whether you choose an indoor mandap or outdoor settings, the layout is the crucial aspect. Have the mandap placed centrally, instead of placing it in a corner of the house, so that people can be seated all around and be involved in the ceremonies,” suggests Kalra.

If one has a garden, the mandap can be done in a rustic or vintage style. As the backyard lawns are generally green, earthy colours can be added to the mandap to make it blend with the natural surroundings.

You can also opt for an evening ceremony, with the lights being switched on late in the evening, to add some glam to the venue. One can have strings of bulbs or serial lights going across the lawn, suggests Lakhani.

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Ideal home wedding colour combinations

The home should exude warmth and the décor should be subtle and sophisticated but not over-the-top. The mantra should be minimalism, to create a wedding décor that is harmonious, colourful and inviting. Do not clutter the house with many decorative items. Go in for a colour-coordinated décor theme using minimum accessories.

“An aesthetic lining of indigenous brass bells, bird motifs, tassels, wind chimes or other culturally-expressive pieces, can add a personalised touch to the overall theme. Add a pop of colour, with bold Banarasi fabrics and screens in copper or brass,” adds Kalra.

Ensure that the food table is well laid, along with a floral centerpiece. One can order from the local caterer, or online or from one’s favourite restaurant, as the number of guests for a wedding at home will be few. Servers or family members (wearing gloves), can serve the plates directly at the table.

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How to plan an eco-friendly wedding

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Weddings décor trends in 2021 are focused on nature and simplicity. Opt for traditional earthen lamps, rangolis and cloth, potted plants and recycled materials. Choose solar lights or LED lights for illumination.

“Eco-friendly, zero-waste weddings with a plenty of plant-based décor is on the rise. Everything from seed paper invitations to biodegradable cutlery is available in the markets. Organic décor items can be crafted at home – for example, wildflowers for bouquets, hand-painted leaves for name boards, driftwood for canopies and more. Small wood alcoves or oversized wreath arches, can make an extravagant statement as centrepieces,” says Kalra.

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COVID house wedding lighting ideas

Simple fairy lights can create an ethereal atmosphere for a wedding and brighten up the windows, the staircases or even the background. Metal and glass lamps also make for fantastic decorations in the night. If there are any trees or plants, hang paper lamps or fairy lights on them too. Lighting is important, to create the perfect wedding ambience. For safety reasons, avoid candles if there are space constraints.

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How to livestream a wedding

If you plan to invite family and friends to view the wedding virtually, ensure that the camera and frame are well positioned. Multiple cameras can be set up to give a 360-degree view of the ceremonies, so that the virtual guests feel like they are in the midst of the celebrations. Ensure that there is ample lighting and that you have good internet bandwidth for streaming the ceremonies.

Tips for home wedding reception ideas during COVID

  • Comply with the government’s COVID-19 wedding guidelines, regarding the number of people and the duration of the wedding. Ensure that the norms for sanitisation, wearing of masks and social distancing in the seating arrangements, are followed.
  • Talk to the vendors or caterers about the safety measures being taken by them for the wedding party.
  • Deep clean every part of the house, from the ceiling and kitchen to the bathrooms. Do not neglect any space.
  • The main entrance should be welcoming, with colourful ‘bandhanwars’ or fresh flower torans. Adorn the floor with rangolis.
  • Use vaporisers and lingering scents of sandalwood or jasmine, to ensure that your home has a pleasing fragrance.
  • Use mattresses, cushions and throw pillows to create more seating.

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Are weddings allowed during COVID-19 pandemic?

The guidelines for weddings during COVID-19 differ from one state to another. Hence, check the rules in your local area, before planning a wedding.

What precautions should I take when organising a wedding?

Check the COVID-19 wedding rules in India for your location, choose an outdoor venue as far as possible, and ensure that the guests follow social distancing norms, hand sanitisation and wear masks.

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