14 stone tiles for walls to spruce up your home exterior

[] Give your home exterior walls a makeover with attractive stone tiles. Check these 14 beautiful stone wall designs.

Give your walls a stone finish but without stones! Yes, you can give that authentic stone finish to your walls without using the actual rocks; just pick your favourite tile stone design. The best part is that these wall tiles have unique natural designs and easy customisation. 

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For a creative exterior, stone tiles for walls are the best. Some tiles are made from natural stones; customisation is not possible in those tiles, but some tiles are made from synthetic materials with a glossy stone finish.

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Stone tiles design for walls

Natural cladding stone tiles for walls

Natural cladding stone wall design always heeds the list when it comes to the most loved stone wall tile. It gives the best exterior timeless design that everyone loves.

Natural cladding stone tiles for walls can be used in both apartment and house exteriors. You get plenty of design options in the category of  natural cladding stones wall tiles. However, it is tough to customise these wall tiles as they are prepared from natural stones. 

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Brick stone tiles for walls

If you are among those easy-going people who like simplicity, then these rustic brown-coloured wall stones tiles for walls are perfect for your exterior. 

What could be more attractive than an earthy texture to your home exterior? If you have many plants outside your home, you should go for this design.

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Quarry stone tiles for walls

Specifically, these quarry wall tiles look best in clay-orange colour. These wall stones are cost-effective, and the primary reason is that they are not finely polished. However, quarry stone tiles for walls add rural charm to your city exterior with rustic shades. 

Mostly these wall stone tiles are witnessed in rented apartments or hotels. So, if you want to rent your apartment, you can go with these tiles.  

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Black subway stone tiles for walls

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This design made from mosaics gives your exterior walls a glossy and shining stone finish. These subway stone tiles for walls come in a rectangular shape, which means you can decorate your house exterior in a perfectly balanced manner.

If you have your bathroom in the front yard, you can go with these wall tiles to give a gorgeous rocky look for your home.

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Mosaic studded stone tiles for walls

The best combination for your potted plants is a rocky backyard, and to get this stony finish, mosaic wall tiles are always a perfect pick. These stone tiles for walls won’t just give a great look but also a natural finish. 

You can customise these tiles as per your colour need to give the most vibrant touch. This design is not just in your backyard only, but this design looks perfect for your swimming pool exterior. 

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Asymmetrically shaped stone tiles for walls

It is truly a very basic design. These stone tile designs are stones with no cutting or polishing, and you can directly install them into the walls. The asymmetrical design gives a European townhome exterior finish. 

One of the most exciting facts about these wall tiles is that the stones used here are resistant to quick temperature changes.

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Multicoloured stone tiles for walls

Colours for the home exterior bring life to the moment, and if you have multicoloured options in hand, why be satisfied with one single colour. The complete design is a bit different from tile to tile to give you the best and most unique finish, the change in design is due to colour selection. 

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Pebble stone tiles for walls

If you are looking for stone tiles that can suit modern homes as well, then pebbled old design tiles should be your blind pick. The best example is European castles exteriors, where you can notice pebbled stone walls tile on exteriors giving a glazy like the oxide finish. 

Pebbled wall tiles come in many different designs because each pebble is different from the other in respect of shape, size, and colour. 

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Granite stone tiles for walls

When you want a sleek shiny natural finish, granite walls are the best. One major reason why big hotels and apartments have this is the plain surface which makes it easier to clean compared to other stone tiles.

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These stone wall designs are made from hard-resistant rocks and are capable of withstanding extreme harsh weather. So, if you are planning to make a one-time investment, you can go with these.  

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Coral stone tiles for walls

Bring the tropics in your backyard. Coral stone tiles in green and blue colour give a tropical vibe on any exterior. But, it’s not only the colour these tiles have a 3D texture as well that make the effect much better. 

One cannot resist these coral stones as they are pretty to look at and more pleasant to touch. 

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Sukabumi stone tiles for walls

If your budget won’t allow you to go with the granite or marble tile finish, the teal stone wall is definitely a good option. It gives almost the same glazy and rough finish on walls like the unpolished graphite or marbles. 

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Andesite stone tiles for walls

Many think this is an unusual option, but we recommend this as a great option for your home exterior or behind your swimming pool. Andesite has a rustic finish and gives the best look when installed without any polish. 

To make your lovely two-storied home a perfect place to relax with your family and friends, install these elegant andesite wall tiles outside. 

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Palimanan stone tiles for walls

This stone has a rough surface and is also difficult to maintain, especially due to the yellow hues, which get dirty quickly. So, if you have already planned to install these wall tiles, then make sure to apply any protective coating at first. The best part about these stone wall designs is they give a dessert-like feel on the exterior. 

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Ceramic stone tiles for walls

One of the most common stone tiles for walls is majorly used for architectural designs. They are not just stylish, but durable too. They are versatile and definitely a better choice in the long run. 

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