Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

[] The market is flooded with creative designs, innovative forms and unique textures for hanging lights. We offer tips for home owners to select the right one

Hanging lights play a key role, when it comes to brightening up a home and adding visual appeal to the home décor. The market is flooded with hanging lights having creative designs, innovative forms and unique textures.

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Hanging lights: What do they mean?

Hanging lights are not merely for illumination but are a focal point of décor. A hanging light – single hanging or a cluster of roof hanging lights – is a pendant light fixture that hangs from the ceiling with a cord, chain, or metal rod. Also called a drop or suspender, hanging lights are generally hung over the dining table, above the bed, over kitchen countertops, in the foyer, study, or and balcony or over artwork. Hanging lights design brings the light to the exact area that needs to be illuminated, such as a table or an artwork and works as task lighting.

Hanging lights for bedroom: Pendant lights

The bedroom is a space that should have a calm and relaxing ambience. Hanging lamps or pendant lights are perfect lighting options for the room that can completely transform the look. There are wide range of designs for this hanging lights for bedroom, such as bell pendant lights, mini pendant and drum pendant.

Different types of hanging lights

Pendant lights

Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

A pendant light is attached to the ceiling and hangs down on a rod, cable, pipe, chain or rope. Depending on the style of one’s home, one can hang lights as a cluster or as a stand-alone light fixture. Down-light pendant lamps are used as task lights and inverted/up-light pendant lamps with glowing shades help in creating a pleasant ambience.


Hanging lights

The sheer luxury that a hanging chandelier exudes, can transform any home. Chandeliers are available in a variety of materials (crystals, glass, metal, etc.). For this type of hanging light design, you also have numerous styles such as drum, waterfall, globe, linear, bowl, spiral, sputnik, etc. Candle-shaped chandeliers are the perfect option for people, who want traditional hanging light in their homes.

Hanging lantern lights

Hanging lamps

Lanterns are attractive hanging lighting options that suit various budgets and home styles and can be used indoors, as well as outdoors. There are multiple ways in which you can hang these unique hanging lights on various nooks and hooks on both, walls and ceilings. Hanging decorative lanterns add appeal, provide drama, as well as effective task lighting. Simple and elegant, hanging lanterns can elevate the décor quotient of a space.

Sculptural hanging lights

Hanging lantern

A sculptural hanging light is all about a design trend that is beyond traditional lighting and doubles up as an art piece. Sculptural hanging lights can be made from marble, wood, ceramic, steel and glass and can be geometric, floral or in an abstract shapes. These ceiling hanging lights are perfect for living rooms.

Track hanging lights

Hanging lights for kitchen

Track lighting can provide a lot of flexibility, as it has multiple bulbs on one track. This lighting is seen in modern kitchens and bathrooms. Some track lighting fixtures come with the option to adjust the direction for each bulb, which is ideal for the study desk. Earlier, these were used with spotlights but now, the structure of track lighting can hold many different types of lights. Track lights are meant for accent or task lighting, since several individual lights hang from a track. One can either mount the track on the ceiling or suspend it from the ceiling, depending on the effect and height you want.

Crystal hanging lights

Hanging lights for living room

Hanging lights made of glistening crystals are available in a variety of designs that can change the look of your living room instantly. The brilliance of crystal works in most interior design schemes. By refracting the colours around, it always brings a sophisticated touch to interior design schemes.

Ceiling fan lights

Hanging lights for bedroom

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Today, decorative ceiling fans come with light options. The lights attached to a fan adds an elegant touch to the home interior. Ceiling fans with lights are designed with fantastic features like lampshades, carvings, pull cords, anti-rusting properties and multiple LED colour options. Apart from illuminating the entire area, it adds a unique allure.

Hanging fairy lights

Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

Hanging fairy lights or string lights are not just for festivals, they can be used in a multitude of ways at home. Hang fairy lights from a hook screwed into the ceiling for a magical, sparkling effect. Use fairy lights on the wall as a gentle way to light up the kid’s bedroom, or as a night light for reading. Enhance the beauty of trees by hanging fairy lights. The latest LED lights offer features such as timers and remote controls, to create a warm, inviting and functional atmosphere in your living space.

Wall hanging lights

Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

Wall sconces are versatile wall hanging lights that can be used for living room or in almost any room in the house. Nowadays one also gets scones that can be used as hanging lights. A wall-mounted scone is ideal as a reading light as its long arms can be adjusted for perfect lighting. Long hanging lights are suitable for kitchen countertops.

[] Tips, to pick the right decorative wall lights for your home

Metal hanging lights

Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

Metal hanging lights made from brass, copper or steel are gaining popularity. Available in various finishes, metals can look luxurious, glamorous or vintage and also industrial. The glossy sheen of metal hanging lights adds brilliance to interiors. Metal lamps can add the right amount of bling to the interior space. Also, with the current interior trend focusing more on the fusion of contemporary and traditional, modern metal hanging lights have become the obvious choice.

Bamboo hanging lights

Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

Natural, eco-friendly materials are being used for hanging lights that create a vibrant accent at home. Bamboo, jute and recycled glass bottles can be used in traditional, modern and bohemian-themed homes for decorative hanging lights for hall or any part of the house.

Solar-powered hanging lights

Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

Solar-powered hanging lights, popularly known as solar lantern, are the best options for those looking for inexpensive, energy-efficient lights. Solar hanging lights for home are popular for the garden, pool area, porches and other outdoor areas.

Hanging lights for hall

Hanging lamps for living room can be placed at an entryway or the centre of the room. These lighting fixtures efficiently direct light onto a surface, thus illuminating the space and highlighting the décor elements of the room. Adorn a corner of your living room with pendant lights. You can choose an inverted pendant light or any other shape that blends with the overall design. Round hanging lights add an elegant look to the space.

These ceiling hanging lights for living room images give an idea of how easily you can match the different décor elements. You can also add corner hanging lights for living room to brighten the dull corners of your hall.

Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

(Source: Pinterest)

Contemporary hanging lights for living room corner can be used to blend with the interior decoration and beautify areas like the dining room or study.

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Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

(Source: Pinterest)

Hanging lights ideas to illuminate your home

(Source: Pinterest)

Hanging lights for kitchen

Decorative chandeliers like spiral designs, pendant lights or track lighting fixtures are the best lighting options for modern kitchen areas.

Material of a hanging light

Today, there are a lot of choices in modern hanging lights ceiling materials. They are crafted in glass, crystal, metal, ceramic, bamboo, paper, etc., in different styles and shapes, including cylindrical, round, square, teardrop, cone, leaf, floral, tube, cage, diamond, star, etc.

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Dos and don’ts for hanging lamps in your house

Plan your room’s illumination and create a lighting plan, including ambient, task and accent lighting. The lighting should come from many sources, rather than one main light, to give the room warmth and segregate areas for working and relaxing.

Before buying hanging lights, visualise if the chandelier and lamps match the space and add to the overall appeal of the home. Some decorative fixtures might be designed more for aesthetics (e.g., use of low-wattage decorative vintage bulbs) rather than to illuminate the room.

Hanging lights have to be secured properly so that they do not fall and hurt someone. Use good quality support that can hold the weight of the light.

Smart hanging decorative lights with dimmers can boost the décor. In addition, the dimmer feature provides energy saving by reducing the electric load of a light fixture.

Hanging fancy lights should be at least eight ft above the floor and three ft above the table. When selecting a hanging light, know the length of the chain or rods supplied with the fixture.

Hanging lights for dining table should be aligned with the centre of the table.

When selecting hanging lights, always check the specifications of the ceiling hanging light design fixture, such as light output, power consumption and the colour (white, warm, yellow, etc.) and the intensity of the light. Also, the colour of the shade covering the light bulb impacts the light output.

Always choose a hanging light fixture that reflects your home’s style. Contemporary hanging ceiling lights over a classic dining table may not be as suitable to the room as a regal chandelier.

Bulbs in suspended fixtures should be sheltered from view to reduce glare. So, carefully adjust the height of the fixture.

Tips for hanging lights in each room

  • For modern hanging lights for living room, opt for a chandelier, pendant lights or a fancy ceiling fan with light, depending on the theme of the room. These lend an inviting vibe to space.
  • To create a romantic atmosphere with hanging lights for bedroom, hang a small chandelier above the bed or have fancy lanterns or wall sconces on both sides of the bed.
  • Hanging kitchen lights, such as pendant lights, are the best to provide ambient and task lighting over the kitchen island or breakfast counter.
  • Hanging pendant lights or wall sconces can be used in a bathroom but place them away from water showers.
  • Bathrooms can be used for various functions, like shaving or applying make-up. So, select specific hanging lights that focus on the task area. When hanging lights in a bathroom around the mirror, ensure that there is no glare or shadow.
  • Hang one or more mini pendants, modern lanterns or wall sconces over a study table area.
  • Outdoor hanging lights should be waterproof.

[] A guide to choosing lights for each room of your house


Can ceiling lights be used on walls?

Not all ceiling lights are meant for wall mounting. So always check with the vendor of the ceiling light before considering a wall installation.

How to clean and maintain the hanging light?

Clean dust and cobwebs regularly with a soft cloth and an appropriate cleaning agent, depending on the material of the lights. Change the bulbs, when needed. Ensure that the supporting fixtures are maintained properly and check regularly for loose fittings.

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