Ganpati decoration at home: Easy Ganesha decoration ideas for background and mandap

[] Here are some simple and easy Ganpati decoration ideas, which you can follow at home

Devotees, across India, wait for months to celebrate the arrival of Lord Ganpati during Ganesh Chaturthi that falls either in August or September. To mark the arrival of Lord Ganesh, people start their planning and preparations months before the festivity. One of the key highlights of welcoming Lord Ganpati at home is the decoration of the house and place of worship. In this article, we bring you some simple ideas for Ganpati decoration at home, which can be followed any time for the elephant-headed God.

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Ganpati decoration at home with flowers

If you look at Ganpati decoration ideas at home during lockdown, decoration with flowers is the most common ideas. This is the easiest and affordable Ganpati decoration idea at home in 2022. You can decorate the house with a string of flowers using marigold, jasmine, or roses, hanging them all around the Ganesh idol and at the entrance. Floral decorations for Ganpati are an excellent choice to decorate the background of the Ganesh idol. Moreover, it is believed that lord Ganesh loves hibiscus flowers. So, making a string with these flowers and durva grasses will make up an excellent Ganpati decoration at home. Placing bouquets of either lilies, orchids or roses beside the mandap on both the sides will accentuate the Ganesh decoration.

Ganapati decoration at home


Ganpati Bappa decoration ideas with paper flowers

If you cannot arrange fresh flowers, you can still go for the floral decoration with paper flowers using origami papers and do Ganpati decoration at home. If you are short of time, you can order readymade paper flowers available online or from nearby markets for Ganpati decoration. Further, you can join tutorial sessions on social media sites that teach you easy hacks to prepare paper flowers at home. You can include the Ganpati Bappa decoration ideas with fresh flowers mentioned above using paper flowers and make strings and hang them all around.

Ganpati decoration ideas


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Cardboard temple for Ganpati

While thermocol and plaster of Paris were extensively used for Ganpati home decoration earlier, these decoration ideas are no longer prevalent with people becoming more environment-conscious. Cardboard temples for Ganpati have become an excellent choice as these are eco-friendly. Make a cardboard temple, with cartons in which you get groceries delivered and paint them as per your theme. You can also decorate a cardboard temple for Ganpati using beads, toran and paper craft. The best Ganpati decoration ideas are the ones that are made at home with the help of family members.

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cardboard temple for Ganpati


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Eco-friendly Ganpati decoration at home

The Ganpati idol can be placed in many ways such as making a mandir design for home using bricks or stones, then constructing a mandap and keeping the Ganpati idol inside it. You can also use a swing at home as a pedestal or a table. Materials such as clay, mud, and paper can be easily used for Ganpati decoration at home. You can also get the Ganesh idol made up of clay these days, which can be immersed in a bucket full of water and can be covered with leaves and clay later.

Ganpati decoration ideas for home

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Ganpati decoration ideas using thermocol

Thermocol has remained a popular choice for Ganpati decoration for long, because of its easy availability and affordability. Thermocol can be easily cut and crafted into various shapes and sizes. If you are looking for simple Ganpati decoration at home, use thermocol to make the mandap. Thermocol can be an excellent material to decorate the background as per the theme of your choice.

Simple Ganpati decoration at home


Ganpati decoration ideas at home during lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic seems far from over, as new variants of the virus emerge. In such a situation, you can look for Ganpati decoration ideas at home during lockdown. The internet was flooded with trending Ganpati decoration ideas at home in 2020 when lockdown was announced. For example, you can use saris for background decoration and the Ganpati mandap. You also decorate the mandap with accessories like beads, balls, colourful threads, glass pieces, and cut-outs.

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Ganpati decoration ideas at home in lockdown


creative Ganpati decoration

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best Ganpati decoration for home


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Ganpati bappa decoration ideas using lights

Lights make things look attractive and appealing, especially during the Ganpati celebration. You can make use of different lights such as fairy lights, LED paper strips, or battery lights, to illuminate the entire Ganesh mandap and your house during the Ganesh festivity.

Ganpati decoration at home: Easy Ganesha decoration ideas for background and mandap

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