Design ideas for girl’s bedroom

[] Here are unique small room ideas for girl’s bedroom that you can take inspiration from.

A bedroom is a place where you start and end the day. Irrespective of age or gender, the bedroom is your space, a sanctuary away from the rest of the world. Don’t you think your daughter deserves a uniquely designed bedroom for herself? A girl’s bedroom comes in many shapes and sizes, and a girl’s taste in decor can vary wildly from the rest of the crowd.

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We’d love for your daughter to spend the most critical years of her life in a girl bedroom designed uniquely for her. Here are unique girl bedrooms that will help you choose the dream bedroom for the girl in your house. 

Top 7 enchanting girl bedroom design tips

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Modern girl bedroom design that would never get old

This bedroom design combines aspects of a typical girls’ bedroom and modern minimalism to craft the perfect timeless bedrooms for girls. The light interior colours for the girl bedroom blend seamlessly to create the ideal colour palette for a teenage girl.

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A serene and peaceful girl bedroom interior 

Go for an accent wall with a peaceful but joyful colour like peach or blush pink. These colours bring calmness to the space. They work well against the wooden accents all over the room to create a relaxed interior for the girl bedroom. 

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Wallpaper designs for a unique girl bedroom design

While designing bedrooms for girls, you can experiment with unique and out of the ordinary wallpaper designs that you otherwise won’t be able to use. For example, take this room with this distinctive floral print design. It not only creates an air of originality in the room but also ties other room elements nicely and is one of the best small room ideas for girls.

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Pastel colours for a timeless girl bedroom

This bedroom interior will suit girls of all ages, with minor alterations. Pastels are refreshing, peaceful and create a clean interior. The walls and furniture could use contrasting pastels for a cute look. This girl bedroom design can be used when your daughter is in elementary or in college. 

pastel 1


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A girl bedroom that’s inspired by the outdoors

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This bedroom is one of the perfect small room ideas for girls. Here, nature is the primary source of inspiration. Floral wallpapers and a dark yellow canopy stimulate an outdoorsy feeling. The cute pink accents reinforce the room’s atmosphere.

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An elegant girl bedroom design

If you are bored of typical small room ideas for girls, go big and bold with this bedroom idea. The bedroom looks graceful, with a dreamy peach and white colourway. A canopy over the bed with a small chandelier completes the bedroom’s look.

girls bedroom

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A dreamy girl bedroom retreat right in your home

This design brings a 5-star experience right to your daughter’s bedroom. A magical bed design with a neutral mood creates a mystical and dreamy atmosphere that is a perfect fit for a teenage girl bedroom.

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