8 DIY plastic bottle garden ideas for backyard

[] Recycle unused plastic bottles and turn them into attractive planters or bird feeders in your home garden. We share these interesting DIY plastic bottle garden ideas.

Regardless of how environmentally conscious you are, it is difficult to avoid using plastic bottles. In India, for example, more than 1.3 billion plastic bottles are produced every day. Only around a quarter of these plastic bottles get recycled. Isn’t this a heinous disservice to nature? However, there is still hope. As ardent recyclers, we thrive on increasing your happiness by assisting you in converting domestic garbage such as plastic bottles into something valuable. Bottle garden ideas may offer an aesthetic aspect to your home while also being environmentally friendly.

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Best plastic bottle garden ideas

Here is a curated list of 8 DIY plastic bottle garden plants ideas for the backyard.

Bird feeder

With this simple feeder, you can keep the local birds well fed. Make a few drainage holes in the bottom pie tin to drain rainwater. You may load this feeder with a general seed mix, hang it from a tree branch in your garden, and within minutes, you will have birds pecking there!

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Vertical plastic bottle garden

Vertical gardens have emerged as the most recent eco-friendly bottle plant ideas in many commercial complexes. Adopt this strategy for your home by utilising glass or plastic bottles. Arrange them in a vertical line to create a flower and plant wall.

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DIY plastic bottle garden plants

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To make a miniature greenhouse, use the top of the bottle to make a dome that will fit over the cup. Use the cap to help manage heat and moisture. Remove it on hot days to avoid overheating the plants. Replace the cap at night to keep heat and moisture in.

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Half bottle plant ideas

Another inventive bottle garden concept is to utilise only half of a plastic bottle. Cut an empty Coke bottle in half and put a beautiful green plant on each side. You may use a rope to suspend these pots in a row to give your landscape a spectacular makeover. Or you might try and create these cute shape planters out of them.

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Flower planters with plastic bottles

Hanging bottles look best when they have a slight shimmer to them. To make them seem incredibly lovely, you may wrap the bottle pots in fairy lights or a single incandescent bulb. During the night, such bottles may illuminate your home and yard.

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Vegetable garden

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You may design a charming vegetable patch out of linked plastic bottles if you want to include bottle plant ideas into your garden décor. Interconnected plastic bottles provide adequate water and nutrient percolation through the soil and serve as ideal planters for your organic, home-grown crops.

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Plastic bottles as garden liners

Bottles may be used to line garden beds. It is a practical application for them in the garden. Plastic or glass bottles can line the space and set it apart from the rest of the garden, whether it’s a flower bed or a vegetable plot.

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Bottle plant ideas on a wall

The most common bottle garden design entails putting Coke bottles or any other PET bottle around the garden’s surrounding walls. Fill these bottle-pots with gorgeous flower plants or creepers for lush foliage on the walls. If you want to be creative with your bottle garden ideas, you may use plastic bottles to create a whole wall for your garden. Fill each bottle with soil and plant various plants to decorate the garden.

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