Hip and happening: A peek into Neha Kakkar’s house

[] Recently, Neha Kakkar bought a posh flat in Mumbai, and here is the sneak peek into her lavish home.

Neha Kakkar is a famous Bollywood singer, who was the star judge on India’s popular reality TV show, Indian Idol. She is a self-made star, and an ideal testimony to many young aspirants on their way to Bollywood that pure talent and hard work can pay off in the long run. Did you know that she stayed in a small 1-BHK rented house in Rishikesh with her family? Not any more! She rose to stardom at a very young age, and now she is the talk of the B-town. 

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So, where does Neha Kakkar live

Recently, along with her brothers, Neha Kakkar bought a posh flat in Mumbai, and here is the sneak peek into her lavish home.

Where does Neha Kakkar live?

All you see in the comments of Neha’s beautiful home pictures is the question, ‘Where does Neha Kakkar live?’ 

Neha Kakkar recently took social media by storm when she posted a picture of her bungalow in Rishikesh. This lavish white bungalow stands proud of her accomplishments as a singer. Better yet, it is the same place where they lived as a family in a one-room rented space!

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She lives with her husband in the Panorama Towers, Versova, Mumbai, one of the prime locations in Mumbai. The Saki Saki-famed singer has another flat in Kabra Metro One, Mumbai, and another in Delhi.

The grand facade of Neha Kakkar’s house

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The Rishikesh Bungalow is very close to Neha’s heart, and the sprawling plush campus greets the visitor. The bungalow is in ivory white with embellished glass railings. On one side of the entry-space is a beautiful garden with Marigolds to relax after a long workday, and the other side has a chequered path that makes way to the house. 

Since her marriage to the singer Rohanpreet Singh, she has lived in a Mumbai flat that is a sight in itself. She lives in a penthouse in the costly suburb of Mumbai with a breathtaking sea view and an open gallery to soak in Nature’s delight.

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The tour to the lavish interiors of Neha Kakkar’s house

Your home reflects your personality. It speaks about your styles, aesthetics, and creativity. Neha Kakkar’s swanky flat in Mumbai is a testament to the minimalistic life she adopts. The penthouse has lavish interiors, and the colour coordination is perfect for decking up for any occasion. Since the newlywed couple enjoys jamming in the living room and making videos for social media, they have opted for a neutral theme throughout their home to jazz it up with the props and bright paintings.

Entrance and the living room

The living room is a lively space that serves multiple purposes. From entertaining guests and making a live video to unwinding oneself after a tiring day, the living room is much more than a family space. 

Neha Kakkar has kept the design accent of the house elegant and aesthetically pleasing. A large entrance makes way for an opulent and grand living room. One cannot, but live-in-the-moment as the minimalist appearance grabs attention. This is why her fans often google, “Where does Neha Kakkar live?”

The polished nude marble floor paired with excellent furnishings catch one’s attention in Neha’s house. Talk about the living room, and your mind runs back to the lively plants that lift the mood. Neha seems to enjoy the vibe of the indoor plants, which is evident in the decor of her living room. Hanging plants suctioned to a large French window covered in sheer curtains augments the beauty and gives a natural look. 

The living room area is furnished, keeping in mind the various occasions to celebrate in the space. Recently, Neha Kakkar’s brother, Tony Kakkar, shared a wholesome Diwali pic which accentuates the living area with an indoor plant decorated in a colourful pot in the corner.

You cannot help but notice the arrangement of sofas and the quirky animal-themed stool on a surreal backdrop of the Mumbai skyline and lush trees. The solid beige sofa with the brown cushion covers gives an edge to her style quotient. The white textured carpets below the sofa area go perfectly according to the theme and favour the minimalistic concept.

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 In the recent Diamond button unboxing video of Neha Kakkar, we got a fleeting glimpse of the floral wallpaper behind the ivory-shaded walls. Answering questions like where does Neha Kakkar live?, she creates Instagram live videos with the audience from her favourite corner in the living room. 

The corner sports a console table that illuminates the happy family picture and other art collections. On the adjacent wall, six abstract paintings add a chirpy vibe to the neutral theme. A light-shaded lamp illuminates the area and completes the view.

Where does Neha Kakkar live during her free time? It is the corner place that beams with a smooth finished dark wooden floor, and she votes this as her favourite spot for clicking amazing pictures. The living room has a massive TV attached to the wall, and the family enjoys the movie nights here.

Neha Kakkar welcomed 2022 with another heartwarming picture of her living room. Here, you can notice the rhombus wall art and a green suede stool. She is spotted doing her morning routine in the living area before a gleaming metallic mirror. Below it were the tiny lamps paired with plants on a stylish bud vase. Who doesn’t want to redecorate their home once in a while?

The massive staircase and the lobby

Neha Kakkar has a posh bungalow in Rishikesh, which is a sight to behold! The Rishikesh bungalow is a personal favourite of Neha, as it has a bag of memories of her childhood. The house is majestic, and the highlight is the massive staircase with glass panels. 

Her housewarming photos went viral on the internet, with the family jamming together to celebrate in the spacious lobby having wide railings filled with glamour. Who does not adore the eye-catching chandeliers? The staircase space has a stunning waterfall chandelier that puts this room in the spotlight. 

The price of Neha Kakkar’s house

Neha Kakkar did not rise to stardom in a day. Her story from rags to riches is heart-touching and, at the same time, inspiring to many. It took her years to appear on the internet when searched as ‘Where does Neha Kakkar live?’ Her flat in the Panorama Towers and the grand bungalow in her hometown, Rishikesh, deserve an ovation for the grandeur and modern architecture style. 

Her striking pose in the front yard of the bungalow beside a dashing black Mercedes car affirms that she made no compromise with the style and elegance. The house is estimated to be of Rs 1-2 crore. The top-floor flat in Mumbai, where she resides with her husband, is bought at a whopping cost of Rs 1.2 crore.

Neha Kakkar’s gorgeous flat in Mumbai is synonymous with beauty and modernity. The neutral theme in the house and the nude wall colour give room for experimentation from time to time. However, the show-stealer is the spacious balcony having a blissful and beautiful beach view and a sight of rustling trees. Bet you cannot get over the top-notch interior design and complementing furniture! This article answers your question about where does Neha Kakkar live?


Where does Neha Kakkar live now?

Neha Kakkar, with her husband, stays in a lavish flat in Mumbai. The star shared some heartwarming pictures of the house during the lockdown.

Does Neha Kakkar have a house in Rishikesh?

Yes, Neha Kakkar divulged the details of her beautiful mansion in Rishikesh in 2020.

What is the price of Neha Kakkar’s Mumbai flat?

Neha Kakkar’s Mumbai flat is valued at Rs 1.2 crore.

Where is Neha Kakkar’s house?

Neha Kakkar owns a penthouse in the busiest locality of Mumbai, Versova in the Panorama Towers.

Does Neha Kakkar own a property in Delhi?

Neha Kakkar owns property in three cities-Delhi, Mumbai and Rishikesh.

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