Wallpaper design for home: Everything you need to know

[] Mentioned in this article is all that you know when you opt for wallpaper from choosing the right designs to installing it the right way on the wall.

There are many ways to incorporate home wallpaper into a room’s decor, but it’s often overlooked in favour of other trends. To a greater extent, this is the case in Indian houses, where the walls are often decorated with paint and designs rather than wallpaper.

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Do you have second thoughts about using wallpaper as a kind of home décor? Everything you need to know about home wallpaper can be found here, from the many varieties of wallpaper to the best way to install it.

Buying home wallpaper for interior design

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Choosing the appropriate wallpaper design for home and determining how much you would need to purchase is a difficult procedure. To begin, focus on the best wallpaper by considering its application, characteristics, and composition.

Home wallpaper styles on the basis of application 

In contrast to common belief, not every wallpaper for home wall requires a long, glue-covered procedure to be put up. Here’s an overview of home wallpaper varieties, organised by application, in today’s technologically advanced world.

Wallpapers that are not pasted

This kind of wallpaper for home walls is considered to be the typical type. It is delivered in the form of a stack of paper and with no adhesive backing. To attach this home wallpaper onto the wall, designers would have to acquire adhesive and place it on the wallpaper’s backside before attaching it.

Wallpapers that are self-adhesive

Home wallpaper that you peel and paste has adhesive already applied, much like stickers. Unfold the covering paper, and you’ll be ready to hang it on the wall.

Wallpapers that are not pre-pasted

Using pre-pasted wallpaper for home décor is a boon since it doesn’t need any paste. When applied to the wall’s surface, water acts as an adhesive. However, the life expectancy of this particular home wallpaper is lower than that of others.

Home wallpaper styles on the basis of material 

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Material alternatives for home wallpaper in the house are many, and each serves a specific function while also having its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Paper home wallpaper

It is also known as lining paper because of the way it is used to cover up imperfections in a wall. Due to its antiquity, it’s the most well-recognised kind. Paper home wallpaper has the advantage of displaying colour combinations well while also being simple to remove.

Vinyl wallpaper for home wall

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The ease with which vinyl-coated home wallpaper can be pasted to walls and the fact that it won’t wrinkle when applied to wet places make it a popular choice.

Fabric wallpaper for home design

Home wallpaper in this style is regarded as the most extravagant. However, it is cumbersome to hang and remove, and it takes a lot of adhesives to keep it in place.

Home wallpaper styles on the basis of features 

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When it comes to top-quality wallpaper for home decor, contrary to popular belief, there are a slew of benefits.

Wallpaper that is paint-friendly

You should choose a paint-friendly home wallpaper design if you want your home wallpaper to cover up damage while still looking cohesive with the remaining of your surfaces. As a result of its thickness and rough surface, it is very durable and can withstand the heaviness of any colour scheme.

Wallpaper that is washable

This wallpaper for home decor would be particularly beneficial in homes with naughty youngsters and dogs. Using water and a cloth, you may erase scribbles and marks from the wallpaper without hurting the surface.

Wallpaper that is resistant to moisture

In high-traffic areas with a lot of wetness and precipitation, such as bathrooms and kitchens, this sort of home wallpaper stays up very well.

Home wallpaper styles on the basis of pattern 

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Patterns may give interest to a space that might otherwise be boring without them.

Home Decor with Randomly-Aligned Wallpaper

Pattern alignment doesn’t have to be an issue while using this style of home wallpaper. It doesn’t matter whether the pattern is arranged in a random fashion!

Wallpaper with a drop match

This is the most difficult variety to hang since it involves horizontal and vertical alignment of patterns.

Wallpaper that is perfectly aligned

Even though it is not as tough as drop match home wallpaper, straight match home wallpaper design demands you to match the graphic vertically, which takes more time and effort.

How to install wallpaper for home décor?

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Once you’ve chosen your home wallpaper design, the following step is to install it and take care of it.

Clean the area 

With a cloth and cleanser, wipe off your walls before applying the paint. You don’t want concealed dirt to produce bubbles later.

Calculate your dimensions

The wallpaper pieces should be sized up against walls to ensure they are the correct length and breadth before they are installed on the wall. To ensure that your home wallpaper is straight and free of gaps, it’s a smart option to make distinctions on the surface before you begin. This will also help you figure out how many sheets you’ll need and what proportions they’ll be before you start glueing.

Align the perimeters

Make sure the corners are lined up by peeling the underlying paper off the self-adhesive style. If your home wallpaper calls for an exterior adhesive, you may use the paste either on the rear of the home wallpaper or directly on the wall, based on the paste you choose.

Downward sweep

As soon as the top edges are in place, apply pressure to the home wallpaper using a wallpaper sweeper to help it adhere to the wall.

Eliminate air bubbles

Home wallpaper should be pressed against the wall with a wallpaper sweeper as quickly as the top edges have been attached. This may be accomplished by applying enormous pressure on a small area repeatedly.

Maintaining your home’s wallpaper design

In order to maintain the cleanliness of your washable home wallpaper design, just wipe it down every now and again. Here are your choices for non-washable versions:

Remove specks of dust

The vertical creases should be followed while wiping with a dry towel, not the other way around. On persistent stains, dab with a moist cloth, but avoid scrubbing too vigorously or using an abrasive cloth.

Sectionalise your efforts

It’s usually best to clean a section at a time rather than scrubbing the whole thing at one time. There is less risk of damaging the home wallpaper by running on the same section repeatedly, and it also provides a more methodical approach.

Only use water

Avoid using any form of abrasives, chemicals, or toxins on wallpaper while you’re doing the cleanup. If nothing else, this will result in an unattractive splotch. At the very worst, you’ll be left with no option except to replace the whole home wallpaper or cover it with new wallpaper.

How to properly remove home wallpaper

In order to completely remove home wallpaper, you must remove both the strip and peel layers.

Allow the wall to absorb moisture

Start by soaking areas of home wallpaper in a cleansing solution that has been combined with water. Take off the upper surface from the bottom side upwards after it has soaked for about 15 minutes.

Take the lining paper away

You may accomplish this by using a scraping tool to remove the paper. As long as the lining paper is in good condition, it may serve as a foundation for fresh home wallpaper.

Walls should be cleaned

A sponge soaked in soapy water may be used to remove the remaining fragments of home wallpaper and adhesive off the surface.

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