13 simple POP design for TV wall units that will be a perfect fit for your home

[] If you want to save money but still want to add some dimension and character to your home interior, POP design is the way to go

POP designs refer to designs made with plaster of Paris, a plaster mixed with water and solidified for architectural purposes. POP designs have gained a lot of momentum in interior design recently because they can quickly transform any space. If you want to save money but still want to add some dimension and character to your home interior, POP design is the way to go. POP designs can be used for covering up the wire clusters of the TV unit. It allows the media consoles to look highly stylish and clutter-free from the outside.

You are reading: 13 simple POP design for TV wall units that will be a perfect fit for your home

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Simple POP designs for TV wall units 

Sleek wall mounted TV unit

tv unit 1 1Source: Pinterest

This contemporary POP design LCD TV wall unit is perfect for hiding the clutters of wirings that accompany almost every appliance but are very unsightly to look at. The white Backdrop pairs well with the dark grey wall and makes the whole living room look very modern. Extra shelves are added with the POP design to create extra space in the TV unit. Wooden accents are added to match the wooden floor of the living room. The whole TV unit comes together to form a very cohesive look.

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Stone pop design for TV unit

tv unit 2 1Source: Pinterest

POP design can be used in several creative ways to make the TV unit a part of the decor. This POP design for the LCD TV wall unit is created with a stone POP accent wall. The shelves are all dark-coloured for a sleek look. We love using the fireplace wallpaper to create an even more cosy appearance for the TV unit wall.

Wood panel pop wall 

tv unit 3 1Source: Pinterest

It is a simple POP design for a TV wall that uses wood panels combined with POP. The wood adds warmth and cosiness, perfect for a place like the living room. No TV wires and cables are visible, making the whole wall look very clean. The entire family can sit in front of this TV unit and enjoy a family movie night. There is also a small storage space that can be used to keep display items.

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Open shelves near TV unit

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tv unit 4 1Source: Pinterest

This wall-mounted simple Pop design for the TV unit is perfect for small spaces. With this design, you won’t need any TV cabinets or tables, and you also get some added open shelves. The advantage of this POP design is that it can also be added as an afterthought. The white POP ceiling matches well with the eye-catching bright blue walls. Keep picture frames and design ornaments on the shelves for decoration.

Circular design for the TV unit

tv unit 5 1Source: Pinterest

Use shapes in your POP TV wall unit design for a modern look. This circular TV unit is a decor that covers the whole wall and allows the accented Backdrop to be seen. This design will look very simple and chic in your living room or bedroom and will get you some compliments from your guests. Attaching singular lights inside the shelves helps create a more artistic appearance.

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Statement TV wall unit

tv unit 6 1Source: Pinterest

This simple POP design for the TV wall unit can be used for living rooms and bedrooms alike. The Backdrop of the TV is designed with shapes and lights. The shelves are closed and floating above the floor space. The whole TV unit looks very in vogue. Neutral colours are used to keep the design from being overbearing. Utilise the closed shelf space to keep books and small Knick Knacks.

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Angular TV unit design

tv unit 7 1

Source: Pinterest

This futuristic-looking TV unit utilises shapes and lights very creatively. This TV unit takes very minimal space and can be ideal for a compact living room. The use of wood and POP goes well with both the wall and floor. The wood in the TV unit is made to match the floor’s colour for a complete look. Any extra items can be kept in the drawers for a well-kept TV unit.

Eye-catching TV unit design for the living room

tv unit 8 1Source: Pinterest

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Make your living room the envy of your guest with this latest POP design for an LCD TV wall unit. The two circles are attached and give an elevated appearance to the TV while hiding all the wirings. A splash of colour can be added to the outside circle, while the inside circle is made to match the floor for a cohesive look. You can attach shelves on the outsides as shown here to make space for decor items.

Glass and gold TV unit design

tv unit 9 1Source: Pinterest

A luxurious POP design that utilises Gass and gold elements is ideal for large living rooms. The shininess of both the gold details and glass backdrop makes for a very lush look. Make sure you add lights on the top of the design to use the reflective surfaces fully. Marble and tile flooring in the hall will best suit this design. Adding gold plated decor items and tables is a good idea to make this wall the statement piece of your living room.

Marble finish pop design

tv unit 10 1Source: Pinterest

Another luxurious pop TV wall unit design can be achieved using a marble finish wall. The rest of the wall is kept very simple for a complete a la mode design. Neutral and pastel colours are the best suited for this design. The backlit interior lights help keep up the opulent vibes of this design. Simple hanging pendant lights are perfect for the rest of the hallway.

Use the TV wall unit as a divider

tv unit 11 1Source: Pinterest

In an open living room, a POP design wall TV unit can be utilised to create a divide between the different areas of the living area. This simple grey design is customised to go along with the whole room’s decor. A simple statue and some lights are all you need to maintain the contemporary design of this TV unit. The uncomplicated closed shelves don’t disturb the look of the TV unit and even offer some extra space.

Wood and POP design 

tv unit 12 1Source: Pinterest

Wood is a popular element found in most Indian homes. In this POP design for LCD TV wall unit, you can create a sleek look by using wood and POP for your TV wall unit. The dark wood maintains the contemporary element of this room. A simple glass shelf is added for keeping modern decor items. If you want a more rustic-looking TV wall design, wood is perfect for that too. You will need a more unpolished texture of the wood for that design.

One of everything for this TV wall unit

tv unit 13 1Source: Pinterest

If a simple POP design for a TV wall is not for you, you need this TV wall unit. This design combines colours, elements, shelves, and lights to create the maximum impact. We love the pink-coloured wall and frame and how it adds a delicate touch to this design. When the guests come over, you can show off the wooden shelves used to display wine glasses.

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