Wall panels decor: All you should know

[] Know about wall panels decor and ways to maintain them.

Beautiful wall panel decor is rising in home interiors as they are long-lasting and require low maintenance. They are, nevertheless, susceptible to wear and tear over time, just like any other panel. Keep your wall panel decor looking great for years to come with these simple maintenance instructions. 

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Wall panels decor: How to maintain them? 

1. Recognise your wall panels decor

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You need to know a few things about your wall panel decor before you can properly maintain them.  MDF,  PVC, particleboard or gypsum are typical substrates for decor wall panels, with a decorative top finish made of printed paper, textured cloth, laminate or other decorative items as an option. Having a thorough understanding of the foundation and top finishes can help you take excellent care of your wall panels decor.

2. Dust your wall panels decor often

Decorative wall panels are excellent for hiding dirt stains, but they also collect dust, just as most other surfaces do. To keep your wall panel decor look elegant, dust them gently with a fluffy duster or wipe them with a dry, lint-free fabric every day if feasible. Alternatively, incorporate vacuum cleansing of the wall panels decor in the daily cleaning schedule.

wall decor panels

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3. Keep wall panels decor out of direct sunlight

Textured paper, laminate, and cloth wall panels decor all fade when exposed to sunshine for an extended period. Turn wall panel decor hidden from doors, frames and other sources of bright sunlight during installation. If this isn’t practicable, curtains or louvred shades should soften the light from windows on your wall panel decor.

4. Remove any stains or splatters on wall panels decor quickly

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If you have kids, you’re going to get a lot of splatters, marks, and scrawls. To minimise lasting scars on your wall panels decor, it’s essential to take care of these issues right away. The wall panel decor surface might be damaged by rigorous treatment. Therefore use a clean cloth and a light touch while removing stains–work from bottom to top to prevent streaks while dabbing at the dirt with mild soap water. Most stains have to be removed with this procedure. The wall panels decor might be damaged if it is left wet for too long. If you want to use a stronger detergent, test a small panel area first before the entire application. Solvent cleaners that are too aggressive may harm surfaces of the wall panels decor, so stay away from them.

5. Maintain moisture-free wall panels decor

When exposed to moist circumstances, wall panels decor may deteriorate; thus, it is usually better to avoid putting them in wet places such as bathrooms and kitchens.  When exposed to excessive moisture, most treated fibreboards may warp, even if they are water-resistant in certain instances. 

Also, if the wall panel decor is left wet for too long, laminate and paper surfaces may detach from the surface. Keep your panels dry and wipe any water spills as soon as possible. Keep an eye out for moist spots, which are a typical source of frustration in Indian households.

6. Keep wall panels decor hidden while renovating

While upgrading, you’ll need to safeguard your ornamental wall panel decor as your furnishings. Ensure that your wall panel decor is protected from dirt and colour stains if you decide to paint your walls, change your flooring or embark on other home maintenance jobs. Moving cushioned panels in this manner will help avoid scratches and rips on the surfaces.  Gently remove the panels and keep them in a moderate, dry area away from sunlight and humidity for extended storage.

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