Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

[] Here are some unique arch design ideas you can consider if you are designing your house

Archways are a splendid work of architecture that can add elegance and beauty to any structure. If you are planning to construct your own house, it is important that you think about including arch design features, besides other design aspects.

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Modern arch design for hall or living room

The perfect arch design for the living room can be a wooden dome or a glass archway with intricate designs. You can also choose a Mediterranean architecture-inspired arch built in stone for the living room and match it with a simple chandelier. This arch design for hall and coffered ceiling blend together to give a magnificent appearance for the room.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

You can also go for different wall textures and designs when going for arch design for living rooms. The contrast of colours gives a dramatic effect and makes this space a centre of attention. Check this beautiful hall arch design that connects the two living rooms.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

[] Ideal living room colour combinations

Modern entrance arch design for home

An arch in the hallway is the easiest solution to make your home look stylish. The Roman arch is a classic arch design, the beauty of which will stay forever. Choose this alluring arch design for your home entrance.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

When it comes to the front door, arch design can be incorporated as a separate feature with pillars while installing a regular door frame. This design also enhances the overall look of home exteriors. Check out this pillar arch design for front elevation.

Furthermore, arch entrance designs can be made with a variety of materials, such as a combination of concrete and brick or stone, as shown below.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

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Main gate arch design

A beautiful entrance gate creates the first impression about your house. You can include perfect main gate arch design for a grand entrance. There are different materials for the entrance main gate. You can opt for an iron main gate with arch design that will look elegant.

Main gate arch design

Source: Pinterest

Arch design for dining hall in the house

Arches can help create a focal point in the dining hall. A semi-circular arch for the dining space can be incorporated for a simple, yet, elegant look. You can bring a luxurious feel with an arched French window that will also allow sunlight into the room. Here is a modern arch design for dining hall.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch design for kitchen

Decorative POP pillar arch design for kitchen entrance will bring a stunning effect to this space. Moreover, an archway for the kitchen area can serve as a comfortable breakfast space, an in-built storage area, or a link to the adjoining room in a unique way. You can use a traditional design in an all-white hue. Alternatively, you can build an arch with an opening if it is a closed-kitchen space.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Wooden hues in this modern arch design for kitchen along with wooden flooring reflects the colour scheme that work well for contemporary homes.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

[] Kitchen arch designs

Arch design for bedroom

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Arched panels with plush finishes, on the bed and window recess, are sure to create a royal look. Stone-framed arches can be another design style that can give the décor of the bedroom a traditional touch, especially if it is complemented with light colours in the background.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch design for bathroom

Extend the arch theme to your bathroom décor by installing a glass arch-shaped shower screen. You can also create an arch-shaped colour block on a wall, or deck up a wall with an arch mirror, or even choose an arch-shaped ceramic sink.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch design for balcony

Outdoor spaces like a patio or a balcony are an essential extension of modern homes. An arched porch brings a classic vibe to a contemporary-style house. This design blends well with the overall façade of the house.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

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Arch design for home temple

Indian homes often include a puja room or a space within a room dedicated for placing a deity. Create a serene ambience and make the room look pleasing, by including arches. Among the many materials you can choose from, marble can give an appealing look. Place the deity on a marble pedestal that is designed with an arch. You can also select wood as an alternative material, for designing the puja space. 

Pooja room arch design for hall with wood materials can be a great option for creating a serene ambience. Check out the look of these contemporary arch designs for home temple.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Source: Pinterest

Type of arch designs

Archways create a sense of open space. You can rely on a few materials for designing arches and achieving a magnificent look for your interiors.

Arch design with tiles

Designing an archway with tiles adds an opulent look to your abode. Choose statement colours to highlight the interior features.

Arch design with wood

You can turn a dull doorway into a welcoming space with a wooden arch design. Wood is a versatile design element that can make your home’s interiors appear luxurious. A plywood arch design for your living room will bring sophistication and create a great first impression.

Arch design with glass

The use of glass in contemporary architecture is widely seen these days. Artistically designed glass arches with a combination of wood can be a perfect addition to any dining space.

Arch design with POP

Plaster of Paris (POP) designs for arches are gaining popularity. You can design an arched pillar combined with a POP ceiling, to magnify the beauty of your home.

In house construction, arches are also classified into the following types:

Semicircular arches

These are also known as rounded arches or the Roman arch and have been popular for centuries. The arch forms a half circle and in earlier days, it was used to provide structural support.

Pointed or Gothic arches

A pointed arch has curved sides that join at a point and does not form a proper semi-circular curve. The design was popular in medieval Islamic and Gothic architecture. This arch design with a sharp angle at the top facilitates taller and narrower openings.

Semi-elliptical arch

A semi-ellipse arch design has three or five centres. Typically, semi-circular arches are one centred arch. An arch centre is a temporary structure that supports a concrete or masonry arch at the time of construction.

Segmental arch

This type of arch is also known as the Syrian arch and has a circular arc of less than 180° degrees. Invented by the Romans, the segmental arch design was widely used in residential windows and doors in the 20th century.

Horseshoe shape arch

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This arch has a horseshoe-like shape and curves more than the semicircular arch. They are utilised for architectural provisions.

POP arch designs

POP gives you plenty of ways to design impressive arches for your home, especially the possibility of carvings you can have with this material. Besides, you can include the colours of choice and experiment with the décor to let your home reflect your personality. POP also allows you to have intricate designs which can bring a stunning effect on the interiors.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

POP arch design in living room

An arch in the hall can add more depth and make the room look spacious. POP arches can enhance the luxurious appeal of a contemporary home. It looks classy to add a POP arch design to the window or the wall space.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Skip the door and add a POP arch that works well for small homes. The design is quite popular among homeowners and makes the space look elegant, especially with attractive lighting fixtures. Make sure that the décor of the rest of the room blends with the design. For instance, choose a white POP arch and subtle colours for the walls. Here is a glimpse of a modern entrance arch design that is ideal for any room, especially bedrooms for a unique appeal.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

(Source: Pinterest)

Wooden arch design

Wood is synonymous with sophistication. Designing a wooden arch for home interiors is an excellent way to enhance the look of any space. Moreover, it matches any décor and colour scheme that you choose for your interiors.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

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Dining hall arch designs in wood

Arches also work as partitions to segregate the living room and the dining room. Choose a wooden arch design for designing a dining hall that looks elegant when matched with stylish chandeliers, wooden furniture and wooden flooring. You can pick a simple arch design to give the room a classy and sophisticated appeal. The semicircular part of the modern main hall arch design can also include intricate designs if you are looking for something artistic for your home.

Check out these arch designs for dining hall with wood.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

(Source: Pinterest)

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

(Source: Pinterest)

Cement arch design

The use of concrete is not just limited to the exteriors of a house. The concept of using concrete in home interiors, floors, walls and arches, is becoming popular. If the grey colour of cement does not match your décor style, you can go for surface treatments and have other colours based on your preference. Cement for living room arch designs can be the best material and you can include POP patterns to adorn the surface.

Cement arches, with their raw facade, can bring a visible but beautiful contrast to a contemporary setting. The material with its unfinished look can make an arch look incredible.

Arch designs that can elevate your home décor

Tips for choosing colours for arch designs

When arches form a link between two rooms, it can be tricky to decide a colour for the arch. So, when picking the right colour for house arch design, it is essential to see if it blends with the décor style of the room.

  • Neutral shades, such as off-white, grey, or beige, are ideal for large archways connecting different rooms, which suit the décor theme of both rooms.
  • A combination of blue and white can bring a refreshing look to any living space and that is true for archways, too.
  • When designing a hall with plywood arch design, you have more scope to choose colours as the wooden tone matches with different colour shades. Select a colour that blends with the other design elements.
  • For arches linking the kitchen and the living room, you may choose a prominent colour for the living room and the archway while using a complementary shade for the kitchen area. This idea is perfect dining hall arch designs too.
  • You can also consider a three-colour palette for the multiple rooms connected with the arch. However, make sure it creates a sense of visual balance between the rooms.
  • You can pick a neutral colour for the underside of the house arch design, for large archways. Alternatively, you can paint it in a completely different colour, for a more dramatic effect and create a sharp border between the different living spaces.
  • If you want to create an accent or a focal point for your living space, paint the room walls in a single neutral tone and the one with the archway in a richer and brighter shade that makes the architectural details more prominent.


What is the meaning of an arch?

Arch is a design element used in the construction of homes, which is a curved structure with straight sides, created to support a structure.

What materials can be used for arch design?

Arch designs can be constructed with tiles, wood, glass, or POP (Plaster of Paris).

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