Bathroom tiles, price per sq ft, tips to choose the best tiles for walls and flooring

[] Here is a guide on how to choose bathroom tiles for floor and walls in Indian homes, bathroom tiles price per sq ft and colour design ideas yon can consider when choosing tiles for bathroom

Nowadays home owners are adorning their bathrooms with stylish designer bathroom tiles that are not just safer but also more functional, when it comes to cleaning and upkeep. While bathroom wall tiles can protect the walls from seepage of water and moisture, bathroom floor tiles can prevent slipping and fatal accidents. Moreover, bathroom tiles are ideal ways of decorating the space, without spending too much. Tiling also makes the bathroom look neat and modern, provided you choose a suitable type, as per your space requirements. Here is a guide to choosing bathroom tiles design to make the room look elegant.

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Bathroom tiles: Types of bathroom tiles in India

Owing to the high levels of humidity in this space, there are limited choices when it comes to bathroom tiles. Here are some of the options that you can choose from, to decide the best tiles for bathroom in India:


Marble tiles can be used for the walls, as well as flooring. There are a wide range of colours available in marble and you can choose any shade, depending upon the size of your bathroom. However, do not opt for polished marble on your bathroom floor. Moreover, as marble is porous these require high maintenance.


With its pale finish, limestones are best suited for bathroom floor tiles. These add a stylish touch to the bathroom. Usually, limestone is preferred in dark shades. They have to be sealed frequently, to ensure it does not warp over time. People usually prefer such such bathroom tiles ideas for shower area, as it adds luxury and gives a cosy feel to the bathroom.

Ceramic tiles

These are the most affordable of all and are durable and easy to maintain. Besides, they are available in multiple colours and patterns. These tiles can be used on walls, as well as floors. However, ensure that you choose anti-skid ceramic tiles for the flooring. Another benefit of ceramic bathroom tiles is that the material is water resistant and does not absorb bacteria and odour.

Porcelain tiles

This is a popular choice for most people, as these are denser than ceramic and extremely tough. Porcelain tiles are suitable for both, walls and floors and require little maintenance. The material is stain-resistant when compared to ceramic tiles, but it can become slippery when wet and prone to cracks.

Vinyl tiles

In terms of bathroom tiles price per sq ft, vinyl tiles are inexpensive compared to other materials like marble and offer a high degree of practicality. Hence, it is well-suited for every bathroom. Also, it is better than other tiles in terms of safety, comfort and durability. Moreover, such tiles provide a high degree of aesthetic appeal and ease of installation. The material can be cut with a utility knife.

Glossy tiles

These are great options, if you have a small bathroom to decorate. The gloss finish makes it look bigger and brighter and it is easier to wipe.

Matte tiles

These are non-glossy tiles and look like regular tiles made of cement, stone or wood. With a non-shiny surface, water marks are not very visible on these kinds of tiles.

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are among the contemporary bathroom tiles design and have become quite popular in the recent years. One of the best tiles for wash basin walls, glass gives an illusion of depth and is stain-resistant. You can go for textured glass that will prevent slips.

Laminate tiles

Plastic laminate tiles are popular as they are durable, easy to clean and inexpensive than other materials for floor tiles and wall tiles for bathrooms. However, it is not water resistant. It is a good option half bathroom space.

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Bathroom tiles price per sq ft

Type of bathroom tiles Bathroom Tiles price per sq ft
Ceramic tiles Rs 30 – Rs 65
Wooden tiles Rs 40 – Rs 125
Porcelain tiles Rs 65 – Rs 70
Vinyl tiles Rs 80 – Rs 160
Marble tiles Rs 90 – Rs 250

How to choose the best tiles for bathroom walls and floors in India?

Once you have decided the best tiles for bathroom walls, you can proceed to select the style and other elements of bathroom tiles. Here is guide on how to choose bathroom tiles in India:

  • If you prefer a gloss-finish tile for the bathroom walls and seek a continuous appearance, opt for tiles where the same tile is available in a matte finish, for flooring purposes.
  • Slip-resistance is an important factor, irrespective of the type of tile you choose.
  • Bathroom tiles that naturally have a matte or coarse surface or plenty of grout lines to create friction, are ideal.
  • Consider using the same tile but in a different format for variation. For example, you could choose rectangular bathroom tiles for the floor and square tiles for the walls.
  • If you prefer having a contrast between the wall and floor tiles, try light colours on the walls and a deeper shade on the floor. This will make cleaning easier. You can also play contrast with patterns, shapes etc.

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Another important aspect to choosing the right washroom tiles is the price. Before selecting the bathroom tiles, check their price per sq ft so that you can plan your budget accordingly. Bathroom wall tiles price may vary depending on the type of materials, size, etc. For example, mosaic and ceramic floor tiles cost in the range of Rs 40 to Rs 80 per sq ft. On the other hand, if you are opting for expensive materials like marble or granite tiles for bathroom wall or floor, their prices start from around Rs 90 per sq ft and can go up to Rs 250 per sq ft.

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Best bathroom tiles for walls and floor in India: color combination ideas

Check out some of the trending colour combinations for washroom tiles:

Mint Green

Select a bold tint and customise it as per the walls of the bathroom. You can select a combination with mint green walls, a white wash basin and matte floor tiles. This is one of the best tiles for wash basin walls as it brings a serene look to the space.

Bathroom tiles


Keeping the bathroom wall tiles design simple is the best way of decorating your bathroom, if you like minimalism. Beige is the classiest colour tone for bathrooms, when coupled with subtle lights.

Bathroom floor tiles

Bathroom wall tiles


Another option of tiles for bathroom is to go white. However, this would require a lot of maintenance, cleaning and upkeep. White wall tiles for bathroom adds a luxurious appeal.

A guide to choosing bathroom tiles for flooring and walls

Using bathroom wall tiles in different shapes will not only add elegance but also uniqueness to the space.

A guide to choosing bathroom tiles for flooring and walls

Black and white

Try out a black and white combination to give your bathroom a bold look and an appealing charm. You can also use light-coloured or white tiles on the floor, to add to this contrast. Black and white is an ideal colour scheme for bathroom floor tiles.

A guide to choosing bathroom tiles for flooring and walls

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A guide to choosing bathroom tiles for flooring and walls

Wooden hues

Wooden tile finishes have gained considerable market share. Usually these are made of ceramic or porcelain, which makes it a perfect choice for bathroom tile ideas, as well.

A guide to choosing bathroom tiles for flooring and walls

Pebble effect

Go for pebble bathroom floor tiles to add a natural look to your bathroom. Extend the pebble effect to the bathroom wall tiles for enhancing the look. Install suitable lighting for illuminating the space and giving it a classic appeal.

Bathroom tiles for flooring and walls: How to choose the best tiles

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Add elegance and warmth to a bathroom space with grey tiles. It is an excellent choice if you are planning for a neutral colour theme. The combination of grey with glass brings a luxurious appeal. You can opt for unique patterns, such as the classic herringbone patterns for a stunning effect.

Bathroom tiles, price per sq ft, Tips to choose the best tiles for walls and flooring

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Blue tiles

Blue tiles are a great option for a refreshing decor theme for modern bathrooms. You can opt for different shades from light blue to darker tones that even work for small bathroom spaces.

Bathroom tiles, price per sq ft, Tips to choose the best tiles for walls and flooring

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Which type of tile is best for a bathroom?

Depending upon your budget and requirements, ceramic and porcelain tiles can be used, if you are looking for affordable options. Otherwise, marble and limestone are other options in the high-end category.

What tiles to use in a small bathroom?

Use light-coloured, bright, matte and anti-skid tiles in small bathrooms.

Which tile size is best for bathroom walls?

You can install tiles with sizes and designs that best suit your bathroom. You can install wall tiles for bathrooms of dimensions 4 X 4 sq inches and tiles of higher dimensions of 12 X 24 sq inches for a large bathroom space. The standard dimension for bathroom floor tiles is around 12 X 12 sq inches.

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