Bring home the IPL with the right décor!

[] The IPL is upon us. If you enjoy a good game of cricket and love hosting friends, here are a few simple tricks, to give your home a sporty ambience

You’ve bought your favourite team’s jersey, stocked up on popcorn and cola and put your local pizza delivery on speed dial. Now, you think you’re all set for the IPL. However, as a true cricket fan, there’s a lot more that you can do, to give your home an unmistakable ‘sporty’ aura. Here’s how:

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Get the right equipment

A cricket fan who loves hosting friends and doesn’t mind spending some money, can consider investing in a good screen, a projector and acoustics. Interior designer Neelanjan Gupto, founder of Neelanjan Gupto Design Co, says, “A good surround sound system will add to the excitement of watching the IPL. If you are buying, consider a 5.1 home theatre system. You need not splurge on a huge TV. Alternately, you can get a portable projector from Sharp or Panasonic. The cost will be around Rs 30-50K and you can project the game onto the largest wall in your house.”

Make everyone comfortable

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Watching the game, is best done with friends and hosting friends requires adequate and comfortable seating options. If you have a large sofa, add some cushions. If your friends don’t mind lounging on the floor, get a few rugs and pillows. If you intend to serve drinks, get a high table and bar stools.

Create the right ambience

The easiest way to create a sporty ambience, is to get good wall decals or graphics. Get a vinyl print of your favourite player in action. “A batsman about to swing his bat, a fielder about to take a catch, or a footballer about to kick the ball, all lend a life-size feel to your space,” says Gupto.

Gurgaon-based Mohit Bharadwaj, cites the example of his friend, who had an entire wall covered in square-shaped canvas prints. “These prints featured cricket bats, gloves, footballs, crossed tennis racquets and even stumps. He had built up his collection, during his trips abroad. We all clicked pictures against that wall,” Bharadwaj elaborates.

Nevertheless, you do not need to be so elaborate. You could simply strew a few caps or jerseys, of your favourite team, around the room. Some of your guests might even want to try them out.

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Engage the audience

If you are ready to spend some money, take inspiration from sports bars and cafés. You can suspend a few footballs from your ceiling, put a basketball hoop on the wall, or get a dartboard, so that people can take turns at it between overs.

For an inexpensive option, you can get a whiteboard and markers and encourage people to doodle images or messages on it.

Quick Tips

  1. The easiest way to accessorise your home, is to buy online. Take inspiration from sites like Etsy. Many Indian sites also have a more cricket-oriented collection. Try Amazon or Flipkart or even sites like Postergully, which have a nice selection dedicated to sports.
  2. “For outdoor sports, grass is almost always part of the scene. You can get an artificial turf floor or go bolder, with some artificial grass on the wall surrounding your TV or screen. This also helps in soundproofing,” suggests interior designer Neelanjan Gupto. Besides, always a good idea to ensure the neighbours don’t call the cops!
  3. Remember not to go overboard. The IPL lasts for two months but you live in your house forever. So, avoid irreversible changes to your décor or furniture. Hence, desist from buying race car-shaped beds or installing cricket stumps as room dividers. However, if you live with equally sports-crazy fanatics, go right ahead.

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