Pooja mandir MDF jali design ideas for your home

[] We look at some inspiring jali designs for creating modern pooja mandirs for homes

The pooja room is the most serene and calm room in any house. The mandir is created to reflect the holiness and tranquillity of the Gods. So, it would make sense to create a beautiful design for this space. The MDF jali design is a very beautiful choice for your home’s mandir. The reason MDF is used is because of its durability, which also means that it is more functional. MDF jali designs are often inspired by Indo-Islamic architecture and offer simplicity and elegance.

You are reading: Pooja mandir MDF jali design ideas for your home

mandir1snipped 1


(This MDF jali design for mandir adds the right touch of tranquillity to your mandir.)

Hopefully, the following list of MDF jali designs for mandir provides you with inspiration for your next mandir design. These designs are perfect for creating modern mandir for homes, with a bit of traditionalism. Let us take a look at some inspiring MDF jali designs for mandirs.

Top 5 mandir jali designs

1. Mandir jali design for door

Mandir jali design for door

Source: Pinterest

The jali door is a standard design used in many modern mandirs for homes. The jali door adds a mystique factor and if your mandir is located in a very open space, it also offers some privacy while praying. This mandir jali design can also be accessorised by adding divine designs like Om, bells, etc., into the jali. In this picture, the darker wooden jali design matches perfectly with the solid white background.

mandir2 1


(This modern MDF jali design for mandir looks really beautiful and complements the surroundings as well.) 

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[] Sublime wooden pooja mandir design ideas

2. MDF jali design for mandir sides

MDF jali design for mandir sides

Source: Pinterest

A pooja room is not a possibility in every modern house. If you have put your mandir in a corner space of your living room, a side panel made of jali will be an excellent choice to add more style and privacy to your divine place. A wooden jali design is perfect for the purposes of a modern mandir for homes that are short on space. This panel separates the mandir from the whole room and creates a special place for it.

mandir3 1Source:

(MDF Jali design for mandir sides is also a hot favourite amongst customers. It makes your mandir look both peaceful and classy.) 

3. See-through mandir jali design

mandir jali design

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Source: Pinterest

A see-through jali panel is very much the answer if you are looking to make an enclosed mandir space more aesthetically pleasing. The see-through panel in this picture compliments the wooden make of the mandir beautifully. The mandir jali design ties the whole scene together.

mandir4 1


(This see-through MDF mandir jali design is minimalistic yet stylish.) 

4. Modern mandir for home in the corner separated with wooden jali design

wooden jali design

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Source: Pinterest

If you are short on space and are wondering where to put your mandir on display, the nooks and crannies of the house can be the perfect place for this. The unnoticed corners of your home can be decorated with wooden jali design, to create a space for the mandir.

In this picture, the jali side panels tie the whole mandir together but also keep it open towards the bigger space. The bronze and silver decorations are a plus that makes this whole setup a beautiful sight. Instead of panels, jali doors may also be used for making this mandir jali design.

mandir5 1


(MDF jali designs for mandir can be used to add the touch of sophistication to your home.) 

5. Marble mandir with jali work

mandir with jali work

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Source: Pinterest

Marble can give any mandir an elegant feel. The MDF jali design for the mandir compliments the marble beautifully. This mandir with white marble and the contrasting dark-coloured wooden jali design is a sight to behold. The bright light placements and a white background will be an ideal location for this mandir.

mandir6 1


(This MDF jali design for mandir is a treat for the eyes as well as the soul.)

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