World map decor ideas

[] Check out our carefully curated selection of world map decor ideas for some inspiration.

For those who like exploring new places and learning about geography, these globe map wall décor ideas are ideal. When it comes to having the globe drawn on the surfaces of your house, there are several options. Check out our carefully curated selection of world map decor ideas for some inspiration.

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7 wall decor with world map ideas

Traditional contours

Traditional contours

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This is a great resource for individuals who enjoy scanning atlases and soaking all the fine details. This accent wall, which mimics even the tiniest details, appears like it might be taken straight from a geography textbook. Decorate your house with a vintage feel and a spirit of adventure with this wall decor with world map.

As an alternative to the full-blown impact, you may always opt for miniature maps that sit over a tabletop or sideboard. For a more eye-catching effect, combine tiny maps into a larger one.

Wooden worlds

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Furniture made of wood is a necessary component of Indian households. They provide a sense of cosiness and expressiveness to any setting. It is precisely very much in this delightful monochrome living room, where a global map made of wood serves the same purpose as the original.

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The choice of solid black as a background creates a stunning contrast with the elegant timber grain in the foreground.

Sophistication in a subdued tone

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Soft colours are an excellent way to incorporate design into a room without overwhelming the area. While not as traditional as its counterpart, this wall decor with world map that extends from floor to ceiling in two-toned browns is as appealing. It also serves as an excellent backdrop for household items that are in a variety of colours.

Colour disarray

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When decorating large spaces or rooms that are totally neutral in colour, this world map decor idea is a perfect choice. Adding a bright splash of colour to any surface is simple with this decal, which sticks out wonderfully from the rest of its surroundings.

Beauty in the minimalist style

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The majority of world map decor ideas do not have to be overtly provocative. Some of them are particularly attractive when they are coordinated with the overall attractiveness of a space. Colours should be similar to those in your settings, and your map layout should be given a modest but prominent space. Additionally, it will improve the overall atmosphere of the room.

With this traditional white globe map décor concept, you may accentuate the simple charm of this space while also softly infusing texture into the design.

Elegantly embossed

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Having a world map decor idea imprinted on the wall, which creates a 3D impression, is an excellent approach to making a distinctive map design. It will bring the outside world inside your living space. 

DIY delight

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Finally, making your own global map décor would be a cost-effective means of displaying your home’s decor. Create your world map decor idea by painting it with acrylic paints on fabric or ivory sheets. Make use of it to pin locations you’ve been or wish to visit to add a personalised feel to your travel itinerary. 

The use of maps to decorate the surfaces of your bedroom is a certain technique to draw attention to yourself. Decide which of our suggestions best suits your preferences and personality by choosing one of them.

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