A home for the Bohemian soul

[] Express your inner boho with these unique home tips.

A little bit Scandinavian and a little bit boho, this living space has a zen atmosphere going on in this space.

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Macramé curtains add a unique, boho-inspired touch to any space. You can hang it on your wall as a decorative piece too!

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We think we could cozy up here for a whole weekend, surrounded by plants and throw pillows.

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[] Bean Bags: Cocoons of comfort!

Add elegance and uniqueness to your home with mandala style stencil on your floor.

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If you think bohemian decor means messy clutter, think again. Consider this a stylish version of boho, with colorful seating, a bold rug and bright, floral curtains.

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We love everything about this bedroom, from the painted cushion to the bedside lamp , and especially the tapestry.

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Feeling more like your bedroom than a coffee shop, this would be the spot for late Sunday morning brunches and early morning coffee dates.

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With colorful prints on the bed and up the wall, this bohemian look is perfect for a vintage room.

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Can you sense the boho vibes in this piece of furniture? Complete with a colorful tin collection, a space like this will make waking up in the morning much easier.

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Full of texture, comfort, and style, this dining area will make eating breakfast both a comfortable and happy occasion.

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Think outside the traditional bathroom decor and go for something with more color and texture. We’ll let you decide if you want this intricate tile in your bathroom.

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