Bed with wardrobe: Essential things to keep in mind before purchasing a wardrobe

[] A stylish bed with a wardrobe completes the look of your bedroom interiors. Here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the right wardrobe for your bedroom.

A messy house can create a wrong impression in the minds of the guests. Keeping things, especially clothes, at places where they belong and keeping them in a way that neither affects their quality nor lustre is necessary. Considering storage as a whole, if we look at one of its segments, we might come across a vital piece of furniture called a wardrobe or a cupboard. These storage spaces serve the sole purpose of stowing stuff and affect the layout of the place it has been attached to in the house. This article helps you design your bedroom with a wardrobe. 

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Bed with wardrobe: Points to consider 

Before considering the crucial aspects while choosing a bed with a wardrobe, one must understand that a wardrobe is not just a storage facility. A bed with a wardrobe can impact the overall appearance of the room.

Now, let’s go through the basic parameters while deciding bed with wardrobe. 

Size of the wardrobe

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Space is one factor that determines the inclusion, structure, decor, furnishings, in short, the entire layout of the house. So, it should be on top of the list while buying a bed with a wardrobe. The next question that arises is the ideal dimensions of the wardrobe, which depends on its usage and the bedroom area. First and foremost, one should assign a particular section of the bedroom, which shall be used to place the wardrobe. 

Then comes the second step, which is estimating the extent of the devoted area to have a fair idea regarding the perfect size of the wardrobe. One more thing that should be kept in mind is the efficacy of the wardrobe, which heavily relies on the number of people living or using that particular room.

Proportion between the size of the wardrobe & dimensions of the room

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Sometimes, people tend to buy furniture of incorrect dimensions, and this mistake is quite common in buying a wardrobe. One should try and avoid such a situation because that can affect the style of the bedroom and make the space look less appealing.

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Therefore, one must have a good idea regarding the entire length and breadth of the bed with wardrobe to prevent the issue described above. The simplest way of arrangement is assigning the most extensive wall of the bedroom to set up the wardrobe. It will be in consideration with symmetry and design of the room without affecting the area.

Storage requirement

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This facet varies from person to person. A large area may be insufficient for storage, and sometimes, even a small space may be more than enough. For instance, if you have a vast collection of accessories, you’ll need a massive wardrobe instead of a moderate size cupboard. So, the number of people using the wardrobe also impacts the storage requirement. 

Composition of the wardrobe

Bed with wardrobe: Essential things to keep in mind before purchasing a wardrobe

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The wardrobe is a furniture that is used daily. Hence, it is supposed to go through extreme wear and tear. A wardrobe should be sturdy and long-lasting. These characteristics make a wardrobe more resistant to damage from external elements like dirt and dust, pests, or water. At the same time, it should be easy to accommodate. There is a diverse range of cupboards made up of a combination of materials that add to its longevity and toughness. Cupboards which are foliated are both pocket-friendly and persistent. Thus, they can be an ideal choice in terms of a wardrobe.

Complement the existing decor

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People usually buy furniture matching the decor of the house. Therefore, it is an equally important to choose a wardrobe that simply adds to the elegance of the bedroom, making the room more attractive. You can go for a suitable combination of wooden tones and subtle hues or a colour scheme based on your decor style. 

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Number of users

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As discussed earlier, one should base their choice for a closet regarding the number of users. The age of the users also plays an important role. For instance, if one of the users is a kid, then they might need a more significant portion of the bed with wardrobe. 

If the sharing takes place among users of the same age group then the utilisation will be different. However, sharing a cupboard is quite problematic in nature as it often leads to a mix up of clothes and creates a lot of confusion. Therefore, having an entire cupboard to yourself is the best way to dodge such problems.

Budget friendly

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In most households, the budget decides the quantity and quality of the item to be purchased. On a general note, a buyer wishes to buy a wardrobe that is both pocket-friendly and attractive. 

Since a wardrobe is as significant for the bedroom as is the bed, the thought of saving more and spending less should be kept aside while making the purchase. It would help if you consider every aspect like the colour scheme, lustre, dimensions, designs, and necessity. 

Type of wardrobe

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The decision of buying a bed with wardrobe design entirely depends upon the buyer. Wardrobes come in various designs. Hinged, free-standing, solitaire, sliding, customised, etc., are some of the known types of wardrobes. Choose a design as per your requirement and budget. Do not compromise on quality for style. Go for a wardrobe that can provide a larger, brighter space. 

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