Sun sign décor: Cancer and its influence on emotions in a house

[] It is believed that the 12 houses of the zodiac govern 12 key areas of your life. Here’s a look at how home owners can leverage the influence of the Cancer sun sign on the décor of their house, to bring about a positive impact on their lives

A large number of space energy readers/healers maintain that your home’s décor holds immense potential, to influence key areas of your life. The fourth house of the zodiac (Cancer) relates to your emotions. Matters concerning your roots, family values, home life and inherited patterns of behavior, fall in this area. Issues and concerns related to this realm are said to be resolved, by healing the disturbance in the energy field in this space.

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Indications of energy imbalance

An affirmative response to any of the following questions, could indicate a need for space healing in the area of emotions (The list of questions is representational and not exhaustive):

  • Do you feel insufficiently relaxed, rejuvenated or refreshed, when at home?
  • Do you feel that your home life is not supportive enough, to lift your spirit?
  • Do you feel a need to heal the past, in order to move into a new phase in your life?
  • Do you wish to re-examine your role within your family?
  • Is your need for security left unsatisfied?
  • Do you wish to follow a divine path but feel that you are not centered enough to do so?

Impact of the Cancer sign on your house

The energy emanating from every direction of your house and its flow in your house, can impact the fourth house of the zodiac or your house of emotions. By choosing appropriate décor elements for the house, one can heal or empower the vibrations, to make your home a bastion of love, comfort, healing and rejuvenation.

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[] How will your home be impacted, as per your sun sign

Décor elements for healing vibrations

The imagery you have at home, is one of the most potent and powerful décor tools, to manipulate the energy of a space. If a positive image can heal energy imbalance and invite positive vibrations, then, the opposite is very likely, as well. Always opt for imagery, such as pictures, paintings, sculptures or arrangements of objects that evoke positive thoughts and feelings in you. Some suggested images or symbols to invite positive vibrations, vis-à-vis emotions, into your home are:

The tree with roots: It is a symbol representing the importance of recognising and maintaining your roots, in order to create firm foundations and the different branches of your family tree.

The crescent moon: This will influence your instincts and help you to rediscover your intuition.

The snail: This is a reminder that you can create a home, wherever you place your heart and soul. It also encourages you to guard this space, as it indicates a protective shell that surrounds you at all times.

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The family unit: It symbolises relationships with members of your family and the core of your support system. It can enable you to identify your place, within the family hierarchy.

A castle: It represents the universal need for security, safety and a place of spiritual refuge.

Living room décor and its impact on emotions

Keep the flow of energy in your living room positive, to heal the energy imbalance, if any, in the fourth house of the zodiac. Neelkanth Joshi of Joshi Consultancy, Mumbai, shares how “The energy in the living room, plays a vital role in the general happiness, good fortune and well-being of a home’s inhabitants. Therefore, it is imperative to keep this space in good condition. Dress it up well. A living room that exudes a sense of comfort and ease, will invite family members to relax here. Even guests will feel welcome and comfortable. A barren, dark or cramped living room, will limit the inhabitants’ ability to enjoy each other’s company. A cluttered living room is likely to bring in energy that produces confusion, obstacles, or disagreements among members. To keep the energy moving freely, the pathway into your living room should not be obstructed by furniture, clutter, doors or other barriers.”


DIY tips to improve the flow of energy, in the living room

  • Arrange furniture in such a way that, when seated, one’s back does not face the entrance of the room. This also makes it easy for everyone to see and greet whoever comes into the space.
  • Do not place a sofa or some other large décor element near the entrance of the room, in a way that it blocks the entry into your living room.
  • Arrange the seating in a way that enables people to converse easily with one another, without having to shout across or lean forward.
  • You should be able to conveniently move about the living room, to open a window, or switch on the fan, etc.
  • Provide a variety of lighting options, for reading, resting and other activities.


Believe it or not

  • If a room is unused, the energy in it grows stale. To activate the positive flow of energy, walk through every room in your home, at least once each day.
  • Anything that does not function properly in a house, symbolises obstacles. For example, a burned out light bulb diminishes the amount of energy in your living room and can limit your happiness, especially where family life is concerned.
  • Include all five elemental colours in your décor scheme, to create balance in your home. The five elemental colours are red (fire), black (water), green (wood), white (metal) and yellow (earth).

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