Balcony wall tiles design you can explore

[] Balcony wall tiles designs are manufactured to withstand heat, cold and water. Let’s take a look at the variety of tiles available in the market to decorate your balcony.

Conventionally balconies are given an exterior wall paint or textured paint. However, balcony tiles are a better alternative to paint. Balcony wall tiles designs are manufactured to withstand heat, cold and water. Let’s take a look at the variety of tiles available in the market to decorate your balcony.

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14 balcony wall tiles options

1. Porcelain balcony tiles

Porcelain balcony tiles are thicker and more durable than ceramic balcony tiles. These tiles are ideal for outdoor locations that are exposed to heavy rain during the monsoon season since they are non-porous. The flooring is non-slippery due to the matte surface of these tiles. These are available in a variety of colours and are very easy to maintain.

Porcelain tiles

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2. Vitrified balcony tiles

These balcony tiles have a glazed appearance. They can be used as balcony wall tiles because of their functionality. Vitrified balcony tiles are also popular among homeowners because they are durable, stain and scratch-resistant, and come in a range of styles and sizes.

Vitrified tiles

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3. Natural stone balcony wall tiles  

Many homeowners choose stone balcony tiles for their balcony floors because they seem more natural in an outdoor setting. Natural stone balcony wall tiles, like natural stones, have thermal properties and can keep the balcony cool during hot days.

Natural stone tiles

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4. Moroccan tiles design

Moroccan balcony tiles come in intricate and vibrant designs and colours that can make your balcony look brighter and open during the day. These patterned balcony tiles designs come in a broad variety of themes and colour combinations. Such balcony tiles provide beauty and uniqueness to every space, even balconies.

Moroccan tiles

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5. Terracotta tiles design

Terracotta balcony tiles come in a warm reddish-brown colour giving it a very rustic feel. It will also complement the garden on your balcony. As terracotta balcony tiles are porous, use penetrative sealants to protect them from stains, moisture absorption, dampness, and fungal growth for long-term durability.


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6. Concrete balcony tiles

Another option for balcony wall tiles is to use tiles with a concrete-like appearance. Homeowners choose such tiles because of their unique characteristics, including durability, strength, resilience, ease of cleaning and maintenance, slip resistance, and the ability to tolerate cold temperatures without chipping or cracking. These tiles come in a variety of alternatives, providing homeowners with a lot of options.

Concrete Tiles

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7. Wooden balcony wall tiles design

These balcony wall tiles design are ideal for use on open-air balconies. The tiles’ wood complements the outdoors nicely and organically merges in with the surrounding flora. It’s also ideal for use as wall tiles.

Wooden tiles

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8. Ceramic balcony tiles 

Traditional ceramic floor tiles might be a good option for outdoor balcony walls. Ceramic balcony tiles have PEI certification on them to indicate strength. They are easy to maintain and durable. The glazing on the tile provides a protective layer making it difficult for water to penetrate. Ceramic balcony tiles have a broad range of cost depending on the material.

Ceremic Tiles

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9. Quarry balcony tiles

Quarry balcony wall tiles, despite their name, are no longer created from natural quarries, but rather from a highly thick unglazed clay. They are incredibly durable and work well as balcony tiles. Quarry balcony wall tiles design are available in red, brown and grey.

Quarry tiles

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10. Travertine balcony wall tiles design

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Travertine is a natural stone with a nice texture and colour to it. This stone, which is a kind of limestone, is mined near natural mineral spring deposits. It has a somewhat pitted surface that may accumulate dirt unless it is cleaned smooth, while being quite sturdy and durable.

Travertine tiles

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11. Slate balcony wall tiles

Slate is one of the most popular natural stone options for outdoor balcony wall designs. Slate is a metamorphic rock that has been shaped by extreme heat and pressure. It’s tough, long-lasting, and water-resistant. Slate balcony wall tiles have a unique texture which makes them non-slippery. Slate is commonly thought of as a dark grey or black stone, although it comes in various colours, including purple, green, and orange.

Slate tiles

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12. Granite balcony wall tiles

Granite, a natural metamorphic stone, is a high-end, premium material. They can last a lifetime. With regular sealing, they resist stains and water. They are hypoallergenic and come in a variety of colours and patterns.

Granite tiles

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13. Soapstone balcony tiles

Soapstone is a non-porous natural stone with a smooth, silky feel that is resistant to water and stains. They can be used in extreme weather conditions.

Soapstone tiles

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14. Interlocking plastic balcony tiles

Plastic balcony tiles with interlocking edges are a relatively new type of tile. The texture of these balcony tiles helps protect against slips and falls, and they are simple to install. Simply spread them out flat on the table and interlock the edges. They are exceptionally long-lasting and simple to remove when necessary. Water can easily drain through the perforations in the tiles.

Interlocking plastic tiles

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Can you tile outdoor walls?

Yes, outdoor balcony tiles can protect the walls against external factors like rain, dust, heat.

What kind of tiles should you use for your balcony?

Porcelain tiles are the most suitable and widely used balcony wall tiles.

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