Floor and wall tile colour combination

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Long gone are the days when tiles were only a choice to build floors. Tiles are now being used to deck up homes in every nook and cranny. In fact, wall tiles are also becoming increasingly popular along with floor tiles.

In this article, we would provide you with a visual treat of floor tile design ideas that compliment your wall tile designs to make a perfect home.


Floor tile design: Mix and match


Your living room would attain that extraordinary elegance and charm if you worked towards having a wall tile and floor tile contrast. This contract does not even have to be too much “on your face” sorts. Check out the images below and decide for yourself!

Large Luxury Modern Bright Interiors Living Room Mockup Illustration tile

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Floor tile design: Easy flow


Working on a contrast for floor and wall tiles is not something you necessarily have to do to make any area of the home stand out. You could also opt for floor tile and wall tile colours that merge into each other effortlessly, providing your home grace and beauty.  A look at the arrangement of the floor tile and the wall tile in the living room in the images below will convince you of this fact.



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Modern Living Room Interior With Black Leather Sofa


There is scope to bring tiles on your bedroom walls too. Just mix and match them with any suitable floor tile.

Bed in Grey Brick Living Room and Blank Frame Mockup,


Wall tile design: Standing along  


Even though some of you might not be comfortable with the idea, wall tiles can be stellar on a stand-alone basis as well—meaning you don’t always have to complement them with floor tiles. Here goes the proof of this!

Classic Luxury Living Room With Chandelier And Decor


In bathrooms, you could use the same tile on the wall and the floor to make it look aesthetically supreme. Just think of a nice way to break the monotony, like in the photo below.

Bathroom Interior With a Gray Tiled Wall A White Bathtub


Wall tile design: Brick by brick


If you love the brick wall look but unsure of bringing it in your dining area, tiles are there for your rescue. Not only can you have the much desired brick wall look, you will also find the shiny tile-laced wall really easy to maintain.  Match the floor tile with the wall tile colour. You could also opt for a contract, according to your liking. 

Classic Dining Room

If you have reservations about dedicating an entire wall to tiles, using them as a background for your TV cabinet could be one way to go. This way, your TV cabinet wall would be unique as well as easy to manage. You could match the colour of the floor tile with the paint colour in the room.

Tv Cabinet on Brick Wall Background With Wooden Cabinet

Floor tile design: Touch wood!


How we love the idea of having wooden floors! But, in a country like India where dust, heat and moisture are all in plenty, wooden flooring doesn’t often make practical sense. This should, however, not stop you from being inspired by the look. Create that faux look using floor tiles of your choice in the kitchen. Use a different type and shade of wall tile to complete the look or you can also skip it. It is all about what suits your taste and style.

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Modern Mock Up Decoration Interior Of Living Room And Wall

Modern Interior Design Of Room Kitchen Island Seamless Design Luxurious

Modern Bright Room With Air Conditioning

Modern Living Room Interior With Black Leather Sofa



Floor tile design: Stone cladding


Those who really appreciate the idea of stone cladding but are unable to incorporate it in their contemporary homes, will certainly be inspired by the image below. Wall tiles help you have your way. 

Living Room With Decorative Table Stone Wall Behind.

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