House number 3 numerology: Significance and meaning of house number 3

[] House number 3 numerology: House number 3 is ideal for fun-loving, artistic and creative people, who like to live with their family and friends

A house with the number 3 or numbers that add up to 3 (12, 21, 30, 48, 57 and so on), is perfect for creative people. This house number encourages creativity and the will to express your true self in your personal and professional field. Such homes are also good for people who want to break the monotony of their life and want to experiment with their life. Here are more details that you should know about house number 3.

You are reading: House number 3 numerology: Significance and meaning of house number 3

House number numerology: Significance of house number 3

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Numerology number 3: Who should prefer it?

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The number 3 is ruled by Jupiter and attracts people who spark joy and are fun-loving. Such houses are great for people who want to start a creative endeavour. House number 3 is ideal for artists, painters, photographers, actors or individuals working in the creative industry, such as advertising, marketing, etc. As per numerology, this house number attracts people who believe in philosophy. Such homes also promote self-expression and, therefore, are suitable for writers and dancers, among others. The home is also ideal for people who want to bring change to their life or personality, as the house has an artistic vibe and promotes interest in activities such as traveling, writing and painting. This house number is also good for joint families or friends who live together.

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Numerology number 3: Who should avoid it?

A house number that adds up to three, is not suitable for people who like to stay independent. Since such homes are perfect for family living. People who love peace and quiet should not prefer this home.

Home décor for house number 3

Since these homes are ideal for artists, the décor of such homes should also be equally creative. You can deck up the interiors with bright, colourful paintings and choose beautiful furnishings in yellow or purple colour. Avoid black and dark blue colours in the interiors. To enhance luck, add a Mmidas touch with subtle gold in the home décor, such as a golden vase, golden embroidered cushions or metallic accent wallpaper. You can use natural colours or bright pastel shades, to paint the walls. You can also use plants, to improve the positive vibe of the home. Instead of heavy wooden furniture, opt for light wicker and cane furniture when designing the house number 3. This house’s energy can make one distracted or restless. So, to focus on the work, play music which is positive and soothing. Hang a wind chime in the north-west area, to keep negative energy away.

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Challenges faced by owners of house number 3

  • House number 3 has a vibe, which encourages flexibility. People staying here might completely shun their obligations. So, people who are more prone to procrastinating tasks, should avoid such houses.
  • House Number 3 causes excessive flow of cash, since it promotes family living and friendships. So, keep your budget in check and plan for additional expenses in advance.
  • As such houses are full of activity, home owners might feel that they are not getting enough rest. A life full of activity can leave you exhausted. Ensure that you get adequate sleep at night. For this, try and cut down on social gatherings and follow a proper routine.
  • Such houses can also cause depression, stress and legal tangles.

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House number 3: How to balance energy

Here are some tips to balance the adverse energies of house number 3:

  • Be a disciplined investor. Set a monthly target to save a certain amount of money, to set up an emergency fund.
  • Do not forget to take out some ‘me-time’ for yourself and spend quality time with yourself. The occupants of house number 3 should incorporate, in their lifestyle, some meditation and yoga, which are good for the mind, body and soul – equilibrium trinity.
  • Work out regularly to keep yourself motivated and fit. While occupants are not vulnerable to health issues, exercising and working out could be a great cure for stress.
  • Also, to boost immunity, the occupants of house number 3 must take lemons, gooseberries and leafy vegetables in their diet.

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What is the significance of number 3 in the Bible?

The number 3 denotes the Trinity; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit In a broader way, number 3 symbolises growth and multiplication. Number 3 also represents the amalgamation of body, mind, and soul.

Is house number 3 lucky in Feng Shui?

Number 3 is considered as a positive number, linked with expansion and eternity. A magical Feng Shui symbol comprises placing three coins under a healthy plant to attract wealth. The number three in Feng Shui, also possesses mystical powers.

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