2 floor house design: Everything you need to know

[] In this article, we will discuss about the benefits of 2 floor house design.

Whether you have a large or small piece of land, a 2 floor house design can provide more living space. The house design is created to conserve land area and be cost-effective, but this does not imply that they are less comfortable, livable, or visually appealing. These house designs are available in various sizes and architectural styles and may accommodate everything from a small weekend escape to a huge but functional family-sized home.

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When it comes to constructing a 2-floor house design, the idea is to ‘build it up’. Stacking levels, which is the process of constructing one on top of the other, gives a chance to increase square footage even when land limits restrict the width or depth of the property. This construction approach allows for adding a significant amount of living space in a second storey.

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Why should you opt for 2 floor house design?

Constructing a two-story home allows you to gain the greatest square footage for the right amount of money. Construction of a two-story house might be between 15 and 20 percent less expensive than a single-story one. Because of the smaller foundation slab or basement, as well as the smaller roof on a two-story house, it is possible to save money on materials and labour throughout the construction process.

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Benefits of 2 floor house design 

Assess the requirements you and your family will have now and in the future, if you are constructing a home, consider the most enticing alternatives for your possible renters. This section will cover some of the primary advantages of creating a two-story house.

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Increased privacy

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A second storey will provide your family with additional room to move about while also providing you with more privacy. For example, the first floor of your home may be used for daylight activities, while the bedrooms are kept above for your privacy. Another advantage is that if guests or extended family come to stay with you for a long period, you can accommodate them in an upstairs room. 

Top floor space utilisation 

You may design your second-story house to include anything from a stunning balcony to exquisite high ceilings, and all of the most desired traditional elements of a two-story home in one place. When you reach the top of the stairs, take advantage of the excellent view position. Whether your property overlooks a beautiful lake or the tops of waving palm trees, a two-storey home may provide some of the most breathtaking views possible.

Save on utilities

When comparing a one-story house with much the same floor space as your two-story home, you may save money on your power expenses. Plumbing and wiring for a one-story residence must be laid out on a more horizontal plane to be effective.

Electricity is transported from one side of the house to the other, requiring additional time and energy. However, if you construct a two-story house with the same floor plan, your plumbing and power lines will run vertically down the length of the structure. Costs are reduced as pipes and cables must travel a shorter distance.

Elevated design can be achieved 

Double-storey houses are also a suitable alternative for land that is too small or too sloped to accommodate a well-designed one-story residence on one level. By paying less on the land plot, it is possible to bring the entire cost of the house closer to that of a single-storey house with the same internal layout, dispelling the traditional notion that two-story homes are much more costly than single-storey ones.

Efficient use of space 

If you need to live near to the city for any reason, the chances are that you will be contending with a reduced block size than you would in the outlying areas. Because of this, it is critical to make efficient use of available space, and 2-floor house designs can be designed to accommodate an extra floor shortly. When you think long-term, the benefits of stacking up your space rather than spreading it out will outweigh its cost. There is also room for the all-important garage, and a garden and possibly a swimming pool, which would not be possible with a single storey home on the same size block.

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