5 amazing modern balcony designs for 2022

[] These modern balcony design ideas will help you maximise and utilise your balcony area to its utmost potentia

A balcony is an essential part of an apartment home. It gives us a place to take a deep breath of fresh air every morning, soak in the warm heat on a chilly day or feel the cool breeze on a warm day. It is the place where we can spend time alone to reflect or spend time with friends. So, to sum it up, the balcony is a versatile spot in our house that can be multi-purposed as many things if the furnishing is right. Thus, modern balcony design is a vital thing to consider when decorating your home. 

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5 small modern balcony designs

Contrary to popular beliefs, it can be challenging to decorate a small place to suit all your needs. But no need to fret! Here are five expert-approved small modern balcony design ideas to decorate your precious balcony space.

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Making the most out of the least

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It would help if you took off the amount of furniture being put into place for a small modern balcony design, as too many pieces can make the space feel cluttered and messy. Choose more significant pieces of furniture that will still fit into the allotted space. For instance, you can choose one large piece of furniture instead of multiple ones. Load up the seat with throw pillows and rugs for a cosy feel. Thus, you have created the perfect space for one to chill out and relax after a busy day. 

Load it up with greens

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While you might not get enough space to put up a full-blown garden in the modern balcony design, you can make use of the area on the vertical walls and create your mini garden using hanging pots. Not only does it make the place look chic and adorable, but it also adds a touch of greenery, which is hard to find in high rise apartments. The wooden base can be installed directly into the walls, thus making it a fantastic option for using the space to its full potential. 

Small modern balcony design essential furniture

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This small modern balcony design is a perfect example of saving space. The wooden frame can fit perfectly into the balcony, and it provides a plant hanger cum comfortable seating area. Thus, you can save a ton of space while fulfilling two essential requirements off the list. The seat can be modified to offer a small storage space under it, which you can use as a shoe rack out of many other things. The wooden structure adds to the cosiness and the totality of your dream home’s appeal and aesthetic. 

Everything you need is on the ground

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While plants take up vertical space, you should also maximise the horizontal space, i.e., the floor. Throw in a couple of soft cushions, rugs and pillows, and voila, you have the perfect gossip spot with privacy and plenty of space to stretch your leg out. Fill the space out with plants and colourful furniture to make the modern balcony design into the perfect rustic chic room that looks good and functional. Just make sure to use weatherproof covers and furniture so you won’t have to worry about your pillows or seats getting ruined.

Glass screens and hanging seat modern balcony design

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Glass screens are a new way to experience modern balcony design. Not only does it give a bit of a daredevil vibe, but the glass makes it safe for your kids to be out on the balcony without you having to worry about anything. It also makes the small balcony achieve the perfect classic, modern vibe. You can also use hanging seats and hammocks for a bit of a lazy vibe, and you have the perfect resting space. You can alternatively install a minibar for a private cocktail party.

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