Seven living room décor ideas

[] Let’s check out some contemporary living room design themes that may suit your personal liking

Living room décor ideas can not only impress your visitors but also be a regular source of joy for you. With a combination of your personal liking and some inspiration, you could create a perfect living room décor idea. Here are some contemporary living room décor ideas that may be to your personal liking.

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Living room décor ideas #1

An open design living room

Seven living room décor ideas

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This living room design is a perfect example of utilisation of a large space, fulfilling seating, dining and working needs of the occupants. Rather than creating three different segments in your home, having a large living room that serves most of your purposes would be perfect. This design can also create quite an impression on visitors.

Living room décor ideas #2

Lights for the living room

Seven living room décor ideas

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For large spaces, a living room setup that uses lighting creatively, could work wonders. Especially pleased with this design will be home owners who like chandeliers and appreciate the dramatic use of light. This setup can also be used in spaces that serve the twin purpose of living and dining area.

Living room décor ideas #3

Colours for the living room

Seven living room décor ideas

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Minimalists, who like to keep minimum furniture articles, can play with wall colours instead. This setup, however, is primarily meant for small homes and may not be accommodative of large gatherings.

Living room décor ideas #4

Living room-cum-entertainment room

Seven living room décor ideas

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A living room that apart from serving its intended purpose, also offers the luxury of a media room, can double-up the utility and opulence of the space. This setup is ideal for those who love watching television, serials and playing video games.

Living room décor ideas #5

Living room with segregated spaces

Seven living room décor ideas

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Those who do not like to mix things up, would prefer this arrangement in their living rooms. This works well for small spaces, as only a limited number of furniture pieces will be a part of the décor.

Living room décor ideas #6

Natural décor for the living room

Seven living room décor ideas

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Those who prefer natural lighting would love a design with large windows and white interiors. This décor makes the room appear large during the day and one can also have a nice view of the moon and the stars at night.

Living room décor ideas #7

Creative décor for the living room

Seven living room décor ideas

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In most contemporary homes, owners have to make the most of the space they have, by being creative. The living room in this picture, is a perfect example of optimum use of space with a splash of creativity, to give a personal touch.

Living room décor Vastu tips 

Living room direction

The living room should be constructed in the north-east direction if the house faces north or south. It should be constructed in the north-west direction if the house faces west. If the house faces south, the living room should be constructed in the south-east direction.

Entry gate: East or north.

Windows: East or north.

Placement of accessories in the living room

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Air-conditioner: West or north.

TV: South-east corner.

Furniture: South or west corners, a few inches away from the wall.

Chandelier: Slightly towards the west, from the centre of the ceiling.

Colour scheme for the living room

East facing: White.

West facing: Blue, yellow or green.

Colours to avoid: Red and black.

Living room decor tips

The living room interiors should not only have a welcoming vibe but also offer a sense of comfort to you and your guests. Incorporating these two goals, could be difficult since what sometimes is pleasing to the eye might not offer the utmost comfort. To help you decide, we offer some simple living room interior design tips that would ensure you have the best of both worlds.

Living room interior design tip 1: Durability and comfort sometimes do not go together

Sometimes, highly durable materials may not offer you a lot of comfort. This could very well be established by taking into account some of your wooden furniture. If you have felled a sheesham tree in your backyard to use the wood for the creation of various items of furniture including the sofa, it may cause quite a bit of discomfort for those who sit on it, unless the upholstery is made of highly comfortable materials.

Living room interior design tip 2: Is your living room excessively warm?

The sheen of certain materials of upholstery may be attractive, because of the warmth and newness they represent. However, using them in your living excessively could lead to two issues. Such materials are high-maintenance, especially in a country like India where dust is all prevalent. The velvet upholstery would also add excessive warmth to your living room interiors, something not really desirable in a country like India where nearly nine months in a year are hot or humid.

Living room interior design tip 3: Have you lit up your living room to perfection?

Your living room should neither be so brightly lit that it causes discomfort nor should it be so dim that it makes the entire area appear dreary. For the middle path, you have to have a combination of lights that enable you to achieve both these effects, as and when required.

Living room interior design tip 4: Is your living room cramped?

It is a natural tendency among home owners to often crowd the living room. With so many articles of furniture and show pieces, your living room might start looking crowded and it may become difficult to move around the area. This will also make cleaning a difficult task. For your living room interior design to be perfect, a minimalistic approach would be the way to go. Overcrowding never helps.

Living room interior design tip 5: Are you against experimenting?

Your living room is a reflection of your taste and personality. However, it certainly is not a bad idea to incorporate different things, as long as it fits in your overall living room décor theme. This would be helpful in ending the dullness due to the excessive similarity of various items present in this area.


What is the difference between a living room and a sitting room?

The living room is where the residents of the house gather most of the time. Generally, it is the largest room in the house. A sitting room is generally a smaller and cosy space, entirely devoted to comfort.

What colour makes a living room look bigger?

Shades of white and other light colours can make any room appear airy and bright

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