Welcome Good Energy into Your Home!

[] Get rid of negative energy with these simple tips.

Paint your walls the colour of the sun. Yellow is known to neutralise bad energy.

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Pour salt (any kind will do) into the four corners of every room, and let it sit for 2 whole days. Then either vacuum or sweep it away into the trash. This is known to absorb the negative energy of previous owners.


Spray some organic orange essential oils around the house. Not only does this absorb bad energy, the scent is also sure to lift your mood!

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Ring a bell in each corner of your room, and the doorway. Visualise the sound waves moving the bad energy out, making way for the good.

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Burning incense is a long held tradition to purify the air in homes.


Air out your home as much as possible. Open all the windows, and dust off all your bed linen and upholstery.


Using sage is a popular technique to drive out negative energy. Burn the leaves and let the smoke fill each corner of the house while strongly visualising your good intentions for your home.

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Remove or repair anything that is broken in you home as soon as possible.

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Try including cleansing crystals inside your home. They could be part of your décor, or even loose stones.

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Place mirrors all over your house, but avoid ones with sharp edges.

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Remove clutter from all your living and work spaces.

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Remove furniture and décor pieces with sharp corners, and include rounded ones as much as possible.
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