Glossy vs matte finish cabinets for Indian kitchens

[] In this article, we evaluate the difference between choosing the glossy and the matte finish for your Indian kitchen

What are the most important factors to consider while renovating or designing a new kitchen? Layout, colour, style, material palette, handle designs, and, most importantly, finish your cabinets and countertops. The cabinet finish you select may create a dramatically different aesthetic. When choosing the perfect finish for your kitchen cabinet, you have two options: glossy or matte finish. There are several factors to consider when deciding between glossy and matte finish cabinets. Here, we have provided a simple guide to assist you in making the correct decision for your furnishings.

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Glossy vs matte finish for your kitchen furnishings

What exactly is a glossy finish?

The glossy finish is by far the most preferred surface treatment among homeowners. It continues to be as popular today as it was in the 1970s. It is more suited to a modern-style kitchen with flat cabinet fronts than traditional kitchens. 

It is more suited to a modern-style kitchen with flat cabinet fronts than traditional kitchens. High-gloss finish may also be referred to as ultra-high gloss or 100 per cent gloss. Through this treatment cabinet, doors have a gleaming finish that reflects light. One of the primary reasons gloss kitchens, mainly white gloss kitchens, are trendy.

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What is a matte finish?

This super sleek finish is a popular choice for most homeowners. Matte finish cabinets do not reflect any light and feel flatter than gloss-finish cabinets. This surface treatment is ideal for classic or country-style kitchen cabinets with bevelled fronts. The glossy finish is too shiny and futuristic for these styles of kitchens.

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Glossy vs Matte finish: Pros and cons

While you should have a fundamental idea of both finishes, it is critical to go into the pros and cons of glossy vs matte finish. It will assist you in making a more informed decision.

Glossy vs matte finish: Durability

We are all aware that upgrading our cabinets is not an easy task. As a result, when choosing cabinet finishes, durability is crucial. 

  • Matte finish cabinets have a uniform colour and do not fade due to exposure to sunshine and other harsh chemicals. 
  • Darker matte finish cabinets are your best choice if you want a long-lasting and timeless appeal.
  • Fingerprints, dirt, and scratches are more visible on glossy finish cabinets than on matte finish cabinets.

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Glossy vs matte finish: Maintenance 

A lot of masalas make their way into Indian cuisine. As a result, we are always concerned with keeping our kitchens spic and span. 

  • Cabinets with a glossy surface are easy to clean. You may clean your cabinets with a microfiber cloth since it readily picks up dust particles and masalas attached to the cabinet doors and surfaces.
  • Matte finish cabinet fronts aren’t as easy to clean as glossy cabinets because the matte surface isn’t as smooth as the gloss surface.

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Glossy vs matte finish: Aesthetics for different styles of kitchens

Every kitchen is unique in its way. So the materials we choose for our furnishings must complement the style of the kitchen.

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  • The shining surface of gloss cabinet fronts helps make the area feel more extensive and open than it is by reflecting light. This makes gloss-finish cabinets a great choice for smaller kitchen spaces.

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  • Matte finish cabinets are unbeatable for creating a stylish and elegant look for your kitchen since more materials are coming out with an easy-to-maintain matte finish that appears pretty modern.

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