Shraddha Kapoor’s opulent Mumbai home

[] Shraddha Kapoor’s home is a contemporary, chic and welcoming zone with a lovely view of the Juhu Beach.

Shraddha Kapoor needs no introduction. The petite actress has starred in numerous hit Bollywood movies in her flourishing career. She’s also the daughter of yesteryear Bollywood legend Shakti Kapoor and his wife Shivangi Kapoor. She has a sibling, namely Siddhant Kapoor. Starting her cinematic journey with a role in Teen Patti that starred Amitabh Bachchan, Shraddha Kapoor made it big with the super hit Aashiqui 2, followed by successful movies like Rock On 2, Haider, Ek Villain and Stree among numerous others.

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Shraddha Kapoor, who is known for her exciting roles in heartwarming, successful films, lives with her father Shakti Kapoor, mother Shivangi Kapoor, brother Sidharth Kapoor, and her little Tibetan Terrier, Shyloh, in her sea-facing spacious Juhu, Mumbai apartment.

Shraddha Kapoor’s home is a contemporary, chic and welcoming zone with a lovely view of the Juhu Beach. It has memories splashed wonderfully across the walls along with dynamic furnishings and fixtures.

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Shraddha Kapoor’s Mumbai house: Lavish yet elegant

Shraddha Kapoor’s house has a charming side to it. The sea-facing Juhu property is estimated to be worth in the double digits (crores that is!) and it has traditional furniture neatly fused with modern touches via textured walls, contemporary wallpapers and chic and welcoming terrariums. Here are some details of Shraddha Kapoor’s house that you will love!

  •  The best areas in the family home of the Kapoors are the gorgeous viewpoints beside the windows. The home offers sweeping and unhindered views of the Arabian Sea. Shraddha Kapoor is often seen on her Instagram and social media feeds, enjoying a spot of relaxation with Shyloh, her pet dog and also sunsets beside the window after indulging in some cardio.
  • Shraddha Kapoor’s room is adorned with several elements which infuse a personal and warm vibe to her space. There is an entire wall comprising frames and pictures, covering several childhood memories and family images galore.
  • Shraddha Kapoor clearly prefers softer shades and hues which are seen through the elegant beige curtains in her bedroom along with wooden doors and white paneled blinds as well.
  • Shraddha Kapoor has a vast collection of comfy cushions along with soft toys which add a special touch to her relaxation corners.
  • The living room in the house has a more sophisticated and lavish touch to it in comparison to Shraddha Kapoor’s personal bedroom and relaxation nooks.
  • The room has warm lighting which transforms into a charming backdrop for all Shraddha’s pictures, courtesy the detailing on the rug and charming wooden furniture alike.
  • Shraddha Kapoor also loves working out on her terrace which is camouflaged by greenery, while offering stunning sea views in turn.

Shraddha Kapoor house location

Shraddha Kapoor’s Instagram account has a flashback photo of her resting around one of her sea-facing Juhu apartment’s comfortable corners after a workout. Upon seeing this, you will immediately feel at ease in this environment. And, of course, who wouldn’t want to sit with a cup of coffee next to such a life-size window, admiring the captivating dawn by the sea?

All about Shraddha Kapoor house 03


Let’s delve a little further to envision every unique feature of this opulent and magnificent view of Shraddha Kapoor house.

The luxurious living rooms

The mustard, extensive ledge-turned-couches set down in a disk-like manner are perfect for hosting large star-studded get-togethers. The glassy beige marble flooring and complementary rugged white base glass top centre table accentuate the mustard, extensive ledge-turned-couches set down in a disk-like manner. 

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However, the splendour of Shraddha Kapoor house decor does not end there. In this sea view apartment, there are several spacious living rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, designer wooden sculptures adjacent to the side table, circular settings with a tranquil view of the sea, and portraits of Shraddha’s mother Shivangi Kapoor and father Shakti Kapoor, indicating who is the boss in the house.

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The gorgeous sea views seating area is also one of Shraddha’s chill spots in the house. While strolling through the living room with a glass of wine, the guests surely cannot miss admiring the multi-level king-size cabinet showcasing the family’s achievements as trophies.

The reflective, thoughtful area: Meet the nature

The actor’s calm area, this window with lush plants and dangling decorative bird feeders, is a place to meet and welcome nature. Shraddha enjoys feeding birds and has designed this home area to attract pigeons and parrots, giving it a peaceful feel.

The view from this place is so beautiful, with a gushing sea and a thick patch of palm trees, that you could easily spend an entire day simply lounging about, sipping coffee, and reading an excellent book.

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Space to celebrate memories: The cosy bedroom

The bedroom is the most private and cosy part of the house. Shraddha’s room is a vivid reflection of the kid within her. Shraddha Kapoor’s bedroom walls are a canvas of her early memories, with a range of images hanging in various frames. 

The clean white walls are nicely complimented by a dark wooden workstation as basic as Shraddha’s enthusiasm for life, ornamented with keepsakes and ornaments, balanced by intriguing artworks and, of course, some fascinating books. 

All about Shraddha Kapoor house 06

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The eco-friendly bathroom

The sea-themed furnishings welcome the impact of the sea world inside the bathroom, while stunning stone mosaic tile patterns in a mix of brown, yellow, and orange tones engulf the floor.

A blue and white carved seahorse may be seen on the bathroom shelf housing brushes, as well as a textured seashell cup, in Shraddha’s posts. The textured walls, which seem like sandy seashores, add to the quirky vibe.

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Shraddha Kapoor’s Mumbai house: What’s the story?

Shraddha Kapoor lives in the sprawling and gorgeous sea-facing house that her father Shakti Kapoor painstakingly put together after years of struggle. He came to Mumbai in 1975 without a place to call his own. He purchased his first home in Juhu, a one bedroom apartment, just five years after he came to Mumbai.

Price of Shraddha Kapoor House

Actress Shraddha Kapoor’s house has an old-world beauty with a modern twist. The sleek terrariums and textured walls contrast nicely with the classic royal furnishings. 

Actor Shakti Kapoor, Shraddha Kapoor’s father, acquired this residence for Rs  10 crore a few years ago. He had only bought one flat at the time. He now owns the entire floor.

After another seven years, Shakti Kapoor purchased the three bedroom apartment where he resides currently. He paid Rs 7 lakh for the property after taking a loan from the owner of Shringar Films, Shyam Shroff. After getting married to Shivangi, he purchased the flat next to his apartment. After his son Siddhant was born, Shakti Kapoor purchased another apartment on the same floor. Currently he owns the entire floor in the building. Shraddha Kapoor loves playing the piano in the living room which she started playing right from four years of age. Shakti Kapoor has furniture in the massive apartment which is more than three decades old. There is a well-stocked bar in the living room along with architectural motifs and fabulous paintings, all chosen by Shivangi Kapoor.

In recent news, Shraddha Kapoor has reportedly purchased her own stylish apartment in Juhu for somewhere around Rs 10 crore. However, Shraddha Kapoor is not using this as her full-time address according to the latest reports. The Kapoor family is a close-knit unit and Shraddha reportedly wishes to keep this property as a professional space for conducting dress fittings, movie sittings, script sessions, meetings and also for music classes by her mother Shivangi. Her new apartment is a single airy space once the bedroom doors are opened, in her own words. Shakti Kapoor has a plum real estate portfolio today. Along with his floor in Juhu, he also owns a luxurious home in Madh Island on the outskirts of Mumbai along with a home in Lonavala. He also has a house in Greater Kailash, New Delhi, as per reports.


Where is Shraddha Kapoor’s house located?

Shraddha Kapoor’s Mumbai house is located at Juhu.

Who does Shraddha Kapoor live with?

Shraddha Kapoor lives with her father Shakti Kapoor, mother Shivangi Kapoor, brother Siddhant Kapoor and her pet dog Shyloh.

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