Gypsum false ceiling design ideas and installation tips for home owners

[] Gypsum false ceilings have gained prominence in recent times, because of their seamless finish and look. An added advantage of gypsum false ceilings is that one can decorate the room in beautiful designs, conceal wires, soundproof the room, and ensure fire safety and energy efficiency.

Interior designers often recommend installing false ceilings, to add an additional design element to the room and to make it look exquisite. False home ceiling design also conceal excessive wiring and enhance the aesthetic value of the house. Home owners find false ceilings installations to be more energy-efficient as well, as it keeps away the excess cold and heat. However, one thing which leaves property owners confused, is the material to be used for false ceilings. While there are a number of options available in the market today, gypsum is one of the most common materials used by designers. To help you make an informed choice about the best ceiling design, here is a detailed guide on gypsum false ceilings and things you should know, before installing false ceiling design for your home.

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What is gypsum false ceiling?

Considered as healthier and stronger than any other kind of material for home ceiling design, a gypsum board false ceiling is made using gypsum plasterboards, which are affixed with screws to metal frames. These plasterboards are available in larger sheets than POP sheets and as a result, there have fewer joints. According to experts, installing gypsum plasterboard is a quicker process, is more efficient and leaves less residue and dust. Its hydrophobic (water-resistant) properties make it a popular choice among home owners and is preferred for bathroom and kitchen ceilings.

Gypsum board designs are heat-resistant and it has a non-combustible core that contains chemically combined water (in calcium sulfate).

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Gypsum false ceiling: Pros and cons

Pros of gypsum false ceiling design Cons of gypsum false ceiling design
Easy installation, effortless cleaning. Tedious uninstallation process. Repairs will involve breaking the whole thing down.
Seamless look with gypsum ceiling. Chances of fungal growth in the false ceiling.
Factory make means consistent quality and finish. More expensive than POP false ceilings.
Not too many joints in gypsum ceiling. Possibility of cracks around the joints due to slight movement that can happen when cutting holes for lights or fans or other fixtures.

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Gypsum ceiling design colours

Having a home ceiling design with an appealing colour scheme can influence your home décor appeal in a big way. Gypsum is naturally available in shades of white, yellow, red, brown and grey. Gypsum false ceiling boards can have laminate, wallpaper and texture finishing.

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Gypsum false ceiling design ideas

Wooden texture gypsum false ceiling design

The brown or wood finish for the gypsum false ceiling can add a sophisticated look and enhance the natural appeal of the house. Wood is a material that makes the best false ceiling design. It can be a perfect addition for the kitchen or the dining space. Wood gives any ceiling design a simple yet elegant look. Match the gypsum ceiling decor with wooden furniture or wooden flooring for a classic look.

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Tips for home owners, for installing gypsum false ceilings


Lighter shade of wall colour with gypsum design for ceilings

For an impressive room false ceiling design, you can also pick the lighter shade of the wall colour of your room with gypsum design for ceilings. Mixing white hues to the colour will dilute it and give you a perfect colour for the gypsum roof ceiling design. If you are looking for the best false ceiling design for bedroom, pick subtle hues for other décor elements to create a cohesive look.

Tips for home owners, for installing gypsum false ceilings


Gypsum ceilings can be designed in floral patterns or geometric shapes such as circle, rectangular, square, abstract shapes, cloud-shaped, wavy parallel lines and so on. Avoid embellishments and choose designs with clean straight lines in small spaces. Diagonal, semi-diagonal and hanging patterns are popular with Gyproc false ceiling materials. Always select a lighting layout in advance, to choose an appropriate design as per the furniture placement. Simple, single-level and uncomplicated designs are popular, though gypsum ceilings can be single or multi-layered. Patterns can be done along the border or can cover the full ceiling. Also, gypsum false ceilings can be designed in combination with wood, glass, mirror or acrylic sheets, for an exquisite look.

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Gypsum false ceilings

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Gypsum board false ceiling design types

Type of gypsum board ceilings Use of gypsum board ceiling design
Regular / standard gypsum board ceiling Perfect material for false ceilings
Fire-resistant gypsum board Ideal for residential and commercial buildings, as it ensures safety against any fire.
Moisture-resistant gypsum board Certain areas have wet climate, while some areas have heavy rainfall or even snow. In these areas it is best to use moisture-resistant gypsum board design for both, residential and commercial buildings.
Fire and moisture-resistant gypsum board This material is resistant to both, fire and moisture.
Abuse-resistant gypsum panels These panels are resistant to surface indentation and are abrasion-proof.
Exterior gypsum soffit board Ideal for outdoor areas like canopies and porches, as it is resistant to weather exposure.
Impact-resistant gypsum panel A great option for flats, as it resists damage from heavy activities of the residents of the flat above yours.

Other types of gypsum board used for ceiling design are foil-backed gypsum, core board and paperless gypsum board.

Gypsum board design with LED lights

Contemporary light fixtures like LED lights are emerging as the latest trends in interior designs. You can install innovative LED lighting with a gypsum design for your ceiling. The light fixtures are available in numerous designs, styles, and colours to help you achieve the perfect ambience for your home interiors. Neon lights are also becoming a popular option for interior lighting ideas.

Gypsum false ceiling design ideas and installation tips for home owners

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Abstract false ceiling designs

A false ceiling board made of gypsum can be moulded to form attractive patterns or designs. Abstract shapes will make a unique statement while uplifting the overall appeal of the room. Such patterns have been trending for ceiling design for bedroom in 2020, 2021 and continue to rule in 2022.

Gypsum false ceiling design ideas and installation tips for home owners

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Coffered ceiling design 2022

Another sought-after design is the coffered look for ceilings. Get a new ceiling design for 2022 in this look that will make your roof capture all the attention. Pick a colour scheme for your living room or bedroom ceiling design in this 2022 trending design that blends with your décor theme, you can get a cohesive look for your interiors.

Gypsum false ceiling design ideas and installation tips for home owners

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Simple ceiling design

A simple yet attractive ceiling never goes out of style. If you had a simple hall ceiling design in 2020 and 2021, you need to go for any major changes as this look will remain in trend this year. However, you can go for a new colour scheme to suit you décor style and create a refreshing look for your home.

Gypsum false ceiling design ideas and installation tips for home owners

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Decorative ceilings ruled in 2021, and the trend will continue in 2022. False gypsum ceiling will maintain their dominance in interiors. Gypsum ceiling designs in geometric patterns look elegant and never go out of fashion. This ceiling design for your hall in 2020 will continue to give your home a fresh this year. Coffered ceilings can be designed in various ways to create designs like squares, rectangles, circles, etc. Gypsum ceilings with sleek wooden rafters make an interesting combination as the design elevates the overall interior. Hues of pastel colours in combination with white and cream are popular for gypsum ceiling designs such as the touch of textured elegant matt gold with white or light pink and white, even lavender and cream coloured false ceiling. Innovative lights interspersed on gypsum false ceilings are in vogue as they dramatically transform the room.

Gypsum ceiling illumination tips

To enhance the appeal of the overall décor, choose appropriate lights for the gypsum ceiling. Always consider the utility of the room, so that one can have adequate illumination. Hanging the false ceiling lights very low or very high, hinders the illumination of the room. LED recessed lights are cost-efficient and can be easily fixed behind a false ceiling to highlight a part of the room, or an area of the wall. With the prevalent work-from-home culture, ensure that the workstation has proper false ceiling spotlights, if the works desk is in the bedroom.

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Cove lighting enhances the false ceiling design. Concealed down-lights jazz up the space and coves that adorn the walls boost the overall elegance. Opt for lighting with dimmers, along with the regular ones, to have ambient lighting for different moods. This design also works for roof ceiling design for bedrooms. Avoid hanging heavy lights on the gypsum ceiling. Flush mount fixtures are an apt lighting option for spaces with low ceilings. Ornate pendant lights can create a focal point of interest on the ceiling. Backlit false ceilings are also trending and can be implemented with gypsum designs.

Since gypsum boards are soft, they are easy to mold into any design. Depending on the room, you can go for spatial patterns or checkered designs. Here is an easy and simple ceiling design you can incorporate for your house ceilings.

Tips for home owners, for installing gypsum false ceilings

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Gypsum false ceiling design

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Gypsum false ceiling cost

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Tips for home owners, for installing gypsum false ceilings

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Tips for home owners, for installing gypsum false ceilings


Tips for home owners, for installing gypsum false ceilings

Source: Pinterest

Things to know before installing gypsum false ceilings

  • If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for simple ceiling designs that requires less materials. Choosing a peripheral ceiling design, requires less quantity of gypsum boards.
  • You can also opt for false ceilings only in some parts or as a border around the existing ceiling. This way, you can keep the original ceiling and it will make your room feel more spacious while introducing a design feature.
  • Always opt for a false ceiling design where other ceiling materials, such as plywood or glass can also be used.
  • Suspended gypsum ceilings are not too sturdy. Hence, before hanging chandeliers or any ceiling lights in a gypsum board false ceiling design, know how much weight it can support.
  • Before going for gypsum board design, install a piece of plywood right above the gypsum sheet for providing strength, to hold the weight of any hanging decorative items, etc.
  • The rod of a ceiling fan has to be affixed to the original ceiling slab, before the construction of a gypsum false ceiling.
  • If hanging a heavy swing, or swinging chair with the suspended down ceiling, use a strong hook in the ceiling slab before designing the false ceiling to take the weight off the swing.

  • In case of gypsum false ceiling in a house which is directly under the terrace of a building, have thermocol sheets as insulation to reduce the heat’s impact.

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POP false ceiling vs gypsum false ceilings

POP false ceiling board Gypsum false ceiling board
POP ceilings are very durable and are more flexible when it comes to design. The installation process for gypsum false ceiling boards is effortless and less messy than POP.
Extreme proficiency is required for installation. Gypsum board designs provide a seamless look.
The installation process is very messy and can result in a lot of wastage. These false ceiling boards of gypsum design have quality and consistency which gives maximum finish.
The installation process is very time consuming with POP ceiling materials. Repairing gypsum board designs is very difficult since you have to bring the whole thing down.
These are at least 20% cheaper than gypsum boards Materials used for gypsum board false ceiling design are more expensive than POP false ceiling materials.

Problems with gypsum false ceilings

  • The gap between the real ceiling and the false ceiling board can attract mould, termites, etc. It can also cause warping especially in the presence of moisture.
  • The joints of the gypsum ceiling boards may show cracks with the passage of time. Cutting of holes for installing light or fan fixtures may also result in cracks.
    In case of any major repairs, the false ceiling needs to be broken down.
  • Since the false gypsum ceiling decreases the height of the room, it makes the room appear smaller. This situation is bad for cross ventilation, too. So, one should take care of these aspects when opting for gypsum board false ceiling design.
  • If it is not installed properly, a gypsum false ceiling could lead to mishaps.


Is gypsum ceiling good?

Gypsum ceilings are preferred, as it is easy to install and clean.

How do I clean the gypsum ceiling?

What is the cost of gypsum ceiling?

Depending upon the quality, the cost of gypsum boards can vary from Rs 45 to Rs 180 per sq ft.

What is another name for a gypsum board?

Gypsum board is also called drywall, plasterboard, or wallboard.

Can gypsum boards be used for walls too?

Does gypsum covering on walls offer better acoustics?

Yes, gypsum on the walls leads to reduced echo in the room and lessens the outside sounds. As the sound absorption index of gypsum is high, and mostly the soundproof rooms use walls sandwiched with Gypsum boards, reducing the outside sound and improving acoustics.

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