Types of wall panelling to rejuvenate your place

[] In this article, we will look at different types of wall panelling and their features.

Are you bored of the basic walls in your house? Do you wish to add a visual statement to your house? Wall panelling can be the decor that you are looking for. 

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Wall panelling has several benefits, such as the fact that it can be easily added on top of existing structures for revamping walls. They also add insulation, cover uneven surfaces and help in hiding computer and television cables. Unlike other wall decorations, panelling designs are not time-consuming or labour intensive. They are long-lasting and can increase the durability of walls.

Wall panelling designs are made of different materials like wood, PVC, plastic, MDF, and fabrics. In this article, we will look at different types of wall panelling and their features.

Types of wall panelling designs

1.Shiplap wall panelling 

Shiplap wall panelling

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Historically, shiplap was used as an exterior and framing decoration. When it was used in the interiors of homes, it was hidden behind a muslin cloth. However, lately, this wall panelling design has become popular as a wall decor that offers texture and a homely charm to walls. 

A shiplap can be applied both vertically and horizontally to add character to a wall. They can be painted easily to complement the decor of the room. Shiplap can be easily installed and even come in peel and stick form nowadays.

The only con of this wall panelling design is that dust can settle easily in the gaps and grooves of the shiplap.

2. Board and batten wall panelling design

Board and batten wall panelling design

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This wall panelling design is perfect for a more traditional look. Board and batten is a wall panel that consists of narrow wooden strips ‘batten’ installed on the seams of a wide ‘board’. The structure of this wall panel makes for a strong and efficient wall. It creates a geometric effect. The boards can be positioned either vertical or horizontal, and different widths can be used for different effects. If you are feeling creative and want to design your walls yourself, board-and-batten wall panelling can also be  DIY-ed.

3. Beadboard wall panelling design

Beadboard wall panelling design

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Beadboard panelling is a timeless wall panelling design. Strips of wood are attached with small spaces called beads in between them. The wood strips come in a variety of sizes and can be styled in different ways. They are often used in bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways. Beadboard wall panelling is very resilient. Beadboard panels are sometimes applied in wainscot style on walls.

They come as individual planks and individual slabs. There are also painted beadboard wallpapers available that look like real wood. These wall panelling designs are quite difficult to install and wood can be a bit costly too.

4. Wainscot wall panelling design

Wainscot wall panelling design

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Panels that cover the bottom half or one-third of a wall are known as wainscot panels. In earlier times, wainscot panels were used to increase the durability of the house. Nowadays, they are used primarily for interior panelling designs. 

The top of the wainscot can be designed in many different ways like a standard cap which gives a simple but contemporary look, a decorative moulding that gives a more traditional look, or a shelf that can come out a few inches and provide space for stacking items.

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Wainscot can be constructed manually or brought from factories. They can be made from various materials like wood, MDF, PVC, plastic, or plywood. In areas of higher foot traffic like dining rooms or kids’ rooms, a wainscot can provide extra protection.

5. Raised  panel wall panelling design 

Raised panel wall panelling design

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Typically found in Victorian mansions, raised panels are square or rectangular in shape and often made of wood. They bring attention to the vastness and height of the room that they are in. These wood panels are available in a number of shapes, colours, patterns, and textures. The walls get a 2d or 3d special effect that is unmatched in comparison to other wall panelling designs.

This type of wall panelling design is not suited for small rooms because it can overwhelm them. Dust accumulation is also a disadvantage of this panel.

6. Fabric Acoustic wall panelling design

Fabric Acoustic wall panelling design

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Fabric acoustic wall panelling design can make any room look luxurious and elegant. These wall panelling designs can be made of various fabric types, including lush silk. There are many colour choices also available to match them with your decors. Another key feature of these panels is noise reduction which makes them stand out from all the other panelling designs. 

These wall panelling designs are resilient to humidity and moisture. They are easy to install and can be just stuck on walls. These wall panelling designs are perfect for places like movie rooms or bedrooms. 

The disadvantage of this panel is that it can be damaged by holes and rips, and it might be a fire hazard depending on the material.

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