How to design a healthy and ergonomic office for yourself

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It is very important to have an office designed in a way that helps the employees to be productive. Even if you are converting your house into an office space for yourself, you must make proper arrangements so as to enhance your productivity and avoid falling ill or developing backache, etc. Here we look at some of the simple office design tricks that can be adopted to make the office more productive:

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Lighting in the office

When you are designing a healthy office for yourself, it is of paramount importance to get the lighting aspect right. There should be as much natural light as possible for you to be productive. Poor lighting can lead you to be tired and sometimes irritable also, which will pull down your efficiency and productivity. Poor light can also result in eye strain, drying up of the eyes and sometimes a headache.

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While allowing maximum natural light for yourself, you also have to see how the glare of that lighting is on the computer monitor. Too much glare can also be harmful and will result in eye strain. The angle of the computer monitor can be adjusted so as to avoid glare. Soothing light can make you really comfortable and increase your productivity.

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Furniture in the office

Having the right furniture is also of utmost importance. Poor quality furniture or furniture that is ergonomically not right can really drain you out. The desk has to be of the right height and has to support your body parts like arms and wrist properly. Ideally, the height of the desk should be 86 cms or 34 inches.

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There are several physical disorders associated with not having the right posture. Problems like muscle strains, carpal tunnel syndrome and backache, are the commonest problems due to not having the right posture for long hours. These wrong postures can sometimes be due to your own sitting habits and sometimes due to the wrong furniture. You have to be really careful about the chair and its height also. There are very efficient and ergonomically designed chairs these days that you can buy for yourself. The chair should offer height adjustment and must have good back support, especially lumbar area support. These chairs may cost a bit but the cost is recovered soon owing to increased productivity.


How much noise you have in your office has a bearing on your performance and productivity. It’s best to cut out any unwanted noise and have a lesser level of silence in your office. Nowadays, there are sound absorbers available in the market which can soak up unwanted noise from outside. Another trick is to run a background noise yourself so as to be able to distract yourself from the original source of noise. If you do choose the background noise option, then go for natural sounds as they are more likely to improve your concentration.

Going green

Going green is another effective way of improving productivity at your workplace. Not only will the plants in your office generate more oxygen which is desirable but there will also be a soothing effect on your eyes which will take part of your stress away.

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