Painting cost per square foot: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

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Well painted walls brighten up a space and add vitality to an otherwise bland room. Paint also protects the walls from moisture, conceals stains and makes the house more durable, in addition to adding colour, beauty and a positive appeal.

You are reading: Painting cost per square foot: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

Painting cost per square foot: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

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Cost of painting a house per square foot in India

: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

When it comes to painting the house, it is not only the paint cost per square foot, but also the charges of labour, wall cleaning, wall and size of the house that have to be considered. A fresh coat of paint will be more expensive than repainting.

Here is a guide on the house painting cost per square foot in India.

Distemper is available in the market from Rs 28 per litre onwards, while the costs of emulsion paints range from Rs 125 to Rs 1,050 per litre (depending on gloss, sheen and matt finish).

Distemper paint price: From Rs 10 to Rs 25 per sq ft.

Pricing of emulsion paints: From Rs 15 to Rs 50 per sq ft.

Price for texture paints: Rs 80 to Rs 200 per sq ft.

Texture paint cost per sq ft is quite high. Texture paints are used for accent walls. These require base preparation, tools and additional labour charges and need to be done by experts. There is an additional labour cost involved when considering the cost of painting a house per square foot in India.

Note: Prices mentioned are approximate and the cost of painting a house may vary according to the brand of the paint, city, dealer, etc.

Painting cost per square foot calculator

To find out how much paint will be required for the house, one can use the paint calculators available online, on the paint companies’ websites. These surfaces that need to be painted are measured in square feet, which you can calculate by multiplying the height and width of a wall.

One can choose the paint brand according to one’s budget as the home painting services cost of every company varies. If we look at the cost of painting a room in India, using a single colour for all the rooms in your home, will invariably cost less than using multiple colours.

For house painting, labor cost per square foot vary in each city. The cost of painting per square foot in Mumbai is different from the cost of painting per square foot in Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc. It varies in each city. In metro cities, the cost is much more, as compared to small cities. Nowadays, leading paint brands offer their own painting services. The labour cost for painting exterior walls in India is much more than interiors. The level of skill required for the home painting services, also determines the cost in most cases. Always opt for professionals, instead of unskilled contractors, for better finishes and well-painted walls.

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Different types of paints and finishes for home

Types of paint cost per square foot

There are various paint brands available in India for both, interior and exterior application, such as Berger, Dulux Paints, Kansai Nerolac Paints, Nippon, Snowcem, Shalimar Paints, Indigo Paints and Jensen and Nicholson Paints, Asian paints, among others. The painting service cost may depend on several factors including the type of paint used. To get the right estimate for your home painting project, get the paint price quotation from the seller before you go ahead. Comparing the pricing of a few companies and the service inclusions will equip you to make a better choice.

When going for professional painting services, it is necessary that you have ascertained whether the company is the best fit for your needs. Besides, knowing the painting rates will give you a clear picture about the best options for your home.

Broadly there are two types of paints – distemper paints and emulsion paints.

Distemper paints

Distemper paints are made of chalk, water, lime and colouring agents and are cost-effective. They come in two types – oil-based and water-based. While water-based distemper paint is not as durable as the oil-based variety, both are less durable than emulsion paints. There are also acrylic and synthetic distempers. Distemper paint prices are quite affordable and the painting process with this paint is commonly referred to as whitewashing.

Emulsion paints

Emulsion paints are water or oil-based paints used for painting house interiors. They can be washed and thus, are appropriate for homes with children, which are prone to dirty walls. Emulsion paints should be applied in the kitchen to ensure the paint does not peel off the walls in patches due to heat or smoke. Emulsion paints come in finishes such as velvet, satin or silk. These paints look elegant and are primarily used to paint interiors, as they give a smooth finish. The satin and silk paints provide a soft shine.

Apart from distemper and emulsion paints there are enamel and texture paints.

Enamel paints

: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

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Enamel paints are ideal for metallic and wooden finishes/surfaces. It has a hard, glossy and opaque finish. Bathroom doors, gates, window fixtures and outdoor furniture that are exposed to moisture, can be painted with enamel paints.

Texture paints

Texture paint cost per sq ft

Texture paints are in vogue and are ideal for painting house walls, especially creating accent walls. Various designs are available vis-à-vis texture paints, ranging from geometric patterns, floral motifs, tree of life, birds and wildlife to cartoons. Texture paint prices may slightly be on the higher side.

Different types of paints for exterior surfaces

Paint cost

Emulsion paints

These are resistant to fungi and also cracking in sunlight and do not fade easily.

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Cement paints

These are best for exposed surfaces like balconies, patios, verandahs and garages, as they prevent dust from accumulating on the walls and stop the penetration of water into the walls.

Home painting tips and cost per sq ft

Paint finishes

Cost of painting a house

Painting cost per square foot: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

Finishes have various names, which may vary as per the brand but there are three standard types:

  • Flat/matte
  • Eggshell/satin
  • Semi-gloss/high-gloss, also known as pearl finish.

Sheens and gloss varieties include no shine to high shine. Higher gloss reflects light and can brighten a room while low gloss makes a room darker. Finishes such as eggshell and matte are recommended for ceilings and sometimes walls, to conceal imperfections. Satin is a more durable finish for kids’ rooms. A colour with a glossy finish is apt for features like mantels, mouldings and other architectural features. Gloss finishes can be cleaned easily and are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

Wall painting process step by step

: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

Primer is the base of the paint, which ensures better bonding of the paint to the surface and protects the material that is being painted. So, primer is a must in fresh painting. Putty makes the wall smooth and is used for filling minor cracks, holes and other damages, to level the surface for painting. Fresh painting involves two coats of putty, a coat of primer and two coats of paint. Repainting needs a coat of primer and two coats of paint.

Cost of fresh painting or repainting

: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

The painting cost varies, depending on whether the house is being freshly painted or repainted. Fresh painting needs one to two coats (one coat = one layer) of putty primer and at least two to three coats of paint. Repainting needs some putty for touch-up, a coat of primer and one to two layers of paint. So, fresh painting costs more than repainting.

Painting a house: Cost of putty

Painting putty cost per square foot

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Putty is used to prepare a smooth, even surface before painting. It fills in minor cracks and holes and removes unevenness on walls. When it comes to calculating the cost of painting a house per square foot in India, one should also consider the price of putty. For a fresh coat of paint, one to two coats of putty are needed. However, for repainting, only some touch-up putty may be required.

Cost of putty: From Rs 3 to Rs 7 per square foot including material and labour costs.

Painting a house: Cost of primer

Primer is a base for the paint and enhances its look. There are various kinds of primers available in the market. Hence, the cost of painting the house wil also vary, based on the cost of primer chosen. The cost per litre of primer ranges between Rs 140 and Rs 300. One litre of primer can be used for 210-270 sq ft of coverage.

How to select the right paint and colour for your home

Painting labor cost per square foot in India

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Painting cost per square foot

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Paint cost per square foot

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Painting cost per square foot

Wall colours transform a house, making it look appealing and refreshing. Gone are the days when the walls of a home were white and beige. Today, walls are adorned with brilliant combinations such as cobalt blue and turquoise, olive and aubergine and sunny yellow and fresh green. Pastels like rosy pink, textures and traditional Indian art like kalamkari, mandala, warli and madhubani too, are used to adorn the walls.

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Cost of painting per square foot

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: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

There are a lot of points to keep in mind when starting a new painting process for your house. Firstly, home owners need to decide whether they prefer warm, cool, neutral, bold or dark shades. Try and create a harmony of colours, taking into account the theme of the décor, furnishings and carpet. When selecting the colour for the walls, consider the floor colour. Marble granite veins and swirls or wooden floors with honey-hues, chocolate brown, beige, etc., also affect how the wall paint will match. Then, pick a few paints for the walls and try out the samples. Paint the wall with these samples and check the appearance at different times of the day, before you finalise the colour.

Colour impacts our moods, and emotions too. Choosing a colour for the walls of a room also depends on the occupants and users of the room. For the kids’ room, opt for yellow, orange or green, as they are vibrant colours. For a relaxing master bedroom, opt for blues, pinks, greys and violets. Have consistency in the basic colour theme for your entire house.

Painting labour cost per sq ft

For the maximum focus on the walls, go for bold colours. If you want the emphasis on the decor of the room, choose neutral colours with minimal designs.

Tips for painting a house exterior or interior

: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

  • There has been a shift from solvent to water-based paints. It is better to opt for odourless, chemical-free and environment-friendly products with safe levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Paints with non-toxic elements, which do not have VOCs, are safe for people who are allergic to chemicals.
  • Ideally, to paint a home, choose warm, dry days like in the summer. The time taken for paint to dry is directly related to the temperature and conditions at the time of application.
  • When deciding on a painting colour, the price and quality is a crucial factor to consider. Always buy good quality, branded paints.
  • For interior as well as exterior wall paints, treat the wall with a water-resistant product before painting, to prevent seepage or dampness.

[] How to prevent seepage of water in walls

  • Selecting the best colour combination for house exterior is also an important aspect of ensuring that the structure resists water damage for a long time. It is important to ask these questions when selecting house painters besides rates and other aspects.

Primer cost per square foot

  • When it comes to the exterior wall paint colours, opt for one or two exterior home painting colours. More than two colours on the exteriors, will make it look cluttered. Another way to make the house colour elegant is to select different shades of the same colour.
  • Paint the grills on the balcony and windows, to prevent corrosion.
  • Do not neglect the ceilings when painting. You can brighten them up with fancy hues and create a stunning impact.
  • Check the amount of natural light your rooms receive and then, choose the correct colour and tone. Darker rooms require warmer tones, while brighter rooms can have cooler palettes.

How to prepare the house for painting

Repainting cost per square foot

Before starting the painting of the house, ensure to check the walls for cracks, dents, or other surface imperfections. Painting can be messy. So, take necessary steps, to prevent paint from falling on surfaces where it is not intended, such as the furniture, floors and fixtures. Remove the furniture near the wall and surrounding areas. Cover them well with plastic or cloth, if shifting them seems difficult. Take off all the light switches and plug outlet covers in the room and if this is not possible, seal it with tape. Also cover the doors, fittings, or furniture with old newspaper or cloth so that the paint does not affect those objects. Spread a large cloth over the floor and tape the edges down to protect it.

Cost of painting a house per square foot in India

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Paint cost per square foot

: What is the cost of painting a house in India?

Painting cost per square foot india

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Shades of green continue to be in demand, vis-à-vis home colours in 2022. Green has an element of nurturing in it that makes the home feel like a safe and peaceful haven. Pastel pink wall colours are still one of the most popular pastel selections. Another colour that is trending is lavender.

Earthy shades are gaining in trend, in keeping with the awareness of sustainability. Colours that represent the outdoors, such as sage green, to sandy neutrals, terracotta and mud shades, are seen in homes.

White walls as a backdrop with vibrant yellows, warm reds and serene blues is an evergreen trend. Instead of a solid colour, homeowners are opting for textures, unique patterns, murals and more. Plants are a huge interior trend for 2022 and so are nature-inspired mural motifs on the accent walls, such as forest, leaf patterns, huge flower designs, etc., which bring a sense of calm to the home décor.


How much does painting cost in India?

Painting cost per square foot in India for a house can vary from Rs 10 per sq ft to Rs 200 per sq ft.

How long does it take to paint a 3 bedroom house?

On an average, it may take four days to paint a three-bedroom house.

Is it OK to paint at night?

It is better to apply paint when the temperature is warm, to help it to dry better and form a proper grip with the underlying surface.

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