How to organise spices in the kitchen?

[] Proper organisation is a must for effective cooking. With that as our prime motive, let’s find out how to organise the spices.

An efficient kitchen is always an organised one. Since spices and cooking go hand in hand in Indian kitchens, due attention must be paid in organising these in a proper from to be able to cook efficiently. With that as our prime motive, let’s find out how to organise the spices engaging your creativity for easy access. 

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Proper storage conditions

As instructed on the labels of spice boxes, store them in a hygienic place with cool and dry conditions. Use sealed containers to hold the spices.

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Label spice containers

If you’re in a rush, you might want to label the spices. This way, it’ll be easier for you to know what herbs you take without having to double-check all the time.

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Sort similar spices together

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You can organise spices that you use for a particular cuisine together. Not only is this convenient when you’re in a rush, but it’ll also help you keep stock of multiple spices at the same time. 

Spice organisation ideas for your kitchen

Spice boxes

A very Indian method of storing spices, these spice containers are convenient for the average Indian kitchen. They are airtight and small enough to fit into drawers but big enough to hold a considerable amount of spices. 

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Fashion a spice tray drawer

You’ll be thankful for this design idea if you want a convenient, easy-to-reach storage area for a large number of spices. Just pull out a drawer and there are your spices!

Good old-fashioned mason jars

Airtight glass containers help you store spices in a dry and hygienic manner. Is there anything else we have to say to convince you about mason jars? It is an affordable and accessible method of spice storage.

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Revolving spice racks

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A modern, sleek method of storing spices, revolving spice racks are practical and convenient for daily spice use. They can be placed on your kitchen slab, making it easy to access—a no-fuss, practical and contemporary storage idea.

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Wall-mounted spice racks

If you’re low on kitchen storage space, place your spice containers on a wall-mounted shelf. Wall-mounted storage spaces are conducive to a small kitchen with much unused vertical space. 

Vertical drawers

These drawers are explicitly designed to hold a large number of containers. You can fit all your spice boxes and more in this storage space. It is also practical and easy to access as it blends with the other cabinets in your kitchen. 

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