Add a quirky touch to your home décor

[] Funky, colourful, unique; nothing will create a bigger focal point or conversation starter in your home, more than quirky décor accessories

A home is a visual reflection of the personalities of its inhabitants, says Munawwar Sharifi, founder of ‘The Design Company India’ and ‘Let’s Space it out’. “Every human has a quirky side to his personality and expressing this is no longer considered taboo,” adds Sharifi. Consequently, quirky décor is now in vogue as home owners try to give a unique feel to their homes.

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There is a vast range of quirky décor items that are available today, as an increasing number of artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs take to creating such products. There are stores all over the country that sell quirky creations and even websites, which have home décor items for every budget.

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“Today, the posters of epic films are seen on homes’ walls more often, as compared to family photographs. The cutting chai glass is in trend. So is the the peti (metal trunk) and the aluminum kettle, which may have been an eyesore in the past but with some art work on it, it is now seen as a great décor item,” explains Sharifi.

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Choose appropriate accessories

Quirky items can brighten up a dull décor. “From the crockery that one uses in the kitchen, to the décor in the study table or bar area, there are products with a twist that can be added for fun,” says Sneha Raisoni, owner of Tappu Ki Dukaan. The inspiration for quirky items, comes from any art or design that uses popular or cultural icons and can be extended to Bollywood, autorickshaws and even trucks, she says. “We have coffee mugs, which look like cactus plants, ashtrays that resemble Indian loos and beverage glasses with funny lines,” says Raisoni, giving examples.

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A peppy sculpture, a bicycle converted into a bar, a lamp crafted out of motorcycle parts, or graphic-based accessories, can change the mood of the décor and serve as interesting conversation pieces.

“Quirky can be humorous, playful, shocking or something which makes people curious. It can be huge in size, or the way it is arranged can be radically different,” suggests artist Bharati Pitre from Pune, who is known for exaggerated papier mâché figures with large bodies and small heads that reflect the lighter side of life. These elements tend to start a conversation and evoke curiosity. One can also play around with colors or shapes, which are striking, adds Pitre, who created caricatures of her friends’ faces on recycled old bottles and gifted it to them as décor items.

Selecting a quirky or a kitschy piece can be be tricky. One can also buy them online at sites such as, and Look at its finish, material and the shades of colour used. “Ensure that the piece you select has its own special identity,” concludes Pitre.

Tips to add quirky décor elements

  • Ensure that the pieces don’t end up looking cheap or tacky.
  • This genre allows for items to be recycled. For example, old metal buckets, taps (can be used as hooks), old painted kadhais (can be used as planters), etc., can be used as décor items.
  • You can also provide an artistic twist to old furniture and waste material – an old wooden stool can be painted in a bright orange shade, while an empty liquor bottle can serve as the base of a table lamp.
  • Don’t go overboard and restrict your quirky décor items to a few selected pieces.
  • Display photographs (or caricatures) of loved ones in neon-coloured frames and align them asymmetrically.
  • Retain a brick-finish on the wall and colour it vibrantly with street art on the walls.

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