Space-saving wardrobe designs for bedrooms

[] In this article, we have curated a list of space-saving wardrobe solutions for your small bedrooms.

Designing and organising a small bedroom may be exceptionally tricky, particularly when it comes to storage. The wardrobe design for the bedroom is more than just choosing colours, textures, or finishes for your home. In terms of utility, they may make or break your bedroom design. Function, size, design, and storage must be considered when it comes to wardrobes.

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In this article, we have curated a list of space-saving wardrobe solutions for your small bedrooms.

Built-in wardrobe design for bedroom

Built-ins are an excellent option to supplement bedroom wardrobe for design. You can position floor-to-ceiling wardrobe units against the wall and add moulding around the top to replicate a built-in effect to include this idea without undergoing a redesign.

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Headboard-cum-wardrobe design for bedroom

We all appreciate beds with elaborate headboards. However, these wardrobe design for the bedroom take up a lot of areas in the room. Instead, try dramatic headboards with a sliding door wardrobe. The lower portion of the closet serves as a headboard for the bed, while the upper section of the wardrobe houses a contemporary sliding wardrobe. When compared to hinged door closets, sliding doors save space. The wardrobes also include a connected dressing unit by the headboard side.

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Mirrored wardrobe design for bedroom

If you have a small room, you may manipulate the sense of the space by using mirrors or other reflecting surfaces. This wardrobe design for the bedroom, integrated with mirrors, saves space for a separate dressing unit while creating the illusion of extra space in the room. So, go ahead and hang some mirrors in your wardrobes. 

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Wardrobe design for bedroom that blends with the wall

Matching the colour of your wardrobe design for the bedroom to the colour of your room’s walls may be a great design trick for small spaces. As you can see, the white floor-to-ceiling wardrobe blends in with the walls as if it were a part of the wall, resulting in the ideal built-in wardrobe. The wardrobe also has compact width and tall doors, contributing to the room’s minimalistic appeal. 

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Floor-to-ceiling wardrobe design for bedroom 

Bedrooms are often furnished with a television. As a result, investing in a versatile wardrobe design for the bedroom is the best option to conserve space in your room. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe has additional loft storage units that use the room’s vertical length. It has separate wardrobe compartments with a TV set in the centre. 

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Multifunctional  wardrobe design for bedroom 

This space-saving wardrobe design for the bedroom will not only provide you with more space in your bedroom, but it will also provide you with a versatile wardrobe. The floor-to-ceiling closet has loft storage that makes use of the room’s vertical height, as well as a connected, open shelf and a study/work desk unit. The open shelf may be used as a bookshelf if you are a bookworm. The linked study unit saves even more room in the room. 

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